Young female teen is murdered early this morning… death toll in Bahamas now 213 since 2009

Tommy Turnquest, Minister for Crime and Broadcasting is an ABSOLUTE FAILURE TO THE BAHAMIAN PEOPLE! File Photo

Nassau, BahamasTommy Tunrquest promised the Bahamian people to “eliminate crime” when he and PAPA were returned to office, but today what the country is witnessing is “FAILED LEADERSHIP by the FNM”. They both have abandoned that pledge to the Bahamian people and are now building roads for the criminals to evade justice.

In less than 12 hours the country has recorded murder # 213 since 2009; climbing up by one in less than 12 hours. And as this death toll becomes out of control we record still there are some six deaths left unclassified believed to be murders, however, authorities cannot tell.

Early this morning we can confirm another murder in the Ameryllis Avenue, Garden Hills #1 subdivision took place, and has claimed the life of a 14-year-old schoolgirl.

According to information from detectives, seconds after midnight a male and female [both relatives] had just pulled into the driveway of a relative’s home, when they were approached by some unknown person/s armed with handguns.

The gunmen then opened fire on the occupants of the black 2005 Honda Accord, hitting the young teen multiple times about the body. She was taken to hospital where she succumbed to her injuries.

When will Tommy and the crew accept enough is enough? When will they see there is too much crime in this country where the witnesses are being slaughtered, the mother nursing the baby is being massacred and the school children cannot find peace? WHEN? WHEN? WHEN? ALL WE SEE IS RED, and it ain’t the kind associated in the FNM!



Sometime around 12:43 am on Sunday 13th March, 2011 police received information of an armed robbery at Marshall Road.  Police responded and information received that a female on arrival to her residence at Marshall Road was approached by a male allegedly armed with a handgun. It is reported the culprit robbed the female of her silver 1995 Nissan Sunny L/P 181790 and fled the area in an unknown direction.  Police are investigating.


Sometime around 8:00 am on Sunday 13th March, 2011 police received information of an armed robbery at Budget Meat Mart, Yamacraw Hill Road.  Police responded and information received that two dark males, one of whom was allegedly armed with a handgun entered the establishment and demanded cash.  The culprits robbed the store of an undetermined amount of cash and fled the area east on Yamacraw Hill Road and then into Elizabeth Estates in silver Nissan Sunny L/P 181790.  A short while later the vehicle was recovered by police on Australia Avenue, Elizabeth Estates. Police investigations continue.


  1. What is funny rite is that you are asking for police to start hanging until its your children they come for. Then you say the police framing your child. I agree that some do, but it cant be everyone child is a good boy.

  2. I feel for Jeffonya. I know her father, so my condolences goes out to her family. What is so ironic she was just to my cousin’s funeral with her dad last year. My cousin was also gunned down when he attended Sunsine Auto party as a mistake. It was her birthday and she was all smiles. Bahamian people open your eyes. First you want a firm government. Now you want a more passive government. You will never get what you want, because if you do then all of the rest are out of a job. This been going on for too long. They arrest these guys and let them back out because its the same ones doing the crime continuously. Children are watching this and realizing that the consequences for their actions are minor and can be tolerated. They are learning from these people and making them their role models. Search deep and use your common sense God gave you. Wake up bahamas. Stop depending on man because they will always fail you. Depend on God. We are the only ones who can save ourselves noone else.

  3. Unfortunately the level and extent of crime can be layed at the feet of the sitting government. This society does not punish criminals, as evidenced by murderers being able to get bail and continue with their barbarism. This society is lawless and criminality is worshipped, due to an absentee government. So the mantra of the 80’s is proven ‘NO LAW DRED’, so I end by saying ‘WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE”.

  4. Wake up everybody no more sleeping in bed, no more backward thinking time for thinking ahead, bahamas has changed so very much from what it is to be, there is so much hatred war and poverty….WE CAN CHANGE THIS, OUR NATION IS IN TROUBLE LORD, WOULD YOU HEAL OUR LAND, THE CHURCH, THE FAMILY THE WHOLE NATION NEED TO COME TOGETHER AND PRAY FOR THE FULL RESTORATION OF OUR BEAUTIFUL BAHAMA LAND AND LET EVERYONE SAY aaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeennnnnn… stop adding fuel to an already crippled country people. let’s pray and pray and pray

  5. when i run a light am stop by police and charge. the police are there to do they job and thats what tommy there for ok. there is alot of smart men with ideas that can help fight crime. no tommy dont shoot people but he can get off his ass and put programs in place and punish the wrong do-us when last that doosh bag call a press meeting. or walk from door to door asking how he can help never.. until yall take ya head out off the fnm ass and put they foot too the fire. this place will continue be lawless. i can remember mother pratt in freeport walking with the family of the missing boys atleast she show her concern unlike dum ass tommy who say criminal killing criminal jack ass this 14yr girl was a criminal i guss.. what a mooron where there no leadership the people will perish.

