More bodies discovered on Grand Bahama…one bullet riddled and two more decapitated


Pinders Point, Grand Bahama — Police have discovered the brutal death of three persons found in a cemetery in Pinders Point, Grand Bahama.

Sources tell us late Tuesday afternoon a murdered male corpse were found with seven bullets logged in his body. Then, not far away from that scene a second discovery was made where two human heads were found decapitated.

The discoveries have left police without a trace and members of the community horrified. All three bodies have been exposed to the elements and appear to have been left in the area for a while.

This latest homicide pushes BP’s murder count to 210 since 2009 with some 6 other incidents left unclassified. It records the 22, 23 and 24th murders for 2011.

Two additional murder incidents were reported on Grand Bahama this week.



  1. This is what you learn to expect when you have a weak leaders who fails to enforce the laws on the books. Keep blaming everyone and everything instead of dealing with the real issues; I hope they see just how far their laid back attitude is getting us.

    • @Kim Sands
      Good to see you posting again Kim.Your observation is right on as it seems as if the Minister of Insecurity only regurgitates what we the public already know.Solutions is what we need to solve the myriad of problems that exist in our beloved country.

  2. keep up da gud work bp….i don’t care what they say about yall be reporting da wrong stuff and a bunch of lies…i love reading the articles , this how i keep in touch with home…keep reporting & let dem decide what is da truth…until i hear otherwise your report is gospel to me…paitently waiting on your up-date….

    • Spragga, don’t mind this Sad Day person, he cannot find the gall to forgive a priest from Hatchet Bay, so don’t mind his changing identity and posting stuff, he is paid to do so.


  3. No word on the identity and there are no suspects confirmed. There are now 211 murders in this country since 2009.


  4. If I’m not mistaken this cemitary is near the neighbourhood, how is that no one discovered these bodies soon because ONE dead body would stink up that entire area I can’t imagine the stink of THREE!

    • I’m sorry to say it but that community has it share of the Haitian population, this sounds like a Haitian style killing!!!!

      • You people are a bunch of crazies and to label it as a Haitian Style killing, is very racist… You Bahamians kill your own people just like that too, so who is to say that this isn’t a drug related act of violence? Or maybe these individuals were set up or something? For the majority of the murders that has been happening lately, it’s been by Bahamians, so let’s not be as ignorant as IKB and start to play the race card okay…SMH!

        • My theroy maynot be absolute but this and most murder are investigated by profiling.I know that community, the school has a esitmated ratio of 5 Haitian to 1 Bahamian student. As reported those bodies were dead for a while. There was no Bahamian reported missing and trust me if a Bahamian that lives in that community was missing they would know!! The Bahamians families living in that community lived there for 40 to 50 years. The new residents of that community are Haitians.Two Decapitated heads found in a cemetary..sounds like woo doo to me!!!!

    • We all know all three didn’t put themselves there and lit it afire. We also know the two with decapitated heads didn’t cut they own head off. Three murders in what could be only execution style. We don’t know how these reporters does count in the Bahamas but ”SPERITE’ ain’t gat nuttin on dem’! Even after this discovery yesterday the WUTLESS MEDIA IN THIS TOWN WAS STILL COUNTING 21 MURDERS! Boy I sorry for dem.


  5. No offense, but this is the effect of Jamaican and Haitian brutality into our community. The Bahamas must rid itself of these low minded people who do crimes like this.

    • That sounds good hey Stephanie, but what do we do when a Prime Minister gets on a stage and say, “Dem people them who killing and ‘jooking’ up each other are known to one another”? In so much words he is suggesting to cold criminals they have license to do what they do when they commit these senseless horrific deaths.

      The man has no damn shame!


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