Is the FNM Government Colluding with nefarious persons?


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The government’s 11 seat titan aircraft parked at Odyssey was sold to persons wanted by the US Government.

Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press is following new developments within the Ingraham government. Breaking News confirms in documents presented to BP questions the sale of the Royal Bahamas Defense Force Aircraft and raises question as to whetherThe FNM Government colluding with nefarious persons?”

BP can report the Ingraham administration has sold the Royal Bahamas Defense Force 11 seat Titan aircraft to alleged drug pilot now wanted by the United States Government, and this is just the beginning of our story.

BP can confirm the ministry of finance received a cheque for $63,000 written for the benefit of Sheldon Athelston Moore . Investigations carried out by BP confirm the sale of the government’s aircraft, which was being sanded and painted in a hanger at the Odyssey FBO, is already in the possession by the new owner, and here’s where it gets interesting.
Moore you would know is one of the seven men now fighting extradition to the United States for allege drug trafficking offences.

Trevor Thomas Roberts, Devroy Moss, Sheldon Athelston Moore, Lionel and Linden Deal, Shanto Curry andGordon Newbold were arrested in 2004 following an extradition request by the United States. All were suspected of having committed drug trafficking offences.

After a blunt dismissing of their appeal by the high court in July of 2007 the court stated, “Their lordships are of the opinion that there is no merit in any of Mr. Glinton’s [the attorney for the accused men] arguments,” the ruling said. “There has already been an inordinate delay in these cases, due to the time that disposing of the arguments has occupied as first instance and on appeal.

They respectfully agree with the Court of Appeal that the committal proceedings should continue as expeditiously as possible.”

According to the committee, Mr. Glinton’s appeal questioned whether the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was vested with the necessary authority to conclude the Extradition Treaty with the U.S. on behalf of The Bahamas against the men, and whether the treaty had Parliament’s approval.

The council said there was no doubt that law within the meaning of the Constitution authorized the appellantsdetention. Based on this and other points, Lord Hope said, “the Constitutional objection must be rejected.”

However, despite the men fight with the United States Government, The Ingraham administration has found nothing sinister with selling a plane to allege traffickers wanted by the US.

A repairman working on the aircraft told Bahamas Press, “All we know is the government said they needed the money, we had the money and so they sold it to us. I guess they don’t need two places to fight crime after all ‘eh’?” When asked whether the aircraft can fly, the repairman said, “How you think we got it over on this side of the airport. There is nothing wrong with this aircraft and when we put this fresh coat of paint it will be like brand new and we’ll be back in business.”

Bahamas Press wonders where was Tommy Turnquest when this sale was going down? This latest development also pushes us to ask another question, “Is the FNM Government Colluding with Drug Traffickers? ” We wonder what is the Americans response to this will be.


  1. WHAT???  r u sure about this?? this plane (cessna titan) is easily worth a few hundred thousand dollars….even if it is a conficasted plane, they can do a lot better than $63K!!!!…ok, u have my interest; i need to check this out.

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