Is Peter “Da Ghost” Turnquest in Washington, D.C at the IMF Conference to accept recommendations to reduce Public Service Staff by 40%?


Minister left town in secret!

Minister for Finance Peter ‘Da Ghost’ Turnquest .

Washington – Bahamas Press is at this hour at LPIA getting ready to head to Washington, DC to figure out what in the hell the Minister for Finance Peter Turnquest is doing at the IMF Conference?

We understand the Finance Minister, along with his Financial Secretary and crew, has jetted off to the IMF Annual Conference, an event he never mentioned to anyone in Parliament or anyone in the office. This is serious!

BP knows the recommendation to introduce Income Tax is on the table. Did the Minister jet off in “secret” to formally agree to further bind the Bahamas to the organization and accept their recommendations?

The IMF also suggested that the Bahamian Dollar should be devalued and some $70m in our wage bill in the Public Service should be slashed. To fire 40% of the public service would only cripple the economy and slide the Bahamas into a recession. Is Turnquest’s trip to agree to these new recommendations by the IMF?

Every Bahamian should be following these developments as we know the empty heads have no plan!

We report yinner decide!