Ingraham Talks With Bloomberg and says The Bahamas is OK…WOW!


ingraham-bush<<< Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham and President George Bush Last year March at the White House.

Now as you listen to this video it looks as if ONLY when Perry Christie is in front of Hubert is he able to fire off his words. Now we post this interview on taken on March 21st, 2008 because we want it to be seen how Ingraham pretended as if nothing was wrong in the Bahamas. He acted as if the Bahamas was far from feeling the Global Economic Crisis. Mind you he would say now in Parliament that this is a GLOBAL RECESSION, whilst others know Hubert had Stop,and Cancelled projects to review everything.

He tells the host the Bahamas is holding its own. He says that we are strong. He talks as if the Bahamas is insular of the economic crisis and the affects it was having on the Bahamas at the time.

But whilst Hubert was saying ALL IS WELL in the Bahamas, BEC was about to disconnected more than 6,000 households from electricity supply. Gas prices was rising and had reached $6 by summer. And Atlantis was preparing its list of more than 1,200 workers to be sent home by the end of the year.

BahaMar was preparing to do the same. And Pepsicola Bahamas Ltd. was about to cease operation here in the Bahamas. YES HUBERT YOU LOOKED GREAT ON INTERNATIONAL TELEVISION, BUT YOU WAS LYING TO THE WORLD YET AGAIN!



  1. This post was inadvertently placed under the matter with the PLP fair:

    I am so ashamed for the PM who really has no idea about economics.He has been getting advice on how best to run the economy and has refused it.Now he comes into Parliament and admits that things are bad.what a moron!!!Who in Govt is doing a forecast of the economy?All of the trends for a recession were there from 2007 but Cookie monster in a style only he can understand went into reverse gear, now our economy is stuck in the sand.The gutless Cabinet has again allowed this man to run roughshod over them.And you BP Editor who is a puppet, bcos you cant see beyond your nose must confess that this Govt fumbled the ball and were only interested in misleading the USA.Bush gone now Ingraham should resign and allow the experts to formulate a plan to assist in bringing the country out of recession.I have a suggestion for Cookie monster, agree to stop receiving your pension until the storm passeth over.I refuse to hold my breath.


  2. Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham is just following orders. Brent Symonette is in charge. Don’t you guys get it yet? He is the “delivery Boy” isn’t he? He caters to certain people while dumping on others. He doesn’t care what we think or say about him. He has already delivered the prize and now he will be laughing all the way to the bank. Ask Ingraham who really owns Cable Bahamas? Ask him who really wants to purchase Batelco? Ask him if he intends to do the same with BEC? There is no end to this pitbull’s greed. So much for his Trust agenda. Remember when we were little and our parents always told us never to trust the person who told you to trust them? Well the you all did and now we’re all paying for it. Just do what you have to do in 2012. By then everything will be gone and we will be staring from scratch again watch and see. The man is a real black crab with beedie eyes….

  3. Folkes we must put the blame of the state of our economy and the position that we fond ourselves in on one man and one man only I will say it again and again Hebert Ingrham is to blame with his childish stop and revue policy upon returning to office and his bullheaded way’s of doing business on behalf of the Bahamaian people which proved to be outdated and pure utter craziness ….this was the reason why we have are in this state .

    The first budget that this wutlis FNM government preasented the people cut the tourisim advertisement budget implemented a new customs tax code that confused the hell out of the previous code ….Presented budget after budget with deficits after deficts with no new sources of revenue.

    The facts are just the fact now to stand up in parliament and state that the country is in a revenue shortfall when just a few weeks ago this same man said during the so call mid term revue told the nation that revenue was “keeping paste with government spending.” which then says to me that I must repeat what I said a few months back this Ingraham and this FNM has committed treason and therefore must be removed from office they have squanderd the investments that was left on the table by the PLP governmnet they insulted the biggest hotel and casino organization . They sould be forced to leave

  4. I will tell you this Mr. Ingraham is out of his league this time. These is the world have changed alot since 2001 and he looks like he can’t keep up. We have a government this does dumb things and then comes sneakily behind themselves to clean up and then point the finger at everyone else to make it seem like it is not their fault. The S&P was right and Hubert Ingraham has some real nasty egg on his face because he can;t go crawling back to them for the stats and ratings so he crawls somewhere else. We deserve better that this “kick the can” kind of government.

  5. Just shucking and a jiving. Yessir Boss. What a disgrace. But you know what Media, maybe Hubert flip flop was a good thing. After all, investors watch Bloomberg. But then again these same investors read S&P religiously and know that this is the same fool who tried to discredit it when the report wasn’t favorable to his government. Ouch.

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