Gas prices finally back to 2006 levels! DEY ROB US!



Thank goodness for Bahamas Press someone is listening us. Since our fight for the government to STOP collecting its gouged prices on fuel imports, the price of gas has dropped back to its 2006 price levels. On September 4th gas prices on the world markets had fell back to $65 per barrel, but up to the end of October Bahamians was still paying the high $5.32per gal.  for gas when it should have receded back to its $3 per gal. levels. Gas prices have now dropped from $5.94 in July to $3.83 per gal. as seen here at the Esso Bargain City Station in western Carmichael Road. Again all we say is this, if the WUTLESS MEDIA did their job, and begin fighting for the Bahamian people,  the Bahamas would be a growing progressive country. But with cover-ups, LIES, Deflection and Spin now being practised by members of WUTLESS media today, the country is quickly sinking into a dark pