Ingraham destroys the career of another bright young Bahamian…AG Office in turmoil


Nassau, Bahamas — There is news of anarchy emanating from the Attorney General’s office and officers of that department are asking the question, Where is John Pinder of the Public Service Union.

The department with the responsibility to manage cases in the country we are told faces serious internal problems and if not quickly fixed, Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham would have left the department in a worse state than he met it.

Outside the brewing battle for the Department of Public Prosecutions [DPP] post, now being debated in and outside of Parliament, we have learned that department may collapse to the ground.

BP, the air-condition in the office of the Attorney General where all this mayhem is taking place right now is a boiler room. It has not been working for weeks and it appears that there is no management, no union and no decision to have it fixed. Could you image this? Workers have fainted, the place is a hot box and the mold is growing in the building every passing hour,” an officer in the OPM told BP.

“I don’t know how much more the workers in that department can take. Could you imagine? The department with responsibility for advising the government on legal matters and which also has the responsibility to manage justice in the country has no Permanent Secretary nor AG who would standup and deal with this tsunami and naked abuse of the officers in the department?”

“But most of all BP, WHERE IN THE HELL IS JOHN PINDER? Das another scatter brain if you ask me.”

Prime Minister Ingraham never mentioned the crisis unfolding in the AG’s office perhaps after becoming overburdened with the decision to hire an expatriate to take up the post of DPP overlooking a Bahamian , Cheryl Grant-Bethell. Ingraham destroys the career of another bright young Bahamian. A daughter of the soil.

Ingraham stood on the floor of the House Wednesday night in a slick way attacked the character of Bethel, suggesting that after information came to him in considering her appointment as DPP he could not support her appointment for “GOOD AND VALID REASONS.”

The Prime Minister has no SHAME! However, something must be wrong in the Bahamas when more than 1,000 lawyers are called to the Bar and not one Bahamian or Non-Bahamian residing in the country can fill the top job. Something ga ta be wrong with that.

Former Bar Council President Wayne Munroe while speaking with reporters yesterday just stopped short of calling the Prime Minister DUMB, STUPID, and the unchristian name given to a donkey. He did say however that Ingraham is ignorant and said; “If he is man he’ll repeat outside the Parliament what he said inside.”

Meanwhile, while all this tit for tat between the PM and Bethell’s attorney occurred before the stage of the wutless media yesterday, the victims in the AG’s office are being attacked as we speak. And they’ve come to BP.



  1. Oh please Russell you are so bias and people like you have this country divided. Put right where its due put wrong where its due. Your acting like there no skeletons or stashes of money in Perry Christie’s closet. We do not fully understand what happened. The man said he endorsed this position to her but after received other information he decided it wasn’t a good mood. And if you ask me it must’ve been some serious stuff. But in all honesty, It must’ve been a totally good reason why the people of The Bahamas Kicked out YOUR PRIME MINISTER OUT OF OFFICE. So you stay thinking hes God’s gift to man he made some stupidly SERIOUS mistakes while in office just like this vain Ingraham. Now dont think for a min. that I’m defending Hubbigety I dont like his style of leadership that much. But Im sick of PEOPLE lIKE YOU who would say this and that just because its dealing with the FNM. Erin Ferguson growed up in the PLP and he always says the PLP should be quiet because when they was in office WHAT DID THEY DO?….. NOTHING!…. Same script different CAST!

  2. Mrs Bethel is a single widowed female who can date anyone she wishes until she decides who will be the lucky person.I just hope PAPA is not acting on advice of the disgraced former COP Reg Ferguson.The majority of Bahamians who held an acting position under PAPA have not been confirmed.You weak kneed defenders of PAPA must be very careful as shortly when he goes down in defeat the sinking FNM ship will need a new Captain and all of the open defenders of this despot are not welcome in a new FNM.I say this even though it will take me 1,ooo yrs to even consider supporting them.Very soon PAPA will bring in an English COP and then an outsider as Sec to the Cabinet.PAPA has no shame and only a huge demonstration will get him thinking right again.Ballslesss men need not come on this site taliking fool.When the FNM came to power in 2007 about 80 Murderers were out on bail now its about 257.So who is to blame?yes this incompetent,slack,oppressive,vicious,and expired date Govt.

  3. @t. finley you cant be serious acting on information the primeminister withdrew his support(not that it was his call anyways).from this premise one can deduce that had the information been favourable she would have been granted the post….It leaves the conclusion that as a result of wrongdoing/incompetence the lady was denied the promotion the evidence to support my supposition is the uncerimonious transfer to the law reform commision……I ask you what is the duty of the legal services comission?
    this jack dfdaniel’s and coke policy ga lead us to rack and ruin he has breached convention and is ultra vires the appointment system in this cause the lady surely should and will be compensated whatever info he recieved if we speculate that the evidence agianst the lady is daming there still was no investigation before an opinion was put forward. and if there was an investigation that uncovered wrong doing in the first instance then why consider the lady why not adhere to process and dismiss with cause henchman foulkes more than ready to do the bidding of the PM so exactly how stupid are we Finlay T?

  4. Kim I fully understand what your saying but the main reason why I say if he got into details of the situation she can easily press charges for defaming her character or/and if there’s an ongoing investigation then hey it would not be a fair process flash back Picewell Forbes. If Ingraham got into details about the matter at hand don’t you think the BAHAMIAN MEDIA, POLITICS FOLLOWERS etc. would spread this information to the general public. We Have some nasty websites, newspapers who does this every day yinno. The Punch and Bahamas Press. Therefore Ingrahamam approach was very good he didnt mention her name and he didnt mention the situation. He was like this woman named was called here before etc. YOU have to be VERYYYYY CAREFUL with HANDLING PEOPLE NAME IN An AUDIENCE. This woman might be GUILTY or she might be INNOCENT. INGRAHAM WOULDVE BEEN WRONG TO CONDEMN HER PUBLICLY that would be Victimization.

