Illegal attempts to register for the upcoming General Elections!

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NASSAU| Serious concerns are now being raised at the Parliamentary Registration Centre after a known illegal national with a foreign passport showed up on Farrington Road seeking to register for the upcoming elections.

The illegal national with the surname Jean, presented his Bahamas issued identity card, stating that he was told to come into the office to register to vote. 

Jean has no current status in The Bahamas nor is a holder of a Bahamian passport, but thought he could still register.

PM Minnis has made the chaos worse in the registration process after he allowed some 15,000 Bahamians who have died since the 2017 General Elections to remain on the register.

Sources at the Parliamentary Registration Department have warned BP, “How are they going to know who is living or dead when complete strangers in the country are showing up, attempting to register to vote?”

Bahamians must register and those who have since moved from their former residence should quickly register as PM Minnis will call an early General Election in 2021.

We report yinner decide!