Leon Williams will tell it all on Hard Copy Today – Tune IN

Leon Williams, former President of BTC, who lead BTC to record breaking profit levels.

Bahamas Press is reporting Leon Williams will appear on the Steve Mckinney show of Hard Copy this afternoon on station 105.9FM.

BTC/ The Bust-up with the PM downtown and the Challenge to a public debate by Julian ‘PEEL HEAD’ Francis will be discussed.

LOCK AND LOAD to the most potent talk show in the Bahamas at 5 PM.


  1. Ther bully PAPA has just given ammunition to Cheryl Grant Bethel who he allegedly threatened to black her eye then denied.Circumstantial evidence will surely convict the bully.I implore all Union L:eaders or anyone who is challenging the dictator to carry ceelphones with them that can record conversations.Serial threateners are bound to repeat.Any FNM candidates must be asked for their feelings on PAPA.If they support then close your doors in their faces.I refuse to acknowledge Charles or newsman as they are feeble and dumb.

  2. CHARLES & NEWSMAN: whatever you thought of Batelco at the point Mr Leon Williams was unceramoniously dismissed, It was Mr Williams who brought it to the highly improved state it was in. Under 10 years of FNM?Ingraham mismanagement it went downhill. Ingraham tried to give it away then; he fired 1100 of the employees because he said that no company would buy it with an inflated workforce so he gave away all of Batelco’s money, in disingagement packages, to entice the staff to go. When the PLP took over the government they found that the company couldn’t function and offer the services with a depleted professional workforce and the PLP government had to make the prudent decision to re-employ most of the fired staff members. Leon Williams took the staff and completely revived the Cooporation and had it in top condition when the FNM won and he was fired. Try to keep the facts (not FNM fiction) in view always, it will save you guys from repeating FNM manufactured nonsense.
    As for your very good suggestion, Ms. Deloris Cambridge, Guy with the low level of intelligence, like Charles and Newsman wouldn’t know how to go about adherring to your advice.

    • Thats your response? PLP this and FNM that? I dont care about EITHER of those 2 WUTLESS political clowns. The fact remains BTC sucks, they are backward and their technology is old. And this is RIGHT NOW not whatever dates you want to call up from the past.

  3. I cant believe this thing is even up for discussion. BTC is a wutless company and anyone that was responsible for its [mis] management is just as wutless and is just a pathetic joke. Do you people even live in the same country as I do, the Bahamas?? Do you not realize how BACKWARD Batelco is in the area of the Internet and DSL? Have you ever been outside of the Bahamas? Batelco’s DSL is years behind any current technology. They make us all look like a bunch of dumb monkeys in a zoo.

  4. Charles, whether you like it or not, the point raised by Queen is a valid one. Had something similar happened in the US, it would be all over the news. As a matter of fact, if the tables were turned and it was PC who had done this, we all know the Tribune, Guardian and Punch would have carried that story front page.

    This story is one of many that only this site carried while the other media outlets didnt until they had too, sometimes days or weeks later.

    The truth is, the media in this country are bias and dont seem to be in a rush to print or broadcast anything that will show the FNM in a bad light.

    When was the last time you saw a scathing piece in the editorials about the FNM or any of its cabinet members ineptitude? You cant think of none, because there are none.

    When the leader of a country behaves in such a manner in public, its news. The former Russian President, Boris Yelson, was a known drunk. His drunken episodes were so common it was embarrassing for his own party and country. his own party couldnt take it anymore and urged him to step aside.

    Look at Italy’s President Berlisconi. He is a known womanizer and flaunts it publicly. His actions almost cost his party the government.

    These men behavior was fodder for the newspapers in their countries but here in the Bahamas, we have a sitting PM, having words with a former government executive in public and only one media outlet carries it?

    Come on man. open your eyes!

  5. Some of the comments posted are so classless. Why can’t people raise the standard rather than being drawn into the gutter. Why don’t we shame those who insist on this low level of civility. Encourage positive rather than negative…..and Mr. Editor, YOU must lead the way. Do things differently in the new year. BAM!!! BAM!!

  6. Thank God Mr. Williams confirmed that that psycho did indeed verbally attack him. Why isn’t there an outrage over this?! If Obama had cursed and argued with a former CEO accusing him of “stirring up” in let’s say Target, Americans would be saying get him out now! There would be continuous coverage in the Press! The Tribune didnt say squat about that incident! Thank God for BP for always keeping it real! Only in the Bahamas!!!! I cannot wait to leave such a brain dead, materialistic, shallow, ignorant, passive at the wrong time, man-worshipping, ghetto, murderous country (if we can even call ourself that!)!!!!!!
    I’ve met Mr. Williams and not only is he a handsome man, he’s extremely nice, friendly, jovial, and down to earth. Pure class. What would I call IngRUM (good one freethinka!)? Take off the C and the L.

    • Queen, u lookin fa man hey, get real we can not compare even wit haiti, so why should the press be having continueous coverage of mr. williams and mr prime minister sissy row. come on get a life, they have more important things to do. why dont you help ur country by turning n ur families to the police?

  7. This is going to be a totally one-sided bootlickin performance by Stevie.

    The real fireworks will occur when the BTC union heads debate Francis (they just accepted his offer).

  8. papa ga be hot wit ya’ll afta leon exposed all dere lil secrets and leon also made t b donaldson look like an ass but hey papa leadin n all da fools followin and dey aint ga get nowhere with dis shit .dey tryin to piss on us n say it rainin

  9. Thanks Stoneman,
    thats exactly how I think about Steve too! I appreciate him continuing his show when all other lazy hosts have taken a Christmas break, but sometimes its hard to listen to Steve go on and on, sometimes he asks a question and puts more commentary in it, than the guest! Why is GEMS constantly off the air on its Cable Bahamas channel? Is that coincidence or is something technically wrong?

  10. That’s a “can’t miss!”
    Hope Steve can control his bloviating, wordy,love-the-sound-of-my-own-voice tendencies so we can hear all that the brother has to say.

    And Julian…. you’re an asshole…!

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