Is the Government of the Bahamas Condoning Lawbreaking by the Haitian Community?


the aftermath of a Haitian Village on Fire Trail Road burt to the fround on Boxing Day.

Nassau, Bahamas – One by one members of the Out-going Ingraham Government was spotted fanning the winds of compassion as they sought to bring relief to scores of illegal squatters whom lost everything to a fire in the Fire Trail Road area on December 26th.

Minister after minister was on the scene collecting data, profiling to suggest they have some level of compassion for the victims. We to at BP feel moved by the devastation after all we are all God’s children. Laws, however, are made to be kept, not consistently broken.

We understand an illegal number house was also burnt to the ground in the village and to this day the Minister for the Environment, Earl Deveaux, nor his junior, Phenton Neymour, have yet told the Bahamian people how did BEC pole #44 got erected in the centre of that community.

At a time when darkness and gloom is felt for many taxpaying Bahamians, one must wonder who in the hell this WUTLESS DUTTY mongrelize government of the day is looking out for? One must also wonder is the Government of the Bahamas condoning lawbreaking by the Haitian community?

While they move with compassion towards the Haitian village, where was the compassion for over 6,000 residents who were unplugged by BEC and thrown into blackness just week before Christmas in 2008? Don’t forget now they raised the rates by instructions of the Cabinet and they set the policy around the same table. That is what they did to Bahamians!

The Snitch in the PLP directing traffic. I wonder how to spell the word: "EXTORTION"? DAT RIGHT?

This same government, which now seeks to demonstrate compassion, could not find the same spirit when in 2007 it flung into the streets victims of the hurricane on Grand Bahama. The same Kenneth Russell, who now say he looking to assist the Haitians, was the same one who told Grand Bahamians they could not stay a day longer on private property and therefore they HAD TO BE EVICTED FROM THE TRAIL HOMES! Mother with baby sucking the breast were all kicked out and not an ounce of compassion by the government was given to them. That is what this WUTLESS GOVERNMENT did to Bahamian taxpayers.

No decent law abiding member of the Cabinet of the Bahamas should find themselves engaged in promoting lawlessness? And we expect no better from the SNITCH representing the PLP, after all he almost became a resident of one of these villages prior to 2002 after owing everyone and ‘dey mah’.

The other day a young struggling Bahamian single mother attempted to acquire a permit to sell hot dog near the Lyford Cay round a bout. The permit was granted but at the behest of some foreigner in the ‘Village’ of Lyford Cay, her license was revoked and she was chased from the area. The government departments are now tracing the Bahamian woman and the police consistently harass her no matter where she setup her stall. We wonder if these same officials traverse the Cow Pen Road area and see what I see. NO harassment there? Hmmmmmm! We need CHANGE!

Cabinet Ministers are scrambling to assist, but no one remembered there was no one with the same urgency to assist the young students of the nation, who needed a grant from the government but could not get it cause this Wutless administration cancelled the programme and shut out the poor. Where were the ministers then? Ducking Bahamians!

The same could be said when they began a wicked plot to fire Bahamians in Government Corporations calling workers no good thieves, but now today under the same breathe, they all over the place getting ready to build shelters for lawbreakers. Bahamians might as well begin squatting all on the crown land near Gladstone Road and stop paying taxes.

Brent Symonette, Minister for Immigration

Perhaps it is a change of the culture now in the Church Hill Building, which has promoted lawlessness now rocking the country. Following the earthquake in Haiti, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham declared a suspension on the repatriation exercise of Haitian nationals. You would remember then Ingraham decided to release from the Detention Centre some 110 immigrants. Where are the 110 persons released at that time? Has the Minister of Immigration granted them citizenship? The country needs an update on this matter.

When we see the ‘SHAKY’ hand of this wicked government it is no wonder why lawlessness is the way it is all over this country. The Government is now condoning lawbreaking and they are all across the TV to show us who side they on.



