Ingraham Government gets the exclusive JACKASS of the Century Award from BP



Look what they did to Saunders Beach. Bahamas Press hangs our head down in shame when we in aw witness the destruction of our environment. WE NEED CHANGE!

Nassau, Bahamas — What Jackass in the country will tell you – the people of the Bahamas – they are the protectors of the environment and only months after saying it everyone can see they were nothing but boldfaced liars. You point and we’ll whistle.

doctor_ingrahamBahamas Press got livid today, extremely angry as we drove pass the west bay strip opposite the Shell Gas Station to witness the horror, the disgusted nasty ‘vicked’ crime; the rape of Saunders Beach right in front of the Bahamian people.

All in the name of development to stroke further enrichment of the few, Hubert Ingraham will now be crown by BP’s with honours, JACKASS of the Century!

Have any of you passed by Saunders Beach to see what we saw today? The trees hacked down. The beach gone and swimmers disappeared. Water white and powdered as the clouds above it. Fish them ‘mussy’ dead. The sand washed away forming an exposed cliff and the once pristine white sandy beach now exposes stone hard rock. WHAT IS THIS?

The residents in the upper scale community tormented with busy traffic flows all though the once quaint community and the biggest hurt of all a foreign contractor building the road all in the midst of this environmental crime! What in the hell is this? Bahamians cannot find jobs, but the contractor spending million of your money to destroy our environment.

We said it before and we will say it again Bahamians must be suckers for punishment! We must love it like Samson loved Delia and will die to get our share. What madness!

These photos so disturbed us we abort our Sunday special today to bring you this.

Wake up Bahamas, WAKE ‘DA’ HELL UP! Get ya you-know-what-out of your bed! The country is experiencing a raw early morning home invasion and the robbers are at the country’s front door.

Wake up Bahamas, WAKE ‘DA’ HELL UP! WE NEED CHANGE!!


Who would build a multimillion dollar dock the same height as the rising sea? Hubert Ingraham would. Here is the new extended dock at Arawak Cay. The high sea surge is washing away all the sand. A nice way to wash away the over $70 million of taxpayer’s money eh?


  1. Eagle, u speaking for the government eh? or you in my mind and speaking for me? which one is it? clearly you are nothing more than a bootlicker and will never have any understanding of what goes on in this country as you only spew what you hear.  take time and read and understand and think and then comment…then, we can talk again.  good luck with your future endeavours. 

  2. If as Eagle says this is a yearly occurence then I advise Bahamians to avoid travelling in the area of Saunders Beach as the trees that were cut down kept the sand intact and disallowed the sea to pull it all down.The road in the area of the beach is sure to collapse and might cause unsuspecting motorist serious harm.Where is Sam Duncombe when we need her?Is the BEST commisssion still in operation?I shudder to thinkl of the consequences when the sea  rises and washes away all of the sand.May rhe Loed help us from the actions of despots.

  3. Can someone tell us where is the BEACH? WHERE IS THE BEACH? Can someone tell us please WHERE IS THE BEACH BAHAMIANS ONCE ENJOYED?

    Bahamas Press/Editor


  5. And if they were working on the Prince Charles expansion, you would ask ” why aren’t they working on the north-south corridor from Carmichael to West Bay?’  Fact is all of these projects must be done and as far as I’m aware, they are still on the drawing board.  Presumably they can’t be done all at the same time.  How greedy white people are benefiting from this current project is beyond me. 

  6. I see.  prince charles was to be widened years ago to facilitate the flow of traffic due to the eastern area rush hour traffic congestion.  tell me, why is this not a priority considering the thousands of people affected in the east?  why is it so important to develop this highway from saunders to carmicheal? are you aware that village road was also to be widened? what happened there? no one is affected in that area? progress can be accomplished w/o resistance – it’s done all time.  get on with the real work and stop satisfying a few greedy white people in this country. they need to take a 20 year break and allow this country and its people to develop – they have more than enough and always will.  funny thing about mother nature.  u can quicken the pace of destruction and do it yourself with some bulldozers and heavy equipment or you can help by conserving and helping plants and animals to reproduce and thrive.  drive by orange hill beach…do u see what was done there? well, if you have been and seen, please do not get on with what happens at saunders beach…ride out east and tell me why they placed seawalls on the beachfront?? u can help nature u know.climate, weather etc. always contribute to erosion and that’s why you put things in place to UPKEEP and not destroy faster than nature itself.  I tow no party line and never will.

