Ingraham's Dance with Permanent Secretary Starts Again?


prime-ingraham-i-copy.jpgNassau, Bahamas: Bahamas Press has learned that there appears to be another shuffle with permanent secretaries in the government service.

Unconfirmed reports from the Ministry of Agriculture suggests that Creswell Sturrup has been once again removed out of a department and sent somewhere else in the government service. Bahamas Press has learned that Harrison Thompson will now replace Sturrup in that ministry beginning today.

We’ve not heard reports of any other movements, however with all the investigation now underway by the government of the Bahamas, we hope some report will soon reveal the alleged corruption involving a member of Ingraham’s Cabinet.

Also now coming to our newsroom is the announcement that some 23 workers at the Ginn Development on Grand Bahama will be out of their jobs by the end of the week.

Ginn defaulted on their loan last year and found difficulty getting credit in the US. The layoffs are being blamed on the global financial crisis.

Also the Isle of Capri Casino on that island has now also announced its intent to pull out of Grand Bahama by the middle of the year.


  1. Thomas, both you and I know that the minute they switch to a policy of Bahamian ownership in casinos, Hubert “the white man lover” will pull off another Norman’s Cay type deal where someone on the Eastern Road will end up taking the whole pie.

  2. With respect to the closing of the Isle of Capri Casino, now is the time to encourage Bahamain ownership of our Casinos! I was told some time ago that Casinos in The Bahamas are actualy “owned” by the government, but that foreigners are given license to operate them. Can someone with intimate knowledge confirm this? The Policy of not allowing darkies to mix with Toruists may have been well intentioned 50 years ago, but the world has changed. Hubert ‘the white man lover’ must know that the continued exclusion of Bahamians from legitimate ownership of Casinos is an obsolete and destructive policy.

  3. And just who are you, Mr. Johnson, to chastise anyone? My observations about “Thomas Moore” have been proven time and again by his unbecoming actions in the House. If you condone that kind of behaviour, you are as ignorant as he has proven himself to be. When one makes a
    serious accusation such as he made, then one must have the courage of his convictions and produce the evidence on the spot. Since he could not, he should beg forgiveness from all of us.

  4. The Constitution guarantees that Permanent Secretarys can serve to the age of 65.This ***t about term limits is a political saying and is sure to breed corruption.In the case of Creswell Sturrup everyone should remember he was victimized by the Govt for standing up to the former Minister of Education in the FNM Govt of 1997 to 2002. Sturrup cannot forced out so the Govt is trying to discourage him by doing to him what they did to Policemen in recent times.Joe Blow again I have to chastise you as you continue to make asinine comments.Your thoughts are those of a despot and not someone who believes in democracy.

  5. It is a good idea to move Perm. Secs. around from time to time. We all are aware that they hold a position of special power. Some are known to hold back needed info for their own purposes and they can make their Minister look bad. Every time we blame an elected member for something , it would be well to look at the P.S’s actions concerning the issue. My understanding is that Cresswell is due to retire imminently
    (his own words). Perhaps he has not been moved but has retired?
    The alleged corruption of a Cabinet Minister is just a little whirlwind that “Thomas Moore” tried to stir up during his contribution in the House yesterday. He was challenged to substantiate what he contended and could not do so. He is a number one verbal bully as well as a spoiled child. His actions yesterday were an embarassment to both sides of the House as well as to all who listened to his nonsense. He just did himself in as a potential contender for the PLP leadership. When he begins his antics again the Speaker should throw him out for insubordination to the procedures of House rules.What a disgrace!

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