Ingraham concedes defeat in Elizabeth and hints his departure from politics


Ingraham1123<<< Hubert Ingraham last evening at the second opening of the FNM headquarters in Elizabeth.

Nassau, Bahamas — Sources deep in the FNM tell us Hubert Ingraham can smell the beer and peanuts coming, and thus, he is prepared to leave the Party and the office of Prime Minister any time soon.

Ingraham told FNMs at the Elizabeth headquarters last night, “I am not like Perry Christie; I’m not stanching. I can go at any time,”

“I’ve been around a long time, and I want to make sure the FNM has a good cadre of young men and women to head this party. I want you to know that I make it my mission to go and search for good candidates for the FNM.”

The Prime Minister was introducing Dr. Duane Sands to party faithful at the opening of the FNM Elizabeth headquarters, which was being opened for a second time in less than a week.

In a possible sign of conceding defeat Ingraham told the 200 FNMs gathered, “We do not need to win Elizabeth in order to continue to be the government of the Bahamas. We are the government of the Bahamas today, we will be that on Election Day, and we will be that the day after Election Day.”

Readers would remember Ingraham told reporters in January of 2008 that in two years he would consider whether he would run in the 2012 election. Bahamas Press has been reliably informed Ingraham will force a Convention for the FNM in November this year. That convention of the Party shall elect a new leader and Prime Minister for the country.

Contenders we know for the top job are Brent Symonette, Tommy Turnquest and Dr. Hubert Minnis.

The source in the FNM said, “ It doesn’t look good for us in Elizabeth. In the strong FNM sections of the constituency, we are not getting a good response, and it appears, we cannot get the FNM base to respond.”

The source also confirms FNM internal polls are getting worse and showed Dr. Sands’ popularity in the area are slipping.

BP/Cardiff poll appears to be right on target plus or minus 3%. With some 100 persons voting, 74% of those cast via their computers have supported Ryan Pinder as the next MP for Elizabeth. BP/Cardiff agrees with the FNM internal poll. Since our polling began some weeks back Sands’ support in the area has slipped incredibly collecting to BDM and NDP supporters.

The news of Ingraham stepping down is not a good sign with the Ingraham Government showing tremors of attacks against free speech throughout the county. Ingraham through his goons at the Nassau Guardian has fired Oswald Brown [CLICK TO LISTEN ], imposed laws through URCA to censure commercial broadcasts by political parties and has refused to come clean with some 700 persons now on the register who does not live in Lizzy.

Bahamas Press will be in possession of those imaginary names in Elizabeth and shall publish them to the public for the nation to review.

Readers would note Hubert Ingraham suspended the public publishing of the register in the gazette back in 1992. The register of voters being published in the dailies was critical as it alerted residents as to who was DEAD/ listed twice/ left the country/ foreign / living in another area and ineligible for the areas published. However, when you’re desperate to THIEF ELECTIONS the ‘VICKED’ WILL DO ANYTHING!

Turnquest Builds

Orville Turnquest’s nephew, Dr. Duane Sands, gets the nod from his Party. The doctor will go before Justice Rhonda Bain to answer a writ filed against him charging medical malpractice next week Tuesday.


  1. Awakened:  winning may not equal good governance; but good governance absolutely requires winning.  If you believe all that is required to win is bait and muscle, then I’m afraid,  you don’t get it. All you say that is needed for good governance: wisdom, understanding, sacrifice…these things and more are also required to win elections.  An election campaigns is a structured organization.  The better it is managed, the better the chance of winning.  Campaigning is a test of management.  Governing, is the real thing.  Can’t win, can’t govern!

  2. Eagle I disagree with you totally, winning does not equal good governance, any idiot can with the right bait and muscle behind them, but to govern you need wisdom and understanding, you must be more than just human, you must be able to sacrifice yourself for others, etc., but winning has nothing to do with governing, look at the knuckleheads who are in the HOA right now, one thing I do know is that the majority has never governed this country, it has always been the special interest, from and before Sir Lynden’s time, our votes are put aside for the money people, the surface changed, but the root stayed the same, personally I have not heard one sensible word come out of the mouth of any of the men running for the bye-election, they are only “jivin’ around”, Dr. Sands or Ryan Pinder, that are sayin’ nothing, it’s like they think they are entitled to this, the only good can come out of this election, is to shame HAI, and make this his downfall.

