Illegal Immigrants Captured in Oakes Field


Nassau, Bahamas: A Haitain immigrant was chased by an immigration officer and apprehended right in front of The Nassau Guardian on Friday afternoon (3/10/2008).

The WUTLESS DYING DAILY did not get this video, nor did any roundup photo appear in the newspaper’s Saturday morning edition.

However, your Bahamas Press was on the scene. And perhaps, the newspaper journalists were waiting for a press statement from the Hubert Ingraham, AGAIN!


  1. To answer your question, Media, maybe they didnt have the story cause they too Wutless and maybe one of the the illegals was Manny’s maid or gardener. I put nothing pass those gangsters.

  2. Can anyone say why the Nassau Guardian did not have this in their newspaper Saturday morning? The roundup took place right in the Guardian’s front door on Friday?

    Again, when will Bahamians accept the fact that their WUTLESS media is all scripted from the desk of Hubert Ingraham?


  3. we as bahamians may hinder this process because we want cheap labor and our younger generation thinks all they need to do is somke sell drugs and get pregnant. we allow them to come here and steal our birthrite because of our ignerance. they take advantage of our free education system, have more babies than bahamians and then we issue them bahamian birth certificates. we as bahamians have to take a stand and say no, immigration needs community help to drasticly reduce our immigration infestation.

  4. Immigration Officers have their hands full; there are so many illegal immigrants in this country. It used to be so easy to detect them, right now they dressing better than Bahamians. Also after the officers done work so hard catching them, processing papers and then send them back to their country, when you look in a day or two you see the same people back over here again. When the Immigration officers was sending some immigrants back to their country, the immigrants told the officers, “We will see y’all next week.”

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