Bimini Residents Under House Arrest for Three Weeks now but still have NO TEST RESULTS from Health Officials…


Why Bimini residents cannot get their tests results now that they were told they have COVID19? And how is it Guests from COVID hotspots FLORIDA are allowed to drive up and down on the island during LOCKDOWNS?!

BIMINI – The entire family on Bimini has been placed on House Arrest for three weeks now with no information from health officials on their COVID19 status.

One of the family members who lived with the family, but since has been isolated from the home, is on North Bimini living in a quarantine facility on South Bimini owned by an FNM General related to Lloyd Duda Edgecombe. In fact, a number of persons held in quarantine have stayed at the same facility since the death of Kim Rolle.

“Da Lockdown” PM and his Cabinet agreed for the FNM general’s complex to be used and paid for by the government to house persons affected by COVID19. And to this day no one knows what the monthly rental rate is in the unbudgeted expense on taxpayers.

BP is also learning that a number of persons under House Arrest for the past three weeks have either never been tested, or some who have been tested and quarantined have yet to get any results back on their status to confirm if they are positive or negative for COVID19! Well, what is this?

Some other residents on the island are lockdown in quarantine while their family members parade dance party and do the cartwheel up and down in the street on shopping days. WHAT IS THAT?

Meanwhile, while a mother with three small children has been under house arrest going on three weeks now [NEVER TESTED] by Health Officials. And if that wasn’t enough already, driving around in a golf cart comes the SUPERSPREADERS from the hotspot Florida – riding up and down in the Bimini community unmolested while residents are in lockdown!


We report yinner decide!