Hurricane Dorian victims could climb beyond 3,000 in Abaco alone… GB hundreds…


Government has left the damages untouched and bodies littered in communities across the islands in Abaco and Grand Bahama…..New hotline established for the missing – 1-242-323-1877

Bodies loaded onto a plane from Abaco into Nassau on Saturday. Photo by CNN

NASSAU| Observers on the ground are now telling Bahamas Press that over 3,000 residents on Grand Bahama and ABACO could be confirmed dead in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.

The numbers are “staggering” just as the Minister of Health Dr. Duane Sands suggested last week. The government though continues to confirm the number to be a mere 43 confirmed victims in one of the deadliest disasters on record in the Bahamas. That number is far much higher.

This shocking report by agencies on the ground proves that the Minnis Administration has led the worst and most chaotic management of a natural disaster ever in the history of the Bahamas. A mammoth task indeed for the sitting director of NEMA, Capt. Stephen Russell, who had to welcome the architect of NEMA Carl Smith out of retirement which began only a few weeks ago.

Sources inside NEMA tell us the guidelines left in place for the management of a Natural Disaster were never followed and the results are staggering indeed.

Thousands dead, airborne diseases, no proper sanitation and mounds of garbage litter the streets of two major cities in The Bahamas. And garbage infestation could only breathe the troubles of serious health consequences of residents in the affected areas. But who is going to take charge?

Remember – the last time Minnis led the response to a disaster was during his term as Minister of Health when scores died from dengue? This is serious.

Only BP has reported how the Minnis Cabinet ordered some 200 body bags on Tuesday from a pharmaceutical in the capital, and by Thursday an additional order in the triple digits was made. No one can deny these facts!

Additionally, Ministry of Social Services and Urban Development advised the general public that a phone line has been established at the Disaster Management Unit, Department of Social Services, dedicated for use by those members of the general public wishing to register the name (s) of family members whom they have been unable to contact since the passage of Hurricane Dorian: 323-1877.

In East End Grand Bahama some 73 persons are unaccounted for along with would include persons in the communities of Mclain’s Town, Pelican Bay, and High Rock. And in High Rock one reported to the local press how some 11 members of her family have perished in Hurricane Dorian.

In the Mudd and Pea in Abaco alone, the number could swell to over 3,000 alone as residents in that lowland area never evacuated as floodwaters washed away their homes during the storm.

Maybe many of those victims will never be found. Thousands are feared dead in what is being described as the worst environmental and ecological disaster to hit the Bahamas.

We report yinner decide!


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      • This isn’t political. It’s humanitarian.
        Regardless of whatever the government is doing, people are suffering dying or dead because of a natural disaster.
        Whine about evil government later after the one’s who are still alive are rescued and fed, and the perished are properly buried, if they’re found.
        My Grandmother’s family are indigenous to those islands. Think about if your relatives were wiped out by a weather disaster. Tornado, earthquake, tsunami, volcano, blizzard or hurricane.

        • They will be part of the US when they agree to pay taxes like all citizens. You can’t have it both ways.

  4. I told you there will be thousands, and don’t worry about the garbage, only maggots and flies will be living on these islands for awhile because the rats are all dead, every living creature is dead there.

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