Ingraham says blame the PLP not him


Ingraham-333Nassau, Bahamas — FNMs were in the cold last Thursday night once again letting Hubert Ingraham talk ‘Obeah’ over their heads. He shied away from taking responsibility for the chaos in the Bahamian economy. And in a round-a-bout way he rejected the idea of him having caused thousands of public servants in the Police, Immigration, Customs and others departments to be sent home.

False talking Ingraham could be heard suggesting his government never cancelled opportunity by suspending the Government Guarantee Loan programme for students. He could be heard arguing telling Bahamian it was not his government who plunged into darkness 9,000 BEC customers [Causing his Abaco Chairman to resign]. In short Ingraham suggested it was not the FNM government, who has overseen the poor management of the country’s crippling economic state never seen in our nation’s modern day history. He also suggested that is it was not his government who left education in shambles [but he forget how he fired Carl Bethel]. Is it the ZANU-PF Party of Zimbabwe since it isn’t you Ingraham? Ingraham is delusional to say the least.

In short, he suggestioned that it was not him who increased the largest TAX increase on Bahamians in our nation’s history [INCLUDING A TAX INCREASE ON THE BIBLE]. It was not him who has delivered the highest unemployment rate this country has ever seen. It was not him who generated the highest national debt on the backs of poor Bahamians now approaching; $4 Billion dollars.

Making matters worse for the FNM is the crime situation throughout the country. Dead bodies lying in the road 10am in the morning and the government is paralyzed to remedy the problem. Murders up, armed robbery up, violent crimes up and Papa isn’t saying anything; and they talking about a matter of TRUST? TRUST MY BIG FOOT! In fact when he decided to report on the matter following the highest recorded year of murders, the criminals responded by gunning down their victims the next morning in the middle of the road in Bain and Grant town in broad daylight.

One woman in Lizzy said every night when she come home she quickly run out of her car race to the front door and holler to the robbers who frequently break into her home, “GET OUTTA MY HOUSE PLEASE I REACH!” Another woman said she stopped going out with friends and a taxi driver said she’s too afraid to work in the night. But again, despite the fact of these and others happening under the FNM, Ingraham says don’t blame him.

Then what is amazing in all this is that Rodney Moncur says Duane Sands is disqualified. However, “The Ghost” candidate for the FNM is all over the ZNS network telling the people he’s in the race. Duane Sands, the man being sued by Lynden Harrison for medical malpractice, is the only candidate up on ZNS. The PLP candidate was blocked from placing ads of any kind on ZNS and URCA refuses to respond to the Party complaints of bias by the broadcasting corporation. WHAT A SLAP IN THE FACE TO DEMOCRACY!

The Party, which once boasts of OPENING AND FREEING THE AIRWAYS, has reversed its once greatest accomplishment and is carrying on like Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

Hubert Ingraham your political days are numbered and it ain’t long nah!


A member of the media hanging out at the FNM rally. Here’s a picture, which proves bias in the media. Jerome Sawyer a contract worker at ZNS joined scores of his colleagues at the FNM mass rally on Prince Charles last Thursday night. Sawyer who anchors Bahamas Tonight never carried any story the next morning but could be seen socializing and drinking partying up the place. So were several high-ranking members of the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas. This is the same Corporation, which boycotted the PLP from airing advertisements. We hope the Ingraham government starts their cuts at ZNS from the top.


  1. Well bahamasyouth u can hold papa hand and cyar ya u no what also!
    And jerome is pathetic. He was all about on facebook proving his stupidity
    Recentl when zns was chestized for broadcasting that haitian woman bare breasts
    On the news. Now I know zns is raggedy and stuck deep in the bush with they poor
    Old outdated analog cameras but according to fcc laws which they are required to adhere to
    They was in violation. Instead of admitting their mistake as they havo been making so many
    He chose to defend their mistake JUST LIKE PAPA!
    Well jerome you belong on zns anchoring the news because just like yawl cameras and software
    You too are raggedy and broke down!

  2. Well look here I see my pictures on TV and I ain’t saying nothing. These photos were taken off The official Website of the Free National Movement. That is for public use and the one below is from our man the Hon. Brandville McCartney. He don’t have a problem with it so how you get in that Larry?

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  3. So let  me get this right Jerome Sawyer is the media now? So you mean to tell me since he is the MEDIA its bias?……. I THOUGHT he was apart of the media. Being apart of the media he has the right to choose whoever he favors but still present news in a unbiased matter.  BP STOOP VERY VERY LOW\…. Im starting to dislike this website.

