Immigration Officer who suppose to be in quarantine writes-off a vehicle 2 am in the morning drunk!


Inagua| We have an incident in Inagua. A bad accident on the island early this morning.

BP is learning an Immigration Officer, who tested positive for covid19 and was suppose to be home in quarantine, was out and about until 2 am in the morning spreading the COVID to the party-goers and he drunk himself into deep dunken-ness into the morning hours.

The officer on his way home 2 am Sunday with he gal when he crashed into the vehicle of the manager of Island Luck.

The manager – who was not in the wrong – now has two broken legs and a deep head concussion. The victim had to be airlifted into the capital.

Will the Immigration Officer now charged for his COVID quarantine violations? Will he also be ordered to replace the government $84,000 Jeep?
Someone really needs to address this!

We report yinner decide!