NEW BTC POSTPAID OPTIONS REVEALED Increased Value, Better Flexibility

BTC’s CEO Leon Williams

Nassau, The Bahamas. April 24, 2017. Just weeks ago, BTC introduced new limitless options for its prepaid subscribers. At the same time, the company promised, new and innovative plans for its postpaid customers. Today, BTC unveiled its new offers for postpaid customers.

Alphanique Duncombe, Vice President for BTC Mobile said, “When we revamped our prepaid mobile options three weeks ago, we announced that we would also unveil new plans for our postpaid customers. About two weeks ago we soft launched our new postpaid plans and in the coming days customers can expect much more fanfare on what they can expect moving forward.”

All new BTC postpaid plans now include:
• Free calls to BTC numbers (including landline and mobile)
• Data in our $59.99 plans and higher
• Free calls to the United States and Canada
• Free SMS
• Free Flow TV
• Cross Net Minutes (providing calls to other local mobile providers)

“The value in our packages has increased tremendously, but the price of each of our plans still remain the same. We took the lifestyle patterns of our customers into consideration when we revamped these plans. A number of our surveyed customers mentioned that they used the internet every day on their mobile devices. So, we decided to increase the existing data allotment in our postpaid plans and packages,” Duncombe continued.

In addition to its new postpaid packages, BTC intends to introduce a plan just for Civil Servants. With this plan, the company will create an affordable postpaid offer just for Government employees. That plan is expected to be launched by the end of May.

BTC is also redeveloping its lower tier postpaid plans. Once completed, these plans will also have data, and roaming elements included.