Investor resident frightened by illegal landing in gated communities!


With an investment of over $200 million in vessels now being destroyed – Defence Force cannot navigate or protect the boarders!

RBDF Marine searches wooden Haitian sailing sloop – FILE PHOTO.

Vessel passed the Defence Force Base with big Haitian Flag Sail!

Nassau – An Indian Millionaire who has found his serenity in one of the Bahamas’ top western shore gated community is now considering selling his property following that illegal landing on Sunday.

The resident, who we shall not name at this time, expressed serious fear that the Bahamas has not been able to and continue to fail in dealing with the illegal migrant issue.

On Sunday more that 200 Haitian nationals drove into the unprotected canal in Venice Bay and walked boldly in capital city just a few miles from the Defence Force Base.

Bacardi Road has two gated communities with residents of high net worth. Albany, Lyford Cay and Old Fort Bay have similar waterway, which also make illegal landings possible. The thing is the Haitian captains can navigate right into the gated areas of the country while defence force captains can’t! What is this?

“What frightens me is the frequency in which these landings occur just minutes away from the defence force base. What if these persons were armed? Armed groups in other parts of the world could have savaged the community after landing in hours, and still the authorities – paid to protect the community – would have seen nothing! It is my belief that these landings are coordinated operations orchestrated by high-level individuals. Safety concerns me greatly!” The Indian Millionaire told Bahamas Press.

Earlier in the year a vessel landed just near the same area and a body was collected though no one was caught. Also early in the year a vessel landed just near the Commonwealth Brewery operations where workers detained the migrants before officials arrived on the scene. In this last case the Venice Bay community association members had to contact officials of the illegal landing although our source in government confirmed that they knew of the arrival days prior.

A source deep inside the Cabinet of the Bahamas told BP, “The administration had word of these landings days ago. One of the vessels were intercepted in Eleuthera and we knew about it, why Defence Force Officers are not patrolling the area is beyond me. They said they were told not to patrol but now government has changed they still are not doing so. Why is the question we all need to have asked,” the source said.

Usually Defence Force press department would issue quick releases when these incidents occur, but up to yesterday BP had not gotten any word on any of the landing on New Providence or on Eleuthera. WHAT IS THIS?

Where is the captain? This is another concern. He cannot be found. Were drugs onboard? Another question still not answered by authorities.

With school reopening in August and the hospitals already crowded with persons unable to present their documentation, we at believe the timing of these landings are set to plant new students in the new school calendar with free uniforms finished by the People and Government of the Bahamas.

We report yinner decide!


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