Ingraham you gat another teacher molesting lil' children on ya hands…DEAL WITH THE MATTER!



Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press is investigating another sexual complaint this time at a Primary School on New Providence.

BP has learned some 8 parents of the Oakes Field Primary School have withdrawn their daughters from the school following complaints presented by them against the music teacher.

BP has learned the matter is currently being investigated by the Sexual Complaints Unit of the Ministry of Education. Minister of Education Desmond Bannister has confirmed that an active investigation is ongoing with the incidents, however, he has declined to comment further.

carlbethBP has learned that the teacher is the music teacher at the school. Complaints on the teacher began in early January by members of the PTA who all claim their daughters came home with withdrawn and complaining of being inappropriately touched by the teacher.

BP knows the name of the teacher but will withhold that information. We also know all of the parents involved have since withdrawn their children from the school. No comment on the matter has come from the principal.

Sexual cases in the Bahamas are on a rise and came to a head when Bahamas Press called for the resignation of the former minister of education CARL ‘UNDERNOURISHED’ Bethel following the ‘VICKED’ saga involving sexual complaints at the Eight Mile Rock High School on Grand Bahama.

Bethel you would remember oversaw the scandalous episode involving an art teacher, Andre Birbal, who eventually absconded the country following sexual complaints involving him and a clandestine pack of pedophile lovers, who molested more than 20 seventh grade boys at the school. The children to this day have yet to see justice delivered for the crimes committed in the Bahamas.

Bahamas Press since has information that Birbal was at the New York jail awaiting extradition, but the Ingraham lead government has refused to request or fight for Birbal’s extradition back to the Bahamas.

Bahamas Press is demanding that the matters now coming to the Ministry of Education’s attention be swiftly dealt with or heads will roll once again in that department.

Hubert Ingraham you gat another teacher molesting lil’ children on ya hands…DEAL WITH THE MATTER!



  2. I am a parent of a male student at Oake Field Primary.  Iwould not expect the Principal to comment on the situation since it is my opinion that all he does is brush thing under the carpet.  I have witness her attempting to punish a student for letting another tudents grandparent know that the student was being felt up in class by a fellow student.  My son has been the victum of bullying for the past 2 years and the principal has yet to address this matter in a satisfactory manner.  I have requested a parent to parent conference and she has yet to inform the other parent or get back to me.  This other child still up to today is bothering my son and I have recently found out that this bully along with the homeroom teacher have made it a habit of addressing my son by a female version of his name.  I am upset by this becaue the teacher should correct inappropriate behavior rather than encourage it.  It has me worried and I will not brush it under the carpet.  As for the music teacher it is a hock for me because he has a young daughter that attend the same school.  I am at a lost for words.

  3. man! i spoke to the principal. they called in the teachers union president belinda wilson. she cried in the meeting saying that she knows this pervert teacher from freeport. from hawksbill high school. he the pervert was at the highest level at that school. deputy senior, senior master and at a short stint as vice principal and principal. now it is weird to see this same person is just a regular teacher now here where i reside. i call that a DEMOTION! and most of all covering up this crap within the educational system. but i was assured that he will not be returning at this highschool for the new semester. but i want that pervert out of the schools because he can prey on someone else,s kid. just like he tried with my daughter! luckly my daughter had the witts to confide in two teachers also. also this teacher lives with a female teacher and they aren,t married. on a small island and in a small community! that should be a NO! NO!

  4. The government must not take this likely like the way they did what the Birbal matter. It seems as if the way they handled things with Birbal that it has encouraged more teachers to be willing to put everything on the line to go fool with these children. Taxpayers pays these teachers a salary to educate their students, not to be taking advantage of them and getting them involved in any daytime sexual escapades. You have some parents there trying to figure how come the children aint learning nothing in school. You ask them what they do in class today, they can’t answer you. Then you see them acting different around the house, they used to come home and tell you everything, now all of a sudden you see them staying to themselves and they don’t have nothing to say. At least this little girl in this instance, had good sense to come home and tell her mother what happened, but all will not do that. All I have to say to parents is keep observing and talking with your children and take notice of any changes, because we have some very sick people in our society who enjoys preying on the vulnerability of children. It is a shame you can’t even send your kids to school without worrying about these perverts taking advantage of them.

  5. man this is a serious issue! we got a teacher here now where i reside preying on lil girls! the goverment look like they,re protecting these perverts! BP! do you think its right to offer a student you,re cell number at lunchtime if you are a mail teacher!? the thing about it also that pervert dont teach this student any subject at all.

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