Is BTC’s Union Leader Incompetent?


Bernard Evans - BTC Line Staff UNION President

Dear BP,

During the saga that was the sale of BTC, I watched with amazement the way in which the president of BTC’s union got out schooled at every turn by Papa and the folks at C&W. But what concerned me more as I watched Bernard Evans performance, was that I was stuck with the impression that he wasn’t giving his best effort nor was he making the good decisions in his union’s opposition to the sale of BTC.

I admit I don’t know Mr Evans personally, but the perception he gave me when the spotlight was on him, was not a very inspiring one. For all intents and purposes, I am still trying to figure out how is it that an outside group of Bahamians lead by radio personality Steve McKinney and Dr Elwood Donaldson, with less finances and boots on the ground, were more effective in opposing the sale of BTC than BTC’s very own union led by Mr Evans.

One can not ascend to the top of one of the country’s more influential unions and be a fool or incompetent. One must have some political savvy and smarts to accomplish such a feat. So I honestly struggled to understand Mr Evans poor showing as there was no energy, effort, sensible strategy or fight seen in him and by extension, his union at anytime in the process.

When I opened Monday morning’s Tribune and saw that he is already signaling giving up ground in procuring better benefits for those members in his union who are considering taking the voluntary severance package, my stomach churned!

So Mr Ingraham and C&W won round one, but now in round 2 it looks like Mr Evans has already, willingly bent over before being asked too, just anticipating to be screwed from behind; raw, with no condom, and extra hot sauce. The only thing I want to know is, was Mr Evans promised something to look the other way or is he just incompetent?

Now if it was me, and my efforts to oppose the sale of BTC was as flaccid as Mr Evans, I would at least begin to save face by ensuring that the benefits in the voluntary severance package was equal to or better than the one in 1999, but that’s just me. If I were a compromised union leader, in bed with the enemy, I would at least make my efforts to fight for my members, especially the ones considering leaving, look believable and give them the sense that they are getting the best deal. But alas, that is just me.

In the article this morning, Mr Evans has admitted that the current packages being offered by C&W, “…falls short…” and are in no way equal to the packages the union received in 1999. So if he knows the current package is bad, why is he signaling his union will be accepting it? Why does it seem that he is folding his tent again, not even willing to put up a good fight for his members?

This is the second time Mr Evans has had an opportunity to show where his loyalties lie, and it is becoming clear where they do. Where is the fight from Mr Evans? When is he going to draw the line in the sand? When is he going to marshal the troops and make C&W take them seriously? When is he going to say no and not give up ground?

Mr Evans believes the bad severance package will be offered in the coming weeks and he is justifying not fighting C&W on this front because the packages are not mandatory. Mandatory, voluntary, what difference does that make? Mr Evans, as union head, its your job to make sure that whatever the employer is offering to your members is fair to your members, regardless if what is being offered is voluntary or not! That is what they pay you for!

By your own logic, if some of your members decide to take the package, they will be short changed because you haven’t put your best foot forward in seeking the best deal for them. Now I see why Papa shook your hand with that big grin on his face after the House of Assembly voted to sell BTC. You are a bad tactician and negotiator. You negotiate the best package, regardless! You don’t lay there and accept whatever is thrown in front of you!

The 1999 voluntary package has already set a precedent. The minute C&W starts talking anything less than what has already been established, you stand your ground. Who negotiates for less than the precedent? The men and women who head BTC’s union must be a bunch of spineless, scary, incompetent, little bitches. BP, are they scared to fight? Do they even know how? Do they even want to?

If the government tried what C&W is trying, these unions would cause an uproar. But for some reason, Mr Evans is like Scobby Do, looking clueless and confused!

Mr Evans is getting out schooled AGAIN! He isn’t giving all of his members equal representation. If C&W is targeting 400 employee’s in this voluntary severance exercise, then you can’t take a half assed approached to this negotiation. That’s potentially 400 employees with families and bills who will be entering a recession when they are let go. They need their union boss to be focused on them and not on an industrial agreement that is way down the line!

But what really inflamed me is Mr Evans statement that he hasn’t seen the full details of the package. WTF? Well if you haven’t seen it, then why the hell are you commenting on it in public? Why are you showing your hand to C&W before they even finish arranging the terms of the severance package?

This is totally unbelievable, 100% amateur hour. Now I understand why BTC’s union effort leading up to the sale was so lethargic. Their president is just incompetent. This man’s priorities are misplaced. The only thing he is suppose to be focusing on right now is those workers who may leave, making sure they get the best deal possible. The industrial agreement is a totally different beast and will take care of itself.

Mr Evans the moves you have made have caused me to look upon you in suspicion.

I urge all BTC employee’s to put pressure on Mr Evans to keep his word and negotiate a voluntary severance package equal too or better than the one in 1999. Do not take anything less!

I see why Papa likes negotiating with him. This man is incompetent, a day late, and $10 short. For this Mr Ingraham and C&W love him as they get to do what they want with minimal resistance.