  1. Hey Everyone, I believe it will not help the Bahamian community or the problems we face to write childish insults in this forum as “sex-carmel” feels the need to. Although after throwing useless insults she made one good point, we need to sit down calm and cool and talk about the problem first before we go crazy and riot. I think the folks from Haiti should be clothed, fed and taken back in a civilized way to their homeland. The Bahamian government needs to take care of that problem as soon as possible, (yesterday) and then start taking care of their own bahamian people. (yesterday) What kind of legacy will we leave the children if we don’t stay cool and fix these problems with reason using our brains. The people can do it if we stand together honestly. Solve the problem by putting some enormous and unified pressure on the government. But again act like adults, not a child throwing a fit of insults. It makes sense to me.

  2. You people make me sick, on one hand you speak of the love of God lifting up holy hands on sundays falling all over the ground, saying this is a christian nation. But who are you people fooling surely not the outsise world.

    Ask yourself this question would Jesus react the way you fools are responding to this forum. In fact many of you leave the Bahamas go to the US have children run back home leaving unpaid bills and than brag about my child is American.

    Most of all I am so sick of you complaining about the Haitians, get a life.

    • One question Sandra : WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STILL HERE??? Pack your bundle and catch the next thing headed north, OR you may prefer SOUTH. “Bleeding hearts” like YOU are part of our problem. You believe showing compassion means throwing our LAWS out the window. News Flash – laws are put in place to maintain order and civility, and should be adhered to by ALL – Christian Nation or not. Also, you ignorantly believe many run off to the US just to have kids. Are you serious???? If that were the case, we would be a nation of Americans and not Bahamians. Did you read our 2010 Census report??? Nevermind . . . you probably didn’t realize one was even conducted. YOUR IGNORANCE IS MIND BOGGLING!!! Note carefully: The main advantage the US has is the availability of materialistic things. This is why many Bahamians go there to shop and then RETURN HOME. You are lethal, and have no concept of nationalism. GO AWAY and find out what it means, before you criticize another Bahamian for having what YOU obviously LACK. HIT THE ROAD JACK AND DON’T COME BACK WITH YOUR CRAP!!!

  3. Right after Junkanoo, I am taking my children to the nearest gated community and we are going to pick out our new homestead. We do not need to pay for land, we can just go and take it

  4. Driving along Carmicheal Rd, straight to the Coral Harbour roundabout, one can only look on in amazement, at the way those pine trees are being burned for coal. Where is the Minister of the Environment? Why are we allowing this travesty?

    120, chuldren in that commune, it should be an eye opener. We are out numbered, folks!

    • I remember being taught about the importance of our pine forest. In this day and age, they relying on burning coal – in a civilized society. I wonder if they can do it in the USA. There is a difference between a wood burning fire place in a home, and a fire pit supporting shacks and groups illegal immigrants. We will not let others cause us to down play this.

  5. I’m sorry to say this but I’m with “Sexy Caramel”. Why? Because Bahamians have too much issues with its own that they can’t handle and look at they want to mess with? Bahamians need to fix their issues within each other first, and then work on the next problem. With all of the important things that we have to deal with, we go and start a fire? Come On!

    • Who said a Bahamian started a fire Tommy Boy?, was there an investigation done?, why do you jump to put down your own?, those people live in an area where they run open and raw wires where anything can go wrong, Bahamian homes burn down, but yet you without proof, blame your own, and have you read the idiotic statements used by Caramel?, yet you agree with her, and if one or two persons started a fire, how can you blame all Bahamians for that, like they condoned it, stop following for following sake, you know better than that, find the proof first, before you point fingers.

    • Tommy Boy, you are a part of the ,too. Ge “sexy caramel” your number so you two could hook-up, you purple bean. Stop going against your own for a nutcase. Be a part of the solution and not the problem. See, you doing the same thing we talking about.
      As for finding out how long the government was hiding this mess. Find out about the T.B. Clinic at PMH. As a matter of fact, go and visit. Don’t bother cover your nose or your mouth – take it all in. Then go stand in line with the rest and help the nurse explain that they have the resistant strain and they need for their entire family to come in. Then, listen to them say they not coming. When you leave from there, go check out a maternity clinic and help the nurses to get them to poor their urine sample in the toilet and not in the waiting room planter. Enough is enough! We were trying with them for years. Everybody frustrated, and you can’t say a word. Our laws say we can’t deny anyone medical treatment, education, ……. a thing. Cheers to the water!

