Is Island Pay connected to Lyford Cay? And who is the Canadian behind the third-party pay system in bed with NIB?


NASSAU| We are now learning that a Lyford Cay interest is connected to the Island Pay company hired by NIB to pay clients as a third-party payment service and is the company creating all this chaos for Bahamians? When yinner ga see these people for who they are?

BP asks the questions: Did Island Pay have any prior market experience before entering business with NIB?

Is Island Pay regulated and licensed?

Is Island Pay monitored and approved for operation in the money markets by the Central Bank of the Bahamas or the Securities Commission?

Do they have any proper license to function in the Bahamas?

And how did Island Pay get the contract to work with NIB?

We want investigators, including the Auditor General of the Bahamas, to get ready to look into these things.

We also want an immediate inquiry to begin on this dealing between Island Pay and the National Insurance Board. Someone have to start this work and BP IS READY TO BEGIN!

We report yinner decide!