Is Cable Bahamas ‘Thiefin’ Signals from Direct TV While Bahamians Pay Cable for the Service?



  1. Until and unless the Bahamain people will raise up against the FNM and PLP we will always get these crap shove down our throat. Our National TV station shud be free to all people in the bahamas. UNTIL WE SAY ENOUGHT IS IS ENOUGHT.

  2. Is there any reason why I am forced to watch Cable Bahamas commercials on U.S. channels that I am paying for? Is it legal for them to patch their commercials over paid stations? Is there any way to put an end to it or opt to NOT have CB commercials seen on my paid channels!?

  3. Cable Bahamas was stealing “thiefin” for years and like one writer says the biigest shareholders are the cabinet of 1993. Bahamains need to rise up and boycott Cable Bahamas, allow cable to be disconnected country wide and demand a new better reliable Cable company. My People the reciever is no better than the thief if Cable Bahamas stealing and we receivng should we complain or make a change

  4. I agree with the other writers, Cable Bahamas is stealing from the bahamian people. I am from Andros and we have to pay $40 for basic channel. furthermore, we can only catch about 10 channels. WHAT A DISGRACE!!!!!!!!. Is it true that Mr Ingraham son-in-law is one of the owners.

  5. Bahamians need to understand that regardless of who the shareholders of Cable Bahamas are…without us there is no Cable Bahamas.
    The Watchman is preparing the groundwork for a major Lawsuit against Cable Bahamas, for the illegal reconnection fees and automatic late fees being charged no matter when you pay your bill.

    If you’d like to join the customer revolt against Cable and Join this

  6. It is despicable what Cable Bahamas is doing. They continue the act of ‘thiefing signals from Direct TV’ remember when they were ‘thiefing signals from ZNS’ and the government at that time said or did nothing? We need relief!

  7. really though if the government is allowing cable bananas to get away with this crap. .. why arent people up in arms. or are they just so use to gettin raped by the PLP and FNM that they dont know any better??

  8. To answer your question, yes.
    Cable Bahamas is supposed to be “escrowing” the moneys charged, to be used against paying for U.S. channels when they are legitimately able to buy them!!
    Of course, the escrowed money is supposed to exist, but no one has seen it!
    Just like Government charging dish owners for ZNS, WE aren’t supposed to have them at all!!
    By the way, check the biggest shareholders, looks like the cabinet of 1993 to me!!

  9. Mr.Philip Keeping needs to THANK GOD for HUBERT ALEXANDER INGRAHAM!!!Due to mr.Ingraham’s LACK OF FAITH in Bahamians mr.kEEPING was granted a 15 year MONOPOLY{1994-2009}and was able to make in EXCESS OF 200 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!

  10. I ain’t know about DirecTV but them big satellite in dey yard could be a giveaway.. Don’t forget about dey commercials on CNN, etc.

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