  4. @ nc smith…. Nah look here smitty I aint interested in havin a tit for tat with you!
    As stoooopid as your opinions are they are all yours and you are entitled to them.
    After the 2007 elections bahamians proved how stoopid they can be when they re elected papa.
    Now many of those same ppl are hurting and suffering at the hands of the same jackass they “trusted”
    So if the ppl of elizabeth wanna play with fire then let them go rite ahead.
    I know can’t no torch bearin heeden set foot in my gad damn yard because news travels fast.
    And I done made it known that I despise that amazon gorilla for his arrogance and stupidity.
    Should he ever set he oogly face in my yard all the witchdoctors in haiti couldn’t save him.

  5. All of you Fnms are angry because your “wutless” newspapers, the punch included does not carry the punch(pun intended) like Bahamas press.

    All over the world Bahamians, and others, are being told the real dirt on the lousy Fnm!

    Talk dat!

  6. PAPA is so delusional I heard he said at the rally that he is PLP lolo.Many streets in New Providence need traffic lights and just maybe other constituencies where help is needed should have bi elections to get some relief.Taxes collected should be used for the benefit of all Bahamians so I dont know what this wutless crew are bragging about.

  7. Its truly amazing how the PM is blaming the opposition for all the problems. I thought the opposition was weak and worthless, now suddenly they have manage to stifle the government? Please!

    Will then if thats the case then the PM has made the PLP’s point as to why he needs to go! Your party is in power and cant do anything? No plans, no ideas, no forward thinking, yup, that sounds like the FNM!

    Mr Ingraham and the FNM has been in office for 3 years. When are they going to take credit for whats happening in the country?

  8. Media people associated with a political party? Unheard of!  (Paulette Zonicle, Obie Wilchcomb, Calsey Johnson, Picewell Forbes, Ed Bethel…etc)  hmmm!

    • And you saw them fraternizing with politicians at a political event while they were in the employ of the ZNS? I do not recall seeing that.

  9. @ Future leader;  media; freethinka; honestly, I do not know who to feel bad for, is it you all who have put all of your emotions in Ryan and now that you see his campaign exploding in his face, ya’ll just do not know what to do – or for Ryan himself who will soon learn that you cannot serve to Gods… AND the Bahamian people can put pressure on ya… and what Ryan just did amounts to nothing more then a political double play and in the end.. he will suffer a defeat on Tuesday and what will be worst.. there will be no PLP who will come to his aid, no not one..

  10. @Future leader, birds of a feather flock together, no pun intended but the future will tell why they are hanging together believe me, and I also agree will free thinker, I am amazed and I cannot believe this is my free democratic country, we are in bondage, and the hurtful part is that we can’t even depend on the US for help, because HAI works for them.

  11. So just how stupid is larry and the nc smith person? Who cares where the picture came from?
    The bottom line is jerome backside should not be post up drinkin gin and tonic with a twist of lime
    At the fnm gathering. And if mccartney knows what’s best for him he better beware of who he pose for the camera with.
    Jerome is the one with no moral or shame. He has no cooth or class so I’m in no way suprised to see that he is one of papas chirren!
    Wit his ***** u no what!

    • Come on nah futureleader don’t attack the man sexuality. We only want point out the bias. Please leave him alone in that department.

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  12. @ Larry BP surely does not understand what it means to be moral.. all he know is that he hates Hubert and he wants Ryan to win.. so what ever it takes to do that he will do and so he sprews his lies all ova the place… BP has no shame..

  13. “They get this country  fcuked right up” ingRUM and his mindless bunch of co-horts,  make the majority of the people in the Bahamas ashamed of dem. Ultimately ingRUM will be known as the most worthless, lousy trashy, non patriotic, arrogant Prime Minister in Bahamian history, bar none, this awful thingie creature need to be fired and placed under the dungeon at fort charlotte forthwith, before he tell his haitian children he give total freedom to and elevate dem above the citizenry,  above Bahamians like a jackass to start a Haitian revolution on Bahamian soil. Like I say he is a lousy piece of shytt… that need to be flit… So the majority of Bahamians could benefit in our homeland, old traitor

  14. You need to stop stealing pictures from people’s Facebook pages, without permission.
    You talk about dignity? You are shameless.

    • So what are you sayin’ Larry?  This is not a genuine photograph of two “fruits” embracing while attending their political rally?  So here’s the deal….just because you are a clueless political neophyte, please do not insult people who know the time!

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