  3. Please, pray tell would someone tell me what has any of the names floated about done to show that they have what it takes to be a good PM of the Bahamas, when frankly they are all part in parcel of the same vision less teams that have brought this country to the state where it is today?  I hear the names of Laing, McCartney, Minnis, and Symonette, but neither of these ppl have done anything of significance while they were part of the government.  What policies have they enacted, what ideas have they brought to the table that have actually helped in the REAL development and progress of this country?  Very little to none.  And the same can be said about those in the PLP as well.  When are we as a ppl going to finally wake up and realize that by continually rotating the same group of ppl to govern us, that we will get the same results.  It’s time for us to elect independently minded ppl to the HOA, who will speak up for the ppl of the Bahamas and implement new ideas and programs that will help the country succeed, instead of lining their pockets with ministerial salaries and being a bunch of yes men and women to a maximum leader.

    • Try to be pragmatic, and don’t fool yourself into believing that Cassius Stewart, Rodney Moncur, Pro Pinder or Dr. Rollins have what it takes to govern.  The first test in governing is winning elections.  Neither of these gentlemen control the required machinery, support or finances to win.  Can’t win, can’t govern. Be real

  4. BP from what I hear the FNM done blow the PLP out of the water last night with that mega rally!! And you know BP as an avid pundit that perception is everything in politics!! PR has always been the PLPs weakness and this time it is worse than ever. For example, they advertise their rally the afternoon it was going to be held. The FNM was advertising since Monday. Say what you want the FNM is a well oiled machine, the PLP machinery when it aint working is always breaking down. Goes to leadership. Weak Leaders are surrounded by chaos! Whoever in charge of their campaign need to get it together and stop being late again on everything!!

    • Its  amazing that you are so excited as a result of the FNM rally last night. If the people were in so much support of the FNM how is it that they were only able to scrap a few people to support them in the nomination of their candidate this morning. The FNM has a candidate that appears no is aloof and has no affinity to the people that he wish to represent. In fact he seems to be distant from the people and appears lost , like a fish out of water when he is seen amongst them. THE FNM WILL NOT WIN THIS BYE-ELECTION. PERHAPS THEY SHOULD BEGIN PRACTICING THEIR GOOD-BYE CHORUS NOW, WITH HUBERT AND DR, SANDS AS LEAD SOLOIST WITH CARL AND TOMMY AS BACK-UP.

  5. Dr. Mal-Practise Sands should be preparing his summation for his upcoming case.The thing about that case is the chap is a fellow FNM !!!  If das how he treats a party member, think bout the rest of us.Bahamians need to break up this family so political dynasty.  Nepotism can’t done.

  6. My heart felt sympathy goes out to the PLP and the editors of BP… your support of the PLP has led you down the party of even creating all sorts of LIEs… Well after the Jan 16, bi-election BP will be less likely to publish follishness, the PLP will still be the opposition, the FNM will be the government and the PLP will be one more seat short…. Sorry BP…

  7. These guys entered this game for their own selfish reasons, they believe this country belongs to them and their families, their only allegiance is to the special interest in and out of this country, most of them don’t even like themselves and are a shame to be Bahamians, they only want to rule, case and point Duane Sands, and they are yes men, it was totally pathetic watching them in the FNM convention, when HAI laugh they must laugh, you can see the fear in their eyes, I am so sorry for those grown boys, but that is when your less than a man, I’m sorry you can’t see it Eagle, your probably wearing rose colored glasses.