  1. Dear BP

    It is amazing that people want to say all these negative things about Mr. Evans during what can only be call difficult times

    1. As a Bahamian I never knew so much about BTC until Evans and his team started to let us know what we have and what was being sold

    2. This country was polarized because of the stance that he took as leader

    3 We have become more aware and now strive to read and listen more as evident by my teen age children who never use to watch nor read the local news etc

    4. As a unionist myself, so me one union that gets what they want in the fight for it’s members

    5. I wish we had my men like Evans who are bold enough to stand up against a man like Ingraham this country would be better

    6. Stop tearing down this young man who have entered the minds of the Bahamian people these last eight months though not perfect but show me a leader who is

    7. Leading a union in this country is a thankless job… you today and hate you today…..don’t mind the naysayers Bernard you keep God first knowing that I believe more Bahamians have come to know and respect you than these few who hide behind names and condemn you

    May God bless you and your house hold

  2. The sale of BTC was not only Mr. Evans problem but a problem for all of us. There was only so much he could do while the stoppage require all our participation, but we sat on the wall hoping that he and his team get the job done. We were all afraid to stick our heads out because of our fear of being decapitated by ing-rum. So people let’s blame ourselves for being cowards.

  3. After the “VOTE” was passed in the house,with all elected FNM’s voting in favor of it (The BTC sale that is); the first person hand Mr Ingraham shook as he emerged from the house was Bernard Evans.Cameras was flashing as if it was MJ’s last NBA moment:need you see anymore?????

    • Its only polite that you shake someone’s hand when they extend theirs. So layoff Mr. Evans. We have enough rude people in this country as it is. The only other thing Mr. Evans could have done would be criminal; so do you believe he should go to jail for you.

  4. BTC needed a Brama Bull, instead they got a lamb…well said Altec, I have been telling people the same thing all along. When you are going to war you put your best men forward and fight like hell. Evans only appeared to grow some balls when the other unions got involved and that was sort lived

    • Where you living? Evans stood alone balls and all. What other unions – they are the ones of stiffed him right there cause they say regardless to what they aint going against their party so you need to wake up and smell reality.

  5. Ah Boy Bahamians finally waking UP!
    Alliances have been made outside of the BoardRoom.
    Yall stay tuned and remember vote RED cause yall haven’t learned a damn thing because yall always forgetting yer past!
    Check this man out, follow him see what he is up to it aint hard!!!

  6. Dear Writer,

    You are spot on with your assessment. Mr. Evans got played and his arrogance and know it all was the final nail in the coffin.

    Mr. Evan mistakes came fast and furious.

    1. He sat on the Board of directors for BTC, so he was privy to all discussions and decisions made by the board. His excuse was that he was not present to all the meetings, either way he received a copy of the minutes.

    2. He had no control over his executives, they saw him as weak and undecided (do we know another). He was locked out off his own office by his executive team

    3.He failed as a tactician and strategist, remember ZNS

    4. He was never visible to his members, during the month of January not one meeting was called.

    5.He allowed the other unions to take control of all the events and never engaged his own members to join the fight (John Pinder aka biggest loser)

    Mr. Evans i hope when all is said and done and if C&W is able to rid it’s self of 30% of staff , i hope your salary is reduced by the same percentage and i urge your members to stand firm on that part of negotiation. There is a term they use in C&W “ACE” Arrogance, Control and Ego. This will continue to be your mantra. I hope you are able to look in the mirror and see, with leadership comes responsibility, and you my friend is no leader.

      • Don’t confuse me with yourself, you are the type of person that would do whatever it takes to get ahead in life, even if it means walking on people or selling your own body. To call you a prostitute that would definitely be compliment to you. There wasn’t anything wrong with Mr. Evans shaking Mr. Ingham’s hand, but the point is his smile was much bigger than Ingraham’s own. He is the biggest traitor to those employees at BTC and now they see just how far he got them. For the record, I don’t take your comments personal, because I know sometime the truth is cut like a knife…LOL!!!

  7. Altec

    Please ease upon Mr. Evans, as far as we are aware , Mr. Evans and his top officers along with Mr. Carroll and his top officers were all apart of the discussions leading up to C&w final offer…He (Mr. Evans) was and is keeping his members abreast every step of the way, very democratic and the offer put forward by C&W is not what Mr. Evans nor Mr. Carroll have settled on… we have to decide and we will decide as a group to accept or decline….so Altec, please try to know Mr. Evans and you would find him very thorough and well read before committing or making any decisions.

    Mr.Evans truly cares for us and it shows every day.

  8. I’m so happy that others are finally seeing how weak this man is. What more can you expect from someone whose nickname is “Snitch”??? This is why I did not vote for him to be president, look where his leadership has left us!!!

    Snitch, why did you SNITCH on us????

    • Listen you fool – when you don’t know a man – you call him Mr. Stop spreading yourself all about and then you may learn what integrity is – Mr. Evans has tried to show you but you too blind to see. Just hold on a while long cause Papa sure as hell will show you some more.

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