Ingraham Bashes Malcolm after Selling to FNM


Malcolm<<< Malcolm Adderley

Nassau, Bahamas — Hubert Ingraham after cloaking former PLP MP, Malcolm Adderley, to vacate his seat in the Parliament told members of the press the PLP on its seat in Parliament.

Now this statement coming from Ingraham and seen today on the front pages of the newspaper confirms Hubert INGRAHAM cannot be trusted.

Ingraham said, “The PLP cashed in; threw their hands in and said they don’t want the seat. The man that they put in the House of Assembly has decided he wants to resign, which has put Elizabeth back in election place.”

Bahamas ElectionsThis is incredible because everyone including the rats on Bay Street know, Hubert Ingraham mastermind the entire move of Malcolm. We know he and no one else coached Malcolm to leave the PLP for a seat on the politically charged Supreme Court. We know better and we know INGRAHAM IS A DAMN LIAR!

The Prime Minister should not be about fooling the public with his smoke and mirror tactics; LYING to members of the press as to how Malcolm resigned. We know why he resigned from Parliament and Ingraham is fully involved as the culprit holding the cheese.

What is not surprising to us though is that after telling Malcolm to leave the PLP, he is all up in the face of the press bragging how the PLPCashed in” on the seat. Since Ingraham know the PLP ‘cashed in’, perhaps he should tell the public how much he paid for the seat. That’s a back stabber for ya nah! Boy Tommy you’re not alone you now have Malcolm to join you.


  1. It look like Malcolm get what the duck get! Ha ha in future make sure the dealed is signed sealed and most of all delivered before you sell out!

  2. Everybody is saying that Ingraham was not truthful.  I want to know when and to whom he lied.

  3. I am so glad that we as Bahamians will no longer tolerate the insults that HAI hurl at us – we are finally growing up!   No more “beating” with the “belt” !   We put him there and we are NOT – I repeat- NOT obligated to him, but he is to US !!!!  He is so spiteful, insulting, unapologetic, pigheaded and too full of himself !  I will remind him of a famous saying, “the higher the monkey climb, the more he expose his_____  !

  4. Kim, let them know, the feeling is mutual, we are
    ashamed of him also!

    As per his statement calling us “hypocrites” Ah well,
    I do attend church, cannot say the same thing for the nations leader!

    • Yeah Ronica, every time you question anything he is doing, he has to come on TV with his face screw right up, like somebody do him something and it wouldn’t bother you so much if he was a nice looking man. Then to add insults to injuries, he treats us like a bunch of forgetful fools who can’t seems to remember that he is Prime Minister, that’s why he has to keep reminding us.

  5. @ media remember ingrahm fire Al unceremouniously in shirley street literally victimisation?Now we all know there was a deal cashed in his seat but why mention the plp when as malcolm put it he did not have their support and was a member only in name??? his gob digging him deeper in a pit pappa pappa fire ya self ge somone else a chance. not even the immigration people could do their job cause pappa gat he thumb in the pie. director says one thing ingrham yet another when asked about the difference Iam prime minister scandal dis man come to destroy ven he finish ga be one fah da history book

  6. Ingraham has no respect for the Bahamian people and he does not see the need to explain himself or the need to be truthful with us. He feel because he is the Prime Minister of the Bahamas , he  suppose to be able to do whatever he wants  and we are not in any position to ask him any question pertaining to anything he is doing. The minute we ask him one question or voice our concerns about anything, he has to come on TV with his face all screw up and he doesn’t waste time in telling us know how ashamed he is of us.  Papa needs to know the feeling is mutual.  He is not leadership material and he should have stayed in retirement.

  7. “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.”—1 John 1:8. Both HAI and Pussycat deceive themselves

  8. BP, I thought that HI’s comments sounded funny but I could not understand what he was trying to say. It didn’t hit me when I first heard it on the news but you cleared it up for me…

    Why does HI chose to lie or twist-the-truth so much?? Maybe the truth is not in him..

  9. who cares about al jarrett??? man is pure ignorant and divisive…time he gives his mouth a rest!

  10. Very Interesting.  I will not suggest that you are wrong in your assessment, BP, because I don’t know.  But when things happen, we assume we know what strings are pulled behind the scenes.  You, like me, assumed that the reasons given by Adderley, and the notion that he acted on his own volition was rubbish.  Personally, I believe that Adderley was “persuaded” to resign, although I always questioned whether or not he really got a deal to sit as judge.  Given his age he would sit for a very short period, not even long enough to receive a pension.  It benefits neither him nor the country.  In light of this development now,  I wonder if he was given any deal at all.  We might be well advised to sit back and watch how this whole thing is played out.

  11. Please note that Al Jarret will be a guest on Jeff Lloyd this afternoon at 4:30 pm on Star FM 106.5. The topic will be the economy and I understand that he has some very interesting observations. Regards, Jerome.

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