Ingraham heads to South Africa while 2,500 Bahamians join the long unemployment line


Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham left New Providence Sunday night for South Africa to attend the World Cup. He was accompanied by Minister of National Security Tommy Turnquest and Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Charles Maynard. Pictured from left to right at the Lynden Pindling International Airport are: Mrs. Anita Bernard, Secretary to the Cabinet; Minister Turnquest, Prime Minister Ingraham, Minister May7nard and Deputy Commissioner of Police Marvin Dames.

Nassau, Bahamas — The Cabinet Office quickly announced today the departure of Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham, Tommy Turnquest and Charlie Maynard to South Africa to attend the World Cup.

Bahamas Press stands appalled by the decision of the PM to party on the public purse to have fun and frolic halfway around the world at the expense of taxpayers; to greet African Kings while our tiny island nation reels in the birthing pains of a deep depression.

Ingraham could not see the need to be frugal in cutting back on such unnecessary travels; money, which could be used to buy more, much needed food for hungry babies with no pampers or to keep the Ranfurly Home open.

Ingraham and his ‘empty head’ ministers should consider the fact that while they fly on private aircrafts drinking vintage champagne, expensive nuts and caviar to celebrate their national failure; digging Bahamians deep into mounds of debt, the people who elected them are finding it hard by the day to survive.

Salaries are capped, investments ruined, joblessness everywhere and a time bomb of uncertainty is wreaking havoc on the lives of Bahamians.

Some two thousand five hundred [2,500] temporary government workers were sent home Friday, government employees at ZNS are pending letters to be sent home soon and more than 5,000 homeowners sit in darkness without electricity, yet, Ingraham finds the time and the resources to skirt the world and watch men kick football.

It is no wonder why the people of this country are looking at the man we call the Bahamian Mugabe cockeye and upside down. Countrymen and women are waiting en masse to deliver a VICIOUS CUT_YOU_KNOW_WHAT on Hubert Ingraham and his WUTLESS BAND Of DRUNKEN MEN!

They have been MOST NEGLECTFUL and ‘HORRIFIABLY’ reckless in their actions. THEY GATS TO GO!