Is Education and Health covering up another incident of COVID19 spread at C. C. Sweeting?

Director of Education Marcellus Taylor.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is learning a male educator at the C Sweeting High School has tested positive for COVID19 and was ordered home.

Several students who also made contact with the teacher have been isolated from the school population and four COVID19 vehicles have now arrived.

The Principal however did not alert parents of any school closure nor were axillary staff notified of the developments. 

What is really happening at C.C. Sweeting or is Education covering up another incident of COVID19 spread? 

Meanwhile students at the Nicoll Town Primary School were released early today as an educator and some children came down with COVID19 symptoms.

Health officials and Education Administrators are tight-lipped on the situation. Parents were picking up their children early today from the preschool due to this latest development. No one word from Officials who are not allowing anyone with flu-like symptoms to show up at the clinic.

We report yinner decide!