Increasing Taxes On The Poor Is Bad Economics


By Jerry Roker for Bahamas Press

The government saw the need to hold politically driven town meetings rather than debate the mid-year budget in Parliament. To the discerning eye it revealed that the outlook for stimulating the economy is at best bleak and they feared being called out on their inability to, among other things, move the unemployment needle downward. It further speaks to the fact that on the way forward they will maintain their binge spending and cover it by increasing taxes.

So which grouping in our country will they continue to target as bearers of the burden of maintaining uncontrolled spending while the economy is staggering?

Yes you guessed it! Seniors and the poor!

A budget reveals the values and priorities of a government. And based on what i have read, the intent of this government, despite talk to the contrary, is to spend, spend, spend without sharing the burden of a faltering, non-diversified economy, while overtaxing the poor.

Yes! The tourism numbers are up, thanks to BAHAMAR, who this government vilified during the 2017 election campaign, but fondly embraced once they were the government. But where are the jobs?
This is an administration that is lean on ideas to facilitate the growth of an economy. The Oban land grab deal, for that is exactly what it is, reveals a desperate government grasping for straws and trying to cover its dismal performance record during its first 22 months in office.

So, my fellow Bahamians, when the 2019/2020 budget is presented in 2 months, look to see how this government seeks to lower any shortfall in tax revenue in a clear demonstration that it values shared sacrifice as a minimum, or even better still, they eliminate the tax burden on the poor.