  7. u were old enough? then advise if the area was made a disaster zone…i could care less about the objections…tell me if the area was made a disaster zone? i can also remember and will tell you that you are comparing grapefruits to grapes, jam to tamarind sauce, milk to wine, salmon to catfish, snapper to goldfish!  goodmans bay was renovated while saunders beach has been destroyed! i am not going to agree with the Prime Minister just bcos he says something … i have eyes; i have a functioning brain; i can research. yes, in other words, i can think for myself and therefore conclude that saunders beach is a total mess for absolutely no reason at all. you want a worthwhile project? make that ramp at montague something special.  let’s find a mess that needs cleaning up, versus something that’s clean to be turned into a mess.  after cleaning up the mess, then go find things to improve.  that’s what right-thinking developed countries do EAGLE. leaders don’t waltz around dancing the junkanoo or calling themselves PAPA..they work, hopefully, for the benefit of their country.   

    •  Just because you declared Saunders Beach a disaster zone doesn’t make it such.  The erosion which was caused by the tide that you see in that photo happens every year.  You don’t need to take my word for it, as it will prove itself as tides change.  The development on Saunders Beach is not just about Saunders Beach, but rather, a part of a larger highway system that starts from Carmichael Road.  When completed, this will be a critical passage in the north-south corridor.  Yes, Montague needs improvement and development also.  And true to form, when that one commences, no matter which party is in power, people will object.  No progress is accomplished without resistence.  Saunders Beach is no different.

  8. Hey same thing said when Goodman’s bay was being developed. I betcha next year, there will be crowds on the beach on a Sunday afternoon, cars with their PLP flags on it, will once again leave trash on the beach from their parties and gatherings.
    Nothing new

    • right, so make sure your well thinking government has the brains to place garbage bins on the beach and then people, nasty or not, may actually have something to use! pul yout head outta ya ____, get matured and make some type of contribution other than PLP or FNM! by the wy, i really don’t know why people compare goodman’s bay to saunder’s…goodmans bay was never destroyed, wrecked or made a bloody well disaster area…how old are you? u repeating something someone told u eh??? that’s what i think Larry…u repeatin what u were told otherwise u would not be comparing the two…oh yeah, PAPA said this…see, u r a fool bcos u can’t think 4 yourself!

      • Well, my freind, I’m old enough and remember very well.  The objections to the development of Goodman’s Bay were very similar to this current Saunders Beach issue.  The environmentalists were all up in arms about the rooting up of the cedar trees, the destruction of the green spaces to put an asphalt parking lot, the construction of a jet ski ramp would destroy the beach, etc.  They staged many demonstrations headed by Campbell Cleare and other PLP notables.  The similarities are real.  But, like I said, in the fullness of time, people will see the wisdom of this project.

  9. Ronica7, if anyone cant see the interest groups fingers all over the port relocation, then they are, like you said, total idiots.

    HAI was ushered back into the FNM not because of the cries of the people, but because of the cries of the interest groups who back the FNM because the policies under PC was affecting their bottom line.

    In PC 5 years, economically, this country was buzzing with activity, from Bimini in the north to Inagua in the south. the difference was that PC was spreading around the economic pie and not centralizing it in 2-3 islands. There are those who didnt like this because their normal piece of the pie was getting smaller because other Bahamians was getting a taste for the first time.

    National health Insurance would have helped the people but the Insurers didnt like the resulting lower premiums and more risk.The Port Relocation to the southwestern portion of the island was good for the people, but the port owners didnt want to be moved out of the downtown area at all. 

    There was unanimous agreement that the port should be moved to the southwest under PC administration but when the governmnet changed, suddenly that was a bad idea and Saunders Beach became the ideal place! Hmmm.

    People need to realize that its policies that affect us not party. The PLP’s policies are geared toward people, the FNM’s policies are geared toward the business interest in this country.

    Under the PC, National Health Insurance was on the way, the port was about to be moved to the southwest and the redevelopment of Bay St was about to commence, and lastly, the PLP was preparing to pass monopoly laws that would have shaken up the economic powers in this country.

    In desperation, the Bay Street boys, the insurers and other business interests getting antzy, turned to HAI. They saw what PC was trying to do and tried to stop it.  Sadly, PC tried to work with these interests, but they stabbed him in the back. Now he knows they only care about their bottom line and not the forward movement of this county.

    PC isnt perfect, but he had good policies.

    The FNM wants an election focusing on personalities because they know their policies are anti Bahamian and pro business. In 3 years, Bahamians now see that and i believe that when the bell is wrung, a change at the top will occur.

    • Altec, you are so rite this but the first time that this message as cum forward it is only special interest groups that has this county rite where it is rite now, the sad this is that when we the Bahamian ppl realize the vision that PC had and have for this county I just hope and pray that it is not to late.

  10. Okay the deputy leadership race is over and it appears that JEROME KENNEDY FITZGERALD position on Saunders Beach was more than personal ambition….. He was right whie the majority of us were being  nieve…. We must all join forces now to bring about change…. This is a crime against the environment…. WHERE IS CHARLES CAREY ON THIS ONE!!!!!

  11. Anyone t who supports movng the port, from Bay St. to Bay St. is an idiot!Hubert Minnis, Gone!. Everytime i pass there and see this dastardly act, I cringe, at the idiocy!