  6. the responsability do belongs to the government because they allow the wound to fester. the probelm is we dont utilize our laws. when we allow the most simplest of laws to go uncheck then u have mayhem. deal with you immigration problems first and the crimes these immigrants commit and you will c a significant drop in crime. all these bahamian born haitians who commit crime deport them to haiti and likewise the jamaican and others. with a criminal record they cant become citizens so deport their asses. then the government need to put laws in place where Bahamians can be arrested for immigration offenses. as it stands now they can’t be arrested for immigration offenses and this is why they persist in these illegal act of hiring them. These illegal acts gave birth to more heinous crimes like the ones we now see. when leaders like ingrum could tell haitians who are trustpassing on bahamian property that they dont have to move. when he ga tell the haitian to sue the government when they were arrest in Eleuthra; we will always have a problems with crime. so now the bahamians don’t have jobs because the foreigners have it then what is he to do but look for other means to support himself such as crime. and we know there is no honour in that, theif will theif from theif and someone will get hurt or die. when a man can’t find a job to take care of his woman because the foreigners or their child have it and that man’s woman has to free it up to eat and feed here children again someone has to feel some pain either she is dead or vshe and her love get messed up. and we can go on and on and on. when you encourage poor people to migrate to this land crime is what you will reap in your society. whether its commit by them or bahamians I and my children might be poor because of them. we now have to compete with them and their children for work and if i dont find work then i gatta find some means to feed my family don’t I?

  7. The Bahamas is still stuck in what is called FIRST ORDER CHANGES. This is the kind of change that occurs WITHIN EXISTING SYSTEMS. Our educational system provides the best illustration of first order change being conducted on an on-going basis. We shuffle between schools perverts disguised as teachers and label as “students” misfits who have made it their vocation to be disruptive and ignorant, regardless of how many second chances are extended. Some education official is probably brain- storming right now to come up with another OTHER PLAN which keeps the perverts on the payroll and the misfits in the class room. The limitations of the existing system requires us (Bahamians) NOT TO CHANGE CERTAIN COMPONENTS WHEN CHANGES ARE CONTEMPLATED (therein lies the problem).

    This country needs to move to SECOND ORDER CHANGE. This is the magnitude of changes that literally causes one to abandon the old method of things. IT IS CHANGE THAT DIGS UP THE OLD FOUNDATION. We need to change the way that WE DO EDUCATION. Why we have not entered a program to have teachers and education officials attend and work with Geoffrey Canada (Harlem Children’s Zone) for one year periods on a rotating basis is beyond me. We know about his success in education and our own failure in education. You would think that this combination (his success/our failure) would motivate us to get to it, but we are so busy being PLPs and FNMs that we don’t have time to join forces and pressure these idiots that we still call LEADERS to do something for OUR CHILDREN (who unfortunately rely on us to represent their best interest being served until they become adults and gain legal recognition – boy will they be disappointed in us because we have sworn our allegiance to the colors of tee shirts instead of them). DON’T LET ME DISTURB YOU ANY LONGER. GO BACK TO YOUR POLITICAL CAMPAIGNING.

  8. I MUSt add all of you bloggers must realize if I am a gangster fighting for a turf or wanting to steal someone else contraband I ain care if the dude around his family or not if I wanna take him out I will. Therefore, its the criminals who ain luv there own and their country just being around their innocent and unsuspecting friends and family knowing the threatening life they live!!! We have had unfortunate killings ie. domestic but, the greater percentage of killings are deliberate. You check the track records of these persons surrounding these incidents they just wanna live and die a thug!!! I have no sympathy for circumstances as such because the players involved show no respect and care for their luv ones. Because it is they who cause them to be in that unfortuanate situation not REd nor Yellow!!!