  6. “Bahamians might as well begin squatting all on the crown land near Gladstone Road and stop paying taxes.”

    Guess we might as well huh? I’m just speechless at all of this. The people who are supposed to be the “leaders” can’t look any more stupid. Why, why, why, I want to know why they hate their own so much? I know there’s a lot of stupid Bahamians, but I still don’t get why they’re running to help Hatians and never Bahamians. What are they getting out of it? I guess the publicity???

    • Broken, i dont understand it as well. The only thing i could think off was that they wanted to use the fire as a means to get the public’s attention away from BTC.

      But there is too much of a pattern. Anything to do with the Haitians, this government seems willing to move mountains to help them, while their own people suffer.

      • This “outgoing” Prime Minister just might have family ties to this nation in the south, most Bahamians are not be aware of. This would explain his fatherly protection of these folks (at the expense of long suffering Bahamians). Enquiring minds want to know . . .

  7. @ Pat, well said my friend,………..@Sexy Caramel you are as retarded as that ridiculous name you have for yourself, this here is for serious discussions, not pole dancing,….you have no idea what Bahamians have done, I will not run on with you, just say that when a scare crow like yourself gets a brain, then come back and have a sensible discussion and not blame Bahamians for the Haitians problems, Bahamians are trying to get by themselves.

    • Well Obviously you have a problem with pole dancers and maybe one took your husband or so away from you, but that’s not important and if this topic is so damn important to your not so bright ass, then stick to it. If the Haitians are such a discomfort in your community, organize a town hall meeting and talk about it you nut… Y’all are so freaking ugly and miserable!

      • Oh! yeah, like I said this is a grown up conversation, you have not yet added any constructive input to this discussion, I am a Bahamian, a proud Bahaman, and I will defend the right and not the wrong in my country, we have bent over backwards for the Haitian plight, we have done more than any other region or country in the world, I am not gonna insult you anymore, you are an insult to yourself, an I pity you, to speak on comments of purple beans or who is ugly, is childish and shows how bright you are, and yes please tell your child pole dancing is not the thing to grow up to be, if you are an American, you have not taken advantage of the education system that was there for you, America for everyone, Bahamas for Bahamians, that’s our creed.

    • I second that,…. Awakened! Sexy Caramel, you sound like you need to take a break from your pole….oops! If you don’t know what you’re talking about, then I suggest you don’t send another post. This is our country, and I will fight for my country to the very end. You living in the US supposed to mean what? Half of you so broke, cause you buy everything on credit. Go get your taxes ready, so you could pay your bill to uncle sam. This is our country. If you don’t like it, either leave, or don’t come back, the choice is yours. When you see dem purple beans, send our regards, tell dem we covering them with prayers, cause being round an ***** like you, they need it.

      • Not to stick up for caramel boongy, but Uncle Sam also gives them money back for paying taxes, not to mention the thousands of government programs they can utilize to make additional money, not to mention they can fill out 20+ online surveys a day for $4 a survey, not to mention they can shop in food stores that actually have edible food in them .. none of which we can do.

        • The sad part about it is, many African Americans can’t and won’t do the things you listed. The last time I checked, they still at the bottom, people of Caribbean descent, taking over. Whites don’t know what to do with us. Our Children in their classrooms, leaving the teachers and principals and law makers with dey jaw on the floor. Obviously, we are doing it right without those things you listed. Check the scores! We love that we can master both the English and British systems. It’s always nice to have dialect to fall back on – so people like sexy caramel don’t know what we saying…ha! ha! Ain notin bout a carmel boongy, for al we know da boongy could how da ting! Yinna man can handle ve from de islands, dey need a fool like S.C.

  8. Sexy Caramel, Yes, We the Bahamians did this to the poor Haitains. We allowed them to come into the Bahamas wait on shore for them to arrive with just the clothes on their backs, holding banners and waving flags up high. Yes we then took them to the places that they squat on for years, we encourage them to live in unsanitary contitions. Yes we turn and look the other way, moving over when they overcrowd our classrooms, our hospitals,ect.(all the while being told that we are not humane?). If you do noy know of the sacfice that Bahamians make and have made for years for Haitians, You BETTER ASK SOMEBODY!We are not going to apologize to your stupid ass or anyone else for having the passion to care and speak about what is ours. And if you don’t like it you can go to happy hell!!!

