Is it da people’s time to commit armed ROBBERY? FNM candidate’s general caught in high-speed chase with police following amoured truck robbery!


General here campaigning with Travis was caught in that armed robbery yesterday.

Nassau, Bahamas – Desperate to win by all means necessary, Bahamas Press will now wait on the leadership of the FNM and its media sympathizers to explain how one of its own got caught in a high speed chase with police after a robbery yesterday.

Armed robbers out of Bain Town were quickly caught by police Tuesday following an Armoured Truck Robbery, which led to a chase into the Pride Estate community. One of the suspects was shot by police. This other suspect was caught and is now under arrest.

It was there in Pride Estates where the high speed chase ended. The suspect #1 we can confirm one of the robbers caught is shown here campaigning with the FNM candidate.

We reported just Tuesday morning how that same candidate cannot explain where in the country he works to earn his declared $35,000 annual salary as the National Insurance Board has no contributions to the same.

FNM has sunk to a new low!

We report yinner decide!


  1. So how about the criminals Bernard was seen with the other day on the walkabout. They are exempted because of who they are and who he is? The same ones in the Nygard recording.


    It’s obvious that the dispirit PLP has issues and desperate enough to do with anything illegal and or without legal-action even in being the pretence of being a transient FNM and or transact with FNM candidates as one of their infamous transposition and transition delusions and transfusions,supposedly trying to target,tarnish and transgress the FNM also transpose,transverse and transmit their criminal minds and activities by transcendental meditations and translations or illegal actions to and fro hoping to destroy the FNM image for danger-money in order to transform,transfigure and transfix the dispirit PLP!

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