Ingraham’s bold moves to ‘Haitianize’ the Bahamas taken a step further


Project Manager of the National Stadium Iram Lewis.

Nassau, Bahamas — Residents and sports enthusiasts are disgusted by the Ingraham administration to further ‘Haitianize’ and put Bahamians on the back burner.

Sources inspecting the National Stadium of the Bahamas named the Thomas Robinson Stadium, cried shame on the Government for furnishing seating at the site in the colours of the Haitian flag.
A major track athlete said the decision by the Pudgy Pillsbury Doughboy MP to order red and blue seats for the national symbol is a disgrace and should not be accepted by Bahamians.
Sources deep in the OPM tell us, Pillsbury Doughboy was the culprit alleged to have ordered the 15,000 seats, which represents the colours of the Haitian flag. A track athlete, who had words on the issue, has branded the move as an absolute insult to Bahamians.
Charles Maynard, Minister for Youths Sports and Culture.

“I find it incredible to know that China is a country with vast abilities. Here is a country, which is believed to have invented dyes, and has an ability to mix any colour in the world. You mean to tell me some JACKASS in the Ministry of Youths Sports and Culture, could not advised the Chinese to find some aqua dye and send us aqua, gold and black seating for a national venue such as the stadium? Why the colours of the Haitian Flag? What kind of message are those in the Sports ministry  trying to send? They should hang their heads in shame!

Project manager for the construction was, Iram Lewis. Readers would remember Lewis was the ‘BUFFED ROOMATE’ of former head of NIB and Cabinet Minister, Kenneth Russell during the construction. The couple shared an apartment together on West Bay Street opposite the Renal Centre.

Ingraham’s move to ‘Haitianize’ the Bahamas continues. This morning Brent Symonette’s Department of Immigration is expected to naturalize more residents today.
The red and blue seating at the National Stadium is a reflection of the Ingraham Government's commitment to 'HAITIANIZE' the Bahamas.


  1. BP i cry shame on you for allowing this article to be circulated. And I wish Bahamians would just use the internet to educate themselves instead of buying into whatever crap they see flash across their screens. Google it people, stadiums all around the world have blue, red or both colored seats just like our stadium! BP the pen is mightier than the sword. Use your power for some good.

  2. Lawd what are we goin to do with yal dread…Especially BP…cuz i mean yal really is try to make news out of anything..I mean….soo many countries have red and blue in it..but you guys are so fixated on hating Haitians… i mean they are people as well. and so what if the damn chairs are red an blue…it was green and black yal woulda say they tryin to be jamaicain………GIVE A REST….stop tryin to spread propaganda…and who ever is the writer for BP….sound like u love alot of drama…i swear……n e way..lemme stop for u try put me on blast……which ya vicked self.

  3. This is the most ignorant piece of writing I’ve seen by BP thus far. You’re really going to focus on the COLOR of chairs???? This is ridiculous! There are so many more important things that can be written and you spend an ENTIRE article on the color of chairs at a stadium!!! How about you first educate yourself on lets say other country flags before you decide everything has to be about Haiti! France, Netherlands, USA, Chile, Iceland, Cuba, and the list goes on, are countries whose flag contains the colors Blue and Red. Biased Press, please please please look at the real issues and stop wasting time talking about non-issues!

    • Nickie you didn’t read the one about the Pillsbury Dough Boy on his African safari trip eh? They said that one was the most ignorant piece thus far.


  4. It’s a free stadium. When a gift is given, you don’t normally get to choose what you want.Do you know how hard it is to mix aqua marine. Ask the manufacturers who make our flag. Each batch,each year is different. Some say,the hell with it, just make it blue.


  6. Well, with election around the corner, HAI will do ANTTHINGto get votes. Charles ‘sudgie’ Maynard with a stupid grin on his face makes me sick. I’m sure this ‘colwn’ had something to do with the seats. Bahamians are waiting for the entire Free National Mess !! What a bunch of jackasses !!

  7. Obviously, it was a bold statement by the executive team of the FNM who chose the seat colours. It’s obviously an FNM color to let Bahamians, the Caribbean and the world know that this was powered by the FNM! Gold, Black and aqua would have been the clear choice, however as we can see, spitefulness, vindictiveness and stupidity is the order of the day, 2011.

    As I grow older, I pay less attention to what people say. I simply watch what they do!

  8. Stop being stupid, that’s the dam Haitian flag. Gaddam this government is incompetent. Ya know, I hate to say it, but this country is nothing but a lil phukin Haiti.

  9. I don’t think its a move to Haitainize the Bahamas, I think the choice of colours were more cosmetic than anything else. Can we stop focusing on the pettiness of this country and start focusing on real issues of the day like crime, high unemployment etc. I’ve been to stadiums where the colours did not represent the colours of that country’s flag (US, Poland, UK, China) and the people were not up in arms about it. I commend Bahama Press for bringing news to the nation-but please choose which stories you cover wisely. I think you slipped on this one. The government does not have to Haitainze The Bahamas-it happen along time ago. Do you know that the current Governor General’s Mother is Haitain? The Bahamas is going through transistion and Bahamians need to wake up and realize we now live in a GLOBAL village, we an no longer shut our boarders to anyone!! Also remember, Bahamias are expats living abroad aswell………

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