    • Blah Blah Blah… I don’t understand your english but i’m sure that mines is clear enough for your non english speaking ass to understand. Y’all do the same shit when y’all go to the US. Y’all hop on boats, and squat here illegally. So don’t act like you’re better than anybody because your ugly and sorry ass isn’t. You purple bean…

      • I know we have freedom of speech, but, do we have to put up with Caramel boongy…. sorry, Sexy Caramel?! This “mines is clear” states the obvious.

        • Not only do y’all have issues, y’all are so fucking sensitive! Y’all need to come together as one and not just sit around on your asses all day to talk shit.

          • TO MY BELOVED BAHAMIANS, Let us continue to come together in cyber space and champion for change. Just like we did with the straw market write up. Please, stand with me as we bid Sexy Caramel, good bye. May she rest in peace, in the “bible belt (redneck state)” of her home town

            Purple bean – a species, that will continue to survive, once you STOP poisoning the water.

  9. So is the PM now saying that if there was not a fire then his government would have done nothing to remove and stop the spread of Shantytowns in Nassau and also the Family Islands? Is the PM running our government, or the Haitians? Some have said we should be kind and feed and shelter the illegals. I agree but only until we can ship them quickly back to there Homeland. Is the government even aware that with the increasing risk of a civil war on the way in Haiti many more Haitians will seek the Bahamas out as their new home?

  10. mongrelize – a very racist term. brings to mind the kkk hooded dude speaking with disgust about america becoming a mongrel race (through acceptance of blacks, jews and other nationalities). i don’t like that term, and i am pretty sure GOD does not either.

  11. Y’all Bahamians always want to treat people like ****. Y’all did that to the Haitians over there, and y’all want to act like y’all don’t know who did it. Y’all always treating the Jamaicans and Haitians bad. SMH…Y’all think that y’all are on top like that. Come on down to the U.S., and you’ll see how low and worthless you purple beans really are.

    • Re: Ms. Sexy Caramel

      We must put right where right is, what happened to all those peoples whose homes were and land were taken or bull dozed by Arawak Homes, I didnt hear bout none of these ministers coming to their aides, or even offering shelters for those fanilies whom i am quite certain also had children, i guess because they worked hard and sacrificed for home they didnt deserve help in their time of need. I agree with lending assistance but the law needs to be enforced, that fire could have been worse than it was an it is a simply a wake up call, na wa dey ga do bout the villages in the east ? there is room fa da same problem to occur.

  12. The PM is fast becoming the FNM party’s flawed premise of success. Somewhere along the road the PM has all but forgotten that the most important ingredient in the government’s stew is looking after Bahamians, and not illegals. Have they no shame at all?

  13. My daughter completed college over a year now and is looking for job and land. I was just made aware yesterday while listening to the news that all she has to do is give Kenneth Russell a call and at least she’ll get free land.

    • Green Tea, I callin on Monday. As a matter of fact, I need to call: social services, the hospital, MOE, and MOH. Let me tell you why. I tired raising my two children. They both too smart – cause I spend so much time raising them. I gon quit my job, cause I too tired a working, paying NIB and medical, dental all dem tings. I tell my husband he should quit his own too. I want some land ( I gon stop payin ma mortgage too)cause why settle for one piece when I could get it free from Mr. Russell. I see in the pictures on the Tribune, the little boy with all da toys, so i headin dere to. While I dere, i gun eat and get food and clothes one time. Chil, I feel one pain in chest, so i gun go to der er and demand a bed. I puttin my cherin in public school so i gun sen my husband to moe. I need some stamps cause if i een workin, then my family and me need to eat. Chile yinna betta come go with me, cause you’ll gun lose out. An yinna better don say nutin to me or i gun call papa for you’ll. IT’S BETTER IN THE BAHAMAS, HEY?

  14. First our politicians found the time to come to the speedy aid of the Straw Vendors when charged with buying Fake Goods, and now they have time for illegals. When will they have time for real Bahamians?

