Ingraham could star in new ET movie



Hubert Ingraham, Dr. Hubert Minnis and Alvin Smith in Eleuthera over the weekend participating in the ride for HOPE.

Eleuthera, Bahamas – Only a few weeks ago Hollywood producer Tyler Perry announced his movie opening to be firstly shown in the Bahamas. BP is the first to report to you those other Hollywood heavyweights like Steven Spielberg now has keen interest in the Bahamas and the vast resources it has to offer.

125453__et_lReports reaching BP confirms that the 1982 terrestrial blockbuster ET directed by Spielberg will be filming a sequel and from all indications retiring Prime Minister “PAPA” will play ET.

A number of movie scouts were present at the Ride For Life bike-a-thon recently held on Eleuthera and industry professionals were astonished by the striking resemblance of H A I and the 1982 terrestrial.

We are hearing from the belly of Ingraham’s advisors that he is giddy with excitement; understanding fully what the potential of a Hollywood career could mean, more money. We know Ingaham says it best, “PAPA’S GAT A BRAND NEW BAG”


  1. Doesn’t Mr. Ingraham seem to be doing alot of weird stuff since his apiritual advisor from Haiti died in the earth quake?  I scared ” ferm”

  2. So who pick the numbers pinned on they shirt? are they tryin to imply that pap is way more man than minnis and smith? i mean we done know smith is a big purse. but wow. thought minnis had more Kaunas than dat. sad sad sad.

  3. lol till my belly hurts…man you’ll stop man!oh oh oh what is that number on his jersey/  is that 300 or is it 3? 

  4. BP I wonder if Ingraham, Minnis, and Smith are going to fly away like in the ET movie too… lol.. BP you are killing me…

  5. That cut behind Ryan put on him, he better run to hollywood because come 2012 his backside is retired…

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