Is the Ministry of Finance being relocated to #26 West Bay Street?


FML Group of Companies Complex #26 West Bat Street just outside downtown Nassau.


Nassau, Bahamas — The three ball in Miami, Chicago and New York could be zero twenty-six tomorrow and if you are a player in the games of chance, you should “box” those numbers come Monday.

Sources in the OPM have confirmed to BP, the wheels are in motion to move the Ministry of Finance operations out of the Sir Cecil Wallace Whitefield Building. We are told negotiations are completed on the move and guess where they are headed?

Reliable sources in the position to know tell us furniture and equipment from MOF are already being taken into the newly built financial complex at #26 West Bay Street.

If you are lost, we want to remind you that this facility was where the old Sponge House once sat, yes, that same new building Craig “Number man” Flowers recently erected.

We are advised Baha Mar will assume the responsibility for the relocation and will take on cost to maintain rental of the space until a new complex is erected.

Some FNMs of the Sir Cecil faction we are advised are incensed by Ingraham decision to tear down the building dedicated to the honour of a National Hero; a man who lead the FNM almost to brink of victory.

Hubert Ingraham has nurtured the ‘Cecilites’ of our Party, and here again we stand in a state of paralysis as he decimates the only structure standing in Sir Cecil’s memory. What is surprising is this, no one in the Party has the guts to question Ingraham’s decision. WHAT A SHAME!” the officer of the FNM said.

From our information, the move could set the quiet legalization of the number business in the Bahamas and would also afford a smoother integration of systems between the MOF and the number enterprise, but lets go back to our story.

We understand according to officials negotiating he deal; the government will assume all floors of the complex except a section, which will remain with the “Everybody Wins” operation. This would mean, while technocrats in finance would be crunching the numbers for the sound day to day operations of the government, workers on the ground floor of the Flowers complex will be “boxing” the numbers for its enterprise gone legal.

Bahamas Press unlike the religious-right-wing in this country supports the move. We are unlike some, who found themselves at Baha Mar opening throwing holy water and eating cake at the recent groundbreaking ceremony of the largest casino in the world.  But while there, in an about-face, ‘cusses’ at the notion that a small number man like Flowers exists. We see no difference with both investors, nor do we discriminate one over the other. IT’S TIME TO GET REAL!

If the Ingraham Government could sit down with Bah Mar and give land, then the same can also sit with Craig Flowers and occupy his building.

And while they are at it, we advise the Ingraham government to give the man his money of almost $1 Million, confiscated in a raid; now tied up in the courts. The court case has been delayed for far too long, and it is time to GIVE THE MAN HIS MONEY!

After all from the way this looks, “EVERYBODY WINS!”

Everybody Wins!


  1. @ Ultra Vires

    Where Papa going to get prime land from, when his government already sold most of the prime land on West Bay Street. I wish I was a foreigner with lots connections because they sold it dirt cheap, like they were selling cup cakes. I bet Mr. Flowers own more prime land land than Papa’s government, so no wonder he may become yheir landlord. I hope he is aware the government don’t always pay their bills on time. Maye he should get a 12 months advance rent before he hands over the keys to Papa people.

    • Papa sold all the prime land on cable beach? Where have you been living and on what planet you’ve just arrived. It was PGC and his government that gave away the prime land on cable beach – all of it. I hear persons talking about the value of the proposed sale of BTC but no one is talking about the amount the PLP sold cable beach for.

  2. Kudos to Mr. Flowers if he can get the government to rent space in his new building. My question is this. Why spend all this money buying and renting buildings when they can easily rennovate the Rodney Bain Builing on Parliament and Shirley Street to acccommodate a government office rather than let it rot to pieces. Am sure it would have costs less than the $15 million paid for Ansbacher House

  3. Are you sure about this? I thought I heard the announcement made that the Min of Finance along with the Public Treasury were moving in to the pretty yellow building at the entrance to Fort Fincastle Opposite Police Headquarter on East Street. Please clarify

  4. The supposed religious condemnation is really a laugh. They are burning both ends of the candle – WE must put a stop to their hypocrisy. How much longer will these pastors receive funds from employees of Atlantis, which is contributed to in large parts by casino earnings, then declare that the process by which these “tithes and offering” came is EVIL. Give it back then. Even Judas (the traitor) took the 30 pieces of silver back in his moment of clear realization of wrong doing. Get to it! Give it back. You say scriptural principles are offended because of how it was earned.