    • Grouper you would remember the Straw Market burned down in 2001. It took the government 10 years and two governments to start rebuilding the HOT COCAINE SPOT/ FAKE BAG SELLING facility.


  15. Hello BP,
    The FNM Government is visionless. You need to have some kind of regular status in The Bahamas to acquires property: either citizenship, permanent residence or demonstrated economic means in excess of $500,000. It would be interesting to see how Ken Russell and his group will get around this if they intend to sell or lease land to Haitians. Then there is the question of who owns the land? The Government is acting as if the land is Crown Land. For all we know it may be in private ownership. Remember the outcry when Shane Gibson as Minister of Housing requested the removal of persons( mostly Haitians) from the acerage that is now Dignity Gardens on the northside of Gladstone back in 2004-2005 to build homes for Bahamians? The FNM and the media made a stink.What are they saying now? But more to the point… by legitimising the squatters on land which hey do not own will lead to the “ghetooizing” of the Haitian community. We recognize that we have an illegal immigration community but nothing will be served by having them live in isolation of the rest of the community.This will breed untold social, and health problems and can be an area for infestation of crime. Will ther be regular health inspections? Will the police patrol the area? Will the utilities provide regular service? We are creating rather than solving problems. As do other immigrants, the Haitian comunity must learn to live and to co-exist with the mainstream community. The outgoing FNM government is doing the wrong thing in sending a signal that compassion equates to lawbreaking. But what more can one expect?

  16. Seems like anything go down in the Haitian community or in Haiti, Papa and the FNM moves with swift action to help them. Meanwhile they spit in the eyes of Bahamians and treats us like we are their servants.

    How much longer Lord, how much longer.

    • Pat you stole my thunder when you wrote exactly what I had envision with this fiesco. Kenneth Russell is not of the sound mind and the director of immigration cannot be serious when he said that they will not be picking up the illegals from that area but will continue to enforce the law. No wonder this country is in the predicament as it is in.The law is being broken and the enforcerers are turning the backs as to what is taking place. The minister is trying to give away the people land to accomodate illegal persons. What the hell is going on Do I have to be a foreigner to own a piece of the rock?
      People like J. T and others who continue to apply for crown land cannot get what is rightfull his as a bahamian and the Hatians who are not bahamians can come and get a mpiece of this action.
      I dont’t blame the gov’t for treating us like this, we put them there to become our task masters. Only in the Bahamas can things like this happen and nothing said.
      We must be damm fouls who marry the galin.

    • Some of you folks are nasty as hell, front room clean but don’t go near the bathroom, kitchen or the rest of the house. Let’s talk about looking nice all dressed up and would be surprise where some of you come from. Driving nice park up next to your home(a shack).

      Obama is black the president of the US and father was foreign, so imagine the same happening here. So be prepared this will be coming to the Bahamas soon, don’t say it won’t happen.

  17. BP, I agree with you i00%. I could not believe my ears when I heard Mr.K.Russell say that the government will asssist in the Haitains in buying land in order for them to build proper homes? Please tell me that I heard the incorrect thing! He should know,more than anyone about the long list of names of hard-working decent,honest Bahamians in need of their own homes.(And yes, who do qualify for one.) Some of these persons are single mothers, young married couples just starting out and many others. I am so sick and damm tired of this government always putting the needs of everyone else before Bahamians. People,Mind,Pay Attention To What Is Happening Here! I have no difficulty in assistng anyone who suffered a loss of home and property, there are steps in place for that. But then to kick it up a notch, by trying to replace the loss of the land that was not yours in the first place is a complete JOKE.


  18. It would not surprise me to find that the government intends to regularize the status of all Fire Trail illegals just prior to the next election. Both political parties have done it in Marsh Harbour several times in the past,as a result of fire,riot, or any attempt to evict the squatters.

    And the distasteful sight of cabinet ministers doing the compassion photo-op thing cloys in my nostrils as bad as the incessant, pungent smoke from the charcoal kilns all along western Carmichael road.

    They should all be taken to Inagua to be ferried to their homeland by the Coast Guard.

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