It's A Matter of TRUST or TRUST?



This mother came to a nearby Chinese food store cussing this little girl as if she was a grown woman. “I DON”T HAVE NO **** MONEY, you cannot understand that before I kick your ***,” the mother screamed at the child. We could not believe what we were hearing. This is a direct result of the stress and pressure poor Bahamians are feeling today. They cannot take anymore of the hardship now bearing down on them, orchestrated by the Ingraham FNM administration.

Taxation has soured on 160,000 items. Food prices have skyrocketed OUT OF REACH FOR SHOPPERS. And get this, even world famous Domino’s Pizza here on New Providence is selling “CORN BEEF Pizza!” at $10.99, because it cannot afford to order the toppings in the volumes anymore.

We could not believe this commercial now circulated on the radio, “CORN BEEF A BAHAMIAN DELIGHT”? What ever happen to peas n’ rice, has Ingraham’s FNM brought the country this LOW? CLICK TO LISTEN!

Hubert Ingraham has done this to the Bahamian people, and for the man who once told citizens, he presents leadership that DELIVERS, many now conclude that it is true. The Ingraham and the FNM has delivered the hardest economic BLOW (KNOCKOUT) to the Bahamian people since World War II.



  1. Tristan – If I was a lawyer(Hmm! I can work towards this), I would sue the FMN for Misrepresentation and Fraud by reason of service. CHANGE WILL COME. We can only get this from GOD because all others are Loss and Opportunist.

  2. Thats right he said it was a Matter of Trust. He warned us before we vote for them. He never said who to trust…Thank God I didnt fall for it. I voted for Pleasant Bridgewater(PLP)Marco City

  3. The PM most definitely will be leaving office similar to his friend “W” (Bush). He should have stayed in retirement. Now he will leave office before 2012 in disgrace and/or health reasons.
    He definitely has a reluctance of dealing with a man like Obama on behalf of this country. Obama is better educated, prepared and equipped to bring about ‘REAL CHANGE’. He has ‘The vision’. I sent Obama an E-Mail in July asking him to change his slogan to “CHANGE for Restoring TRUST”. He E-mail me saying “It won’t be long now”

  4. …lol…WOW! You just open my eyes, I never saw it like that before. The FNM were able to deceive may persons using that slogan, “It’s a matter of trust” many people fall into the trap thinking it meant you could trust them. What they should of said “It is a matter of deception” that would have been more applicable……..

  5. We need to protest about the WATER prices, not GAS prices. – We need to start putting water pumps back on every public corner. At least the people can full their bellies with GOOD drinking water. As foolish as this may sound, you would be amaze of what a person would do when he/she has to fine $1 to quench their thirst. The Hell with the gas prices, what disturbs me is I am paying more for water than gasoline, in a country that has one of the most fresh water wells in the WORLD!

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