    You keep records of the amount of the “filthy lucre” and who gave it, so you know who is owed how much in compensation (why you keep records is another topic for another time). Remember, the Holy Scriptures WARNING YOU TO BE INTOLERANT OF EVIL said “a little leaven leavens the whole lump.”

    Mahatma Gandhi was once asked about his views on Christianity and he said “I will believe in Christianity when I see it lived out.”

  5. How is Craig Flowers INVESTMENT different than the one called Atlantis? Oh, I know, I know, Craig doesn’t get the licence from the government for his casino, but Atlantis gets one – in the Bahamas.

  6. You people really need to wake up and stop being closed-minded assholes and jackasses…the people of this country are already FULL-BRED LAZY!!!!…Placing a bet to win a number is the same way Mr. Kelly buys a product that he HOPES to sell at a 300% markup for profit…This society really needs to give up their old ways and embrace their own kind…if it was the chinese running it then it would be no problem….I for one support Mr. Flowers 250%…the man has other businesses as well (hence FML GROUP of Companies) and a BUSINESS LICENSE!!!! So yall need to get with the program or shut the hell up. Maybe if we allow people like him the chance to rebuild this sick country back to what it was…it could remain for our generations to come…because soon enough…BAHAMIANS in The Bahamas will be EXTINCT!

  7. man dis a judgment joke ay? ha da guvmint cud moo in da numba man buildin? bey yawl betta try hard get dis dude from out office anno, dat lawd is a judgment heeden king. he would sell he youth dem fa money bey, he is a cold nigger ma lawd. bey **** da fnm king. cole. and i gurn box dat numba first ting tomorrow ya tink i ain tryin to get up on dis paper

    • Daddio our last and final warning to you is either you clean up your language or it will be deleted on here. Now you could heed or face the music.


  8. Hey 026 came in Cali this afternoon just thought I would mention that it might come 206 tomorrow so those that play better box it…

  9. I will be bold and say that is an asinine observation to support this move. Gov going there is WRONG and you agreeing with legalising numbers is WRONG. By the sweat of your brow you should eat bread not waste money gambling it away for a quick win. If Gov decides to legalise gambling we will have a bunch of lazy people around this island and productivity will stop because people will give of their last to win. And only the numbers man will win.

      • @BP

        The “Great ONE’s” comments is another example of an antiquated “Uncle-Tom” mindset, which needs to be exposed and re-tooled!

        How can it be right for Sol Kerzner and Sarkis Ismerlian, et al., to be treated with all respect and dignity accorded to bona fide investors, while Mr. Craig Flowers, a Bahamian businessman/Investor as well as his patrons are treated like criminals.

        Had we a true commitment to Bahamianization, then our government would move speedily to correct this glaring inconsistency and national insult!

          • 3 Geurge Costanza

            I try not to elevate foolishness to the level of a commonsense debate but you are so stubbrn, so here goes:

            The existing laws which prevent Bahamians fron gambling are unconstitional! This anomaly was pointed out to Sir Lynden Pindling at the time when he was seeking Independence fromGreat Britain. The Brits pointed that it was not Constitutionally possible to deny citizens in heir own homeland, rights afforded to others (Tourists).

            Since Mr Pindling’s reasons for maintaining the inequity were never clearly outlined but suited the Church’s agenda to discourage gambling as a national activity for Bahamians, none ever bothered to challenge this established precedent.

            Messrs. Jean Toote, Percy Munnings, Stokes, Wallace, Flowers Sr and now Flowers Jr, all realized that greater profits accrued to them by not challenging the status quo and tolerating the discomfort of the occasional Police raids, since any Constitutional correction would now result in the State’s collection of its fair share in the form of taxes.

            The ongoing state of illegality regarding the “Numbers” has compromised many politicians, pastors, lawyers, etc., since at election time the gsmbling contributions to the various Candidates ensures victory!

            Just as the Bahamian people have collectively gather to voice their disapproval of the “proposed” sale of BTC to “Careless and Wutless” (CWC) they will next need to demand a change in the status of all who may wish to exercise their right to gamble in The Bahamas! As for me and my house, we do not gamble, so best of luck!

    • @ The great one, What the basis of your argument, where is the research to support your statment. Typical Bahamina always speaking based on emotion and not facts.

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