  8. I would not pretend to know which ministers challenge Ingraham in the cabinet room when they discuss issues, but would like to believe that ministers are free to make their views known.  I know a number of these guys, PLP’s and FNM’s and, for the most part, they are not yes-men or little softies as you may think.  It is important, however, that the government speak with one voice (unlike what happened this weekend).  Ministers disagree with their Prime Minister and collegues all the time. But when they disagree to the point that their principles are violated, then it is their duty to resign.   Finally, I am not as cynical as you are about the motives of our leaders.  Dispite all of the thrashing and mud-slinging that go on, the notion that Ingraham or Christie doesn’t love this country is utter nonsense.  Are they on an ego trip? Hell yes!  All leaders have inflated egos. But both Ingraham and Christie do what they do because of the love they have for this country.  Politics ain’t easy and it ain’t nice.  If you don’t have love for your country, you probably won’t enter this game.

  9. Eagle, no disrespect, but I am glad you said you believe so, I think when a man has to be silenced and treated like little boys, I don’t trust them to be future leaders, future leaders stand up, speak out, on wrong doings, they have an opinion they can share with the populist, and that’s if the current leader likes it or not, HAI &  PC stepped out or were thrown out, they stood up to some extent, where is the member in that cabinet that has any testicular fortitude, name one and be honest please, personally, I am not a PLP or FNM, a new party governing this country would shake up the whole corrupt foundation of this country and I would welcome that, fresh start to an old game, we need Bahamians who truly believe in this country.

  10. Well if you ask me…. Tommy Turnquest will never be ready to be PM. And if you ask me…. Brent Symonett is not aggressive as he ought to be. Hubert Minnis is not PREPARED to be leader as well. My next choice would be BRANVILLE MCCARTNEY.

  11. I am certainly not contending that the younger you are the better leader you would be.  But if you are going to prepare your leaders for tomorrow, you had better start grooming them from young. Sir Lynden did it, and I believe that in the fullness of time, we will see that Ingraham did it.  Mr. Christie, on the other hand, appointed mostly old heads to his cabinet.  Ingraham appears to have a better succession plan for his party than Christie. In my opinion, the FNM has more potential Prime Ministers that the PLP.   

  12. Why is there this myth going around like if your young your credible and can run this country, verses if your up in age your done and useless, a good leader or great leader any age is what we need, let’s stop the age war in this country, we have young and old fools also.

  13. I, for one, really hope that this is the last term of Ingraham as Party Leader.  Unlike Christie, Ingraham has groomed a good number of young politicians to assume the post.  Look at the number of persons under the age of 50 that sit in Ingraham’s cabinet.  Whilst Symonette, Turnquest and Minnis all have the ability to serve as leader, neither of them, in my mind, have the charisma to capture the imagination of the Bahamian people.  I invisage persons like Laing and McCartney as future Prime Ministers.  Laign, though the younger of the two, is a political veteren and once he breaks away from the shadows of Ingraham, his leadership prowess will be quite evident and, I believe, appealing to the masses.

    • boy you full of jokes…. all the names you mentioned  are spineless jokers. No one, and i mean not one of  HI’s Cabinet members have the balls to speak their mind, Carl Bethel would have gotten my respect if he had stood up when he and Ivonne had the chance… but look at him now, HI has broken him like u broke a wild horse. 

  14. How could Ingraham have stopped the Gazetting of the register before the 1992 general elections when he sat in parliament as the Leader of Her Majesty’s loyal Opposition?  You report, I decide that Sir Lynden Pindling was the Prime Minister at the time, and Ingraham did not stop such publication then, or at any other time.

  15. THANK YOU JESUS! GOD REIGNS!!!! AND HE ANSWERS PRAYERS..Hubert you need to go. go now. today. retire today. we the ppl of the bahamas are SICK OF YOU! you talk about embarrassment by the plp but you hubert are the biggest embarrassment of them all. every industry we have has suffered on your watch. the national grade level is a D- AND YOU AS THE LEADER ARE SETTING NO EXAMPLE OF AN EDUCATED PERSON. Even the children in primary school know that words like VIMEN an such are WRONG! Get out of office in fact get out of this country and carry perry, shivargo, brent, carl, and tommy behind you. your all no good jokers who mean this country no good AND WE THE BAHAMIAN PPL SEE STR8 THROUGH YOU!!!!

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