  12. Bahamas Press you are the jackass. As much as those trees are a fixture to that area and to most beaches in the country, and as much as I hate to see them be cut down, we all know they are invasive and have serious implications on the environment, especially beach erosion.  BP – it would be good if you could actually step out of this Anti-Ingraham/Fnm house that you live in and have a real look at the facts to.  Your conversation is not healthy nor does it provide any sort of meaningful contribution towards conversation that could actually move this country forward.

    • move this country forward D.A.H?? really…how did the elizabeth bye election move this country forward?  how did the select firing of a few customs, immigration and police officers move this country forward? how did the select committee on crown land move this country forward? how did the resignation of malcolm adderley move this country forward? how did the constant shuffling of attorney generals move this country forward? actually, in the last 15 years, name me anything of significance that has happened, PLP or FNM to move this country forward.  see, this is what annoys me – that nothing major or minor is happening in this country and this talk, “oh, it will get better” is hoisted as some problem solver and antidote for all to see and believer in.  i hold no brief for BP.  of course he attempts to inflame and get a jolt reaction.  facts are facts though, and it is well past time that things in this country take a radical shift.  i mean, u can’t even pull in ya friggin driveway w/o someone pushing a damned gun in ya face or pulling screwdriver or cutlass or whatver weapon that can kill and disfigure on you.  can’t we do better? boy, i really don’t think so…just a corrupt, slack, laid back, belly aching bunch of people we bahamians are! yeah, his conversation may not be healthy but your’s sure in hell is not either!

      • The truth that makes men free is for the most part the truth which men prefer not to hear.–Herbert Agar, A Time for Greatness (1942)

        Amen Diehard. FINALLY..someone who can see past Red & Gold, be objective and speak truth to power.Only in this new Bahamas can the sheep be so willing to believe bold faced lies. Prime Minister, The Hon. Hubert Ingraham, needs constant reminder that WE elected him to represent “US” in getting things better for the Bahamas. He needs to start doing the job he were hired for – start being a problem solver rather than spewing out misinformation. Its things like this that is splitting our country in half.  Am so we ready for what’s down the road

      • The truth that makes men free is for the most part
        the truth which men prefer not to hear.
        –Herbert Agar, A Time for Greatness (1942)

        Amen Diehard. FINALLY..someone who can see past Red & Gold, be objective and speak truth to power.

        Only in this new Bahamas can the sheep be so willing to believe bold faced lies. Prime Minister, The Hon. Hubert Ingraham, needs constant reminder that WE elected him to represent “US” in getting things better for the Bahamas. He needs to start doing the job he were hired for – start being a problem solver rather than spewing out misinformation. Its things like this that is splitting our country in half.  Am so we ready for what’s down the road

  13. Hubert only cares about the people who grease his nasty hands. Those contributors live in their beach front homes and have private beaches that most Bahamians cannot afford. That is why Saunders beach was a non-issue. Never mind that it was one of the few beaches Bahamians can enjoy. Nothing matters to this government. The only thing sacred is their spawn. I feel sad that the plight of the Bahamian falls on deaf ears. Nevertheless, YOU got what you asked for…..

  14. This has been happening at Saunders Beach this time every year from since I was a little boy.  If you’ve never seen the beach like this before, then you really don’t know Saunders Beach.  In the fullness of time, ye nay-sayers will see the wisdom of the improvements that are being constructed in the area.  Remember, the nay-sayers cried out the same way when Goodman’s Bay was being developed.  It’s all just hot air.

    • That would be wonderful if something good can come out of this, because Saunders Beach was such a lovely place, especially for families. I spend a lot of time on that beach as a child and I never remember them digging it up like this before or cutting down all the trees.

      • I was referring to the erosion by the tide…this happens every year.  I think that when this project is finished Saunders Beach would be an even lovlier place  for families with proper parking, playground  and green spaces.  I, for one, welcome progress.

        • Well good for you. I have no problem with anyone welcoming progress. My thing is, I am more concern about what impact this project will have on the country from a environmental stand point and who stand to gain the most financially from this project. Sure we will get the parking space and the swings, but who will be making all the monies from this?

  15. I remembered last year driving pass Saunders Beach during a holiday and looking at the people out in the water and running about on the sand having a good time. For a moment, I was really happy to see that there were still places in the country for Bahamians to go and have fun, but out of no where a thought came to my mind that our government was about to do something to the beach where Bahamians would no longer be able to enjoy it the way they used to. Honestly, I didn’t want to think like that, so I kept trying to shake that thought from my mind. Now, look at Saunders Beach today.

  16. yup, this is what happens when you give a certified madman power…tink PAPA care bout any old beach where only a bunch a lil black people swim…Hell to the NO…PAPA don’t care one bit…oh, BP, take  a tour of shirley street…den u will really see how the madman cares!

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