  5. Sorry about that, I meant anybody with a ounce of sense could see this is an attack on Mrs. Bethell’s character. An all out character assassination!!!

  6. Thomas I forgive you, because I know you are a little slow at times. If you had listened to the Prime Minister comments pertaining to the reasons he changed his mind about giving Mrs. Bethell the position and the way it was delivered, you would have been able to see the woman character is now under attack. If it was a decision based on her incompetence, then he would of just said that he thought he founded someone more qualify and capable of doing the job and that would have been it. Then you might have been able to understand his reasons. No, he ran on with all kind of unnecessary foolishness and innuendos, talking about information that was brought to his attention that caused him to change his mind. His comments give the impression that the woman did something wrong and wasn’t worthy of receiving the post anymore. I believe it was his intentions to make her look bad and cause people to start speculating about her. If you are not going to tell the public what it is, why bring it up? Thomas you need to learn how to read between the lines and call a spade a spade, anybody with a ounce of sense could see this is an his is not an attack on Mrs. Bethell’s character.

  7. Ingraham did not malign anyone…what are you silly people going on about? How are the words, ‘Something was brought to my attention, and I withdrew my initial support’, maligning someone?


  9. Truth this the same thing I am talking about right now, people are forming their own opinions and they could be way off target. Tell me why you think it is something that will defame her when you don’t have all the facts? The sad part I don’t believe you are the only person that is going to think this way. I can’t say I believe the Prime Minister, because he hasn’t presented any concrete facts as to why he is doing what he is doing. Mouth could say anything and it doesn’t necessarily make it the truth. All he is doing is making innuendos towards this woman and I don’t see what good that will do if he is trying not to defame her character, people are going start to believing all sorts of things. I just hope if Mrs. Bethell didn’t do anything wrong to justify our Prime Minister’s opinion about her that she would stand up for herself, because right now I believe her character is currently under attack.

  10. “If there are good and valid reasons for not appointing the DPP position to Cheryl Grant-Bethell, then the Prime Minister needs to come clean with the general public and stop talking malarkey.” Kim he said his views on the matter and I do believe him and he didn’t want um say what was the exact incident which cause her to loose the position maybe because it will defame her character or the findings is under investigation. You never know so lets don’t jump to conclusions. The way Ingraham conducted this situation is correct in my books.

  11. C’mon people!!!! Please understand that Hubert’s rantings are those of a man gone crazy. He knows that the end for him is near, his members who have balls are ready to jump ship, the country is in a mess & he has no clue what to do. So because misery loves company, Hubert will try to take others down with him. But, we must blame ourselves – we elect these imbeciles & give them full power to destroy us. We elect a man who could not manage his own finances and was on the verge of losing his own house to run the country’s finances and he’s mismanaged the country’s finances just like he did his own. We deserve to catch hell!!!

  12. @ Daphne B – and why victimize the lady and punish her.?????? if this new-comer has so much expertise then hire as a consultant but to destroy a carreer they did the same with E. thompson when it was the other government why dont they leave the civil servants alone if he has cause show it although i doubt he can

  13. The Prime Minister claims that he is truly upset and ashamed of the AG office. The problem is not Cherly Grant Bethel. I think it was several months ago he appointed Bernard Turner as a judge. If my memory serves me correctly wasn’t he Cherly Grant Bethel boss for the last ten years. So if he has a problem with the AG office for several years, how can he promote the man who was responsible for that office. I don’t know Mr. turner so this is not an attack against him. So I will ask the PM again who are you disappointed in, the system or the man who was responsible for the system?

  14. Hubert Ingraham is a simply a low life, vile man! Rather than bringing change to this country and simply getting on with trying to fix this backward place, he just goes back and forth to parliment seeking ways to demean individuals. Do you have to PM to do this?? you can sit at fish fry or a bar and do the same thing. In the case of Cheryl Bethel, why impugn someones character in such an unsavoury way…if he saying she is dirty, why not fire her and let that be the end of it?? why say something so stupid and silly, in the house of parliment for all to see and hear?? boy, we must be some real a%%holes to vote in this country. I mean, who/what are we voting for? it truly is, garbage in, garbage out with these incompotent, malicious, malcontent politicians in this country. My God, My God, why was I born here?? Why did I return here…A PM and a group of Cabinet Ministers who all drive 8 cyl cars but want to tell me what to drive…what a bunch or hypocritical a$%holes

  15. If there are good and valid reasons for not appointing the DPP position to Cheryl Grant-Bethell, then the Prime Minister needs to come clean with the general public and stop talking malarkey. I don’t trust this, because this man seems to have a thing for foreigners. As a tax paying citizen, I would like to know why one of our own is being overlooked and a foreigner is being handed this position. Anybody could say they have good reasons for doing something, but that does not make it justifiable. As far as we know, it could be something very petty and that’s probably the reason the Prime Minister is refusing to say what it is. I feel it is only fitting for him to comes clean with us. Other than that people are going to form their own opinions, some will see this as a discrimination against one of our own or a personal attack on Mrs. Bethell’s character. This is not the Prime Minister personal life for him to say he know why he made this decision and just leave it like that. We the people appointed him and not the other way around, so he should be obliged to explain his actions to us.

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