  9. TSK. TSK. “BP” you represent nothing!, just another source trying to push their political persuasion on the citizens of our country. Our country is in an immpresionnable state, we do not need a source such as yours relating crime and its effect to politics. It is us as a people. Mr. Turnquest is a Minister, he is not the individuals and their co-conspirators bringing contraband into our country for profit that initiates this tail spin of criminality. The fact is that the Bahamas, Nassau in particular, has lost its way in the home. Our social and moral fibre has dwindle with the glomourization of materialism and the enhacement of technology. We see police out there daily fighting the good fight just go on news and you will understand they are combating these evil vessels. It ain Papa nor Perry housing the offenders it’s us as a people. So please “BP” lets move away from pointing fingers and lets look in the mirror and do our part!!!

    • No country is exempted from this type of controversy. The United States is doing the same thing, the only difference is they are on a higher level from the bahamas. When these men enter politics their heart is probably in the right place but it doesn’t stay there. Money is the root of all evil. They loose theirselves, their principals are lost, not all of them but those that keep their morals are pushed out by the majority. It is a business. Always remember that.


  11. The Govt of the day must take full responsibility for Crime.In my estimation the reasons for persons coming on this site defending the indefensible is mainly due to the fact that the Govt refuses to accept ownership of our Crime situation.Come on FNM Govt come up with a strategy even if you copy the foprmer Govt and give it another name.

    • At the end of the day it is all of the parties fault. Think of it this way if they succeeded at eliminating crime there will be people out of a job. You would not need all of those posts in government, the money would stop being paid because the country would be in order. They have to ensure their paycheck keeps coming. They need crime. They thrive on our weakness because that is what keeps them successful. These things must come to pass, it is in the bible. When things were still money was still so the created controversy to start the flow again. Now it is getting out of hand. What they have created got out of hand.

  12. Words are very powerful and PAPA said a few yrs ago when addressing the Murders that the gangsters were killing each other and decent citizens need not fear.I await PAPs respoinse now as it seems as if the gangters were after the brother of the young girl and when he got away killed her instead.What barbarians as it shows the extent to which these punks will go to prove a point.It now endangers all of us as these turf wars could escalate to church,the movies,the foodstores family gatherings etc.PAPA of know it all put forward legislation to keep punks in jail,and allow CAPITAL PUNISHMENT to be carried.

    • What you’ll are failing to realize the world is the devils playground. Nothing is what is seems. It’s like this when you are in politics you are the cause of the problem. No party is better than the next, all are in it together. When you are unsatisfied with one you put another in and in the end all sit together and make plans for what they want to do. They compile it and as you vote them out they just mark out whatever they got to do while they were in power off their list. When the other party wins their seat, they just continue marking off the unfinished items off the list.

  13. I’m of the view that when you approach crime from the points of dealing with the criminal i.e supply police with more guns, buying more shackles will never truely have a real effect in the raising level of crime. Crime needs to be addressd from the social aspects. We need to address and implement more social programms in the inner city neighbourhoods. I think that the interduction of the Urban Renewal program was headed in the right direction. It may not have had the mircowave affect that people seem to be echoing for, but over time I am confident that these type of programs are what we need!!! As I write this 11:44am I’m watching a male junior high student strolling to school wearing his pants stuck in his socks. This should never be an acceptable behavior and only a social intervention program will curve this kind of behavior negative influence. It’s at this level where you attack crime, it’s these young easily influence young adult that will be our future problems!!!

  14. Guy’s it’s not about any party. It’s about all off us.we need to stop sparing the rod.we need to stop housing these criminals ,animals that has no reguard for other’s and there life.We need to pick them out and hang them out to dry .All of us need to do our part. I’ve work to most of the Government schools and the kids don’t have no respect for authority or even older people.They just don’t give a —

  15. Sragga you’re and idiot straight up .You live in this country and calling it a dump . You are not a Bahamian for sure because no matter what you will not call your birth place a dump no matter what is going on in our homeland . You’re sad and all you’ll need to stop blaming the government for all the things that happen .They are not holding these evil persons hands to do bad.Blame your parents you did not bring you up in a God fearing home and did not teach you’ll right from wrong and BP is just as bad doing more harm than good to our country by writing bull **** for the world to see speak the truth and shame the devil BP.

    • Sugarcee it is a dump! What would you call this place?! Smart, intelligent, clean, wise, CHRISTIAN?!?!? Looks like a dump, the people act like a dump, leaders are a dump, then it’s a dump!!!! Plz, we can’t change if we keep lying and expect things to get better.


  17. all yal who always saying bp is this and that….these niggas need to be in yal drive way when yal reach home….then maybe yal will have a problem with crime and stop making this thing political!!!! the proof is in the pudding what has tommy t done??? but look lost when things happen? no he didnt pull the trigger but he does or says nothing in response to these grievous crimes!!! Do Ya Damn Job!!!

