Former Prince of the Anglican Church Joins the Break Away 'SISSY' SECT supporting Homo-Bishop Gene Robinson


<<< Rogue former Priest Etienne Bowleg.

Nassau, Bahamas — Former Anglican priest, Etienne Bowleg, who lied about his age to the Supreme Court, has now joined the International Charismatic Episcopal Church in the US.

Bowleg was received into the group of Churches in Florida this weekend with open arms. Some 30 former members of Holy Trinity Anglican Church accompanied Bowleg on his sojourn. Boy I tell ‘ya’, even the devil ‘gat’ followers.

Bowleg is now now set to become a senior high priest of the SISSY MOVEMENT! The Church based in South Florida supported Homo-Bishop Gene Robinson, the controversial Bishop who left his wife and children for fun and frolic with his gay lover [INSET below].

We wonder who are the 30 followers who went with the lying priest.

In the communication sent out to members of the clergy from Addington House this Sunday,  Bishop Laish Boyd wrote:

Please be advised that Etienne Bowleg wishes “to renounce all allegiance as a priest of the Diocese of the Bahamas and The Turks and Caicos Islands within the Province of the West Indies, with immediate effect.”

This means that by his own choice, intent and assertion Fr. Etienne Bowleg no longer holds a licence to function in this Diocese.

As clergy of the Diocese all of you need to be aware of how serious this matter is and what its implications are.

The lack of a General Licence means that Fr. Bowleg is not allowed to function (officiate, celebrate, preach, vest, process, sit in the chancel or sit in the sanctuary) at any service or event of the Diocese or the Province, or under the auspices of the Diocese or the Province.

They have NO SHAME! The angels in heaven must be weeping today following that ordination.

Bowleg don’t have to sneak to Florida NO MORE!!!

On the First Sunday after Pentecost Etienne Bowleg was received into the Sacred Order of Priests in the International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church. Bowleg and his wife Cheryl traveled from the Bahamas together with some 30 members for the ceremony. Bishop David Simpson received Cheryl as a communicant. She then, together with Fr. David Paysinger and Fr. Don Hudock, presented Fr. Bowleg for reception and ordination. We now have a presence in the Bahamas, and we are hoping the Lord will release things in greater measure in the future.

Bishop David Simpson, Bishop Prakash Yuhanna, Fr. David Paysinger, Fr. Don Hudock, Fr. John Bower, Deacon Dan Garrison and Deacon Colin Morris were present, together with a joyful congregation.

The ladies of the church put on a nice reception for all after the service.


  1. If the Court found that lies were told, how come no one as far as I know, has been charged with Perjury?

  2. So you are saying the Catholic Church has no sissies or you just mean that they don’t admit it, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, what is the difference between the two of them, all a them full of sissies,(The Anglicans, Baptist, Prophecy, Methodist, House Of Assembly, the Senate, Lutherans,…etc, etc.), y’all know it, stop playin’ ya’selves.

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