  18. BP

    Forget the PLP or the FNM a mother and father today is crying for a child lost. May they find comfort in her memory and may her soul rest in peace.

      • May her soul rest in peace……sad day agin and sorrry to say many more to come , until we turn in our family and friend who are involved in crimminal acts. No matter who is in power crime will continue until we make a 360 turn, and stop blaming. Most politican have crimminals in their family, ask carl? ask mother pratt? ask Big bad Brad? ask Frankie ask Lady Pindling? ask Trevor? ask Leslie? ask Butler? we are all apart of this problem bp

        • Nooooooooooooooo man, cronik lil sista. well mudda flip. bey noooooooo man :(((((((( noooooooooooooo man no no no no no noooooooo

  19. The bottom line is that the FNM said crime was a MOTHER PRATT problem. They promised us that they will change it for better. It is worse….. Stop campaigning on lies. They didn’t make it better… I have one question for K4C and aureliao25, whose responsibality is it to protect it’s citizens??


    • Where were you when TOMMY TURNQUEST said Mother Pratt was weak? Where were you when he was cussin her?

      SPEAK UP NOW!!!


  21. BP.

    I think that the murder count should reset at the start of each year. What you all are displaying is a great exaggeration which contributes to the growing criminal culture seen on this small island.

    • Well this is how we country the homicides in the country. The rest a them have their way, we have ours. We report, Yinner decide.


  22. BP do you have the crime/murder stats from the fomer PLP government? I’m sure INTERESTED in you posting them. Everyone claims there’s a problem with guns and crime, my 2 cents says there’s a problem with people who are into a gun culture. Today someone is crying for the lost of their 14-year-old daughter.

    • But the solution to addressed crime is where the parties differ. You would remember, The PLP started an effective Urban Renewal Programme. It was disseminated by the FNM! They STOPPED, REVIEWED and CanCELLED THE programme. They also stopped the community policing in the schools. The stopped the YEAST programme in Andros for wayward boys, who were thrown out of the system, today under the FNM they are now running wild. And what we saw afterward was absolute slaughter in the schools and in the country.



      • Actually prior to the change in government, stats on crime were presented in the house that showed crime had infect gone up during these programs. These figures were never disputed by former National Security Minister Pratt or and member of the governing PLP at the time. While the programs were indeed positive, it was noted that by removing the police from their core duties and placing them in sections that Social Services ought to be, had an impact on crime levels. Ironically, I found out that the Police Force has had a community policing program long before Urban Renewal came on stream and I was quite effective. Perhaps the problem isn’t that we don’t have the agencies or personnel in place to fight crime rather that we have allowed politics and blind allegiance to hamper any actual chances to stem the criminal activities ?!

        • Whap! why you gone silent media?! that’s some knowledge for ya! Thank you island breeze for providing this information. I am not an FNM supporter but I agree that you cannot put this on Tommy. He’s not pulling the trigger, cops can’t be everywhere.

          We must note that other countries death tolls are much higher than ours so in all things give thanks, you say that the toll is now 213, since 2009, some countries reach this number within a month.

  23. Condolences to the family of this innocent young lady.

    BP – You really have to stop the nonsense! Mr. Turnquest did not pull the trigger and kill the girl. So, if and when the change comes, are you suggesting that there will be no more crime????. Crime has been rampant under both PLP and FNM administrations and they all made promises!

    • Tommy is an absolute FAILURE; he failed this young lady who was murdered and her family,not only that, this creature of the FNM, who was so critical of his predessor has failed every murdered victim and their families from he took office.He should hang his head in SHAME

    • it not about tommy thse young people need to be taught what is right from wrong we pointing finger at the wrong man most of those parent only teaching those kids about material wealth and that the bottom line, am sure his kids not running a round gunning down people,good training begin at home he cant train your dam rotten kids for you sorry that happen to the young lady but parent need to be parent, i cant blame the minister for everything that goes wrong in our house, you have to set standard for your kids blame thse no good father who left the kids to grow themselves how about that ever time something goes wrong we blame government how they can come in your house and run your show for you can someone answer that,who selling guns to thse young men that we need to working on some people just like to point finger, thse parent need to police their kids, coming home with guns money how you tell me and nothing been done parent you need to police your own kids, some of thse parent are rotten themselves all they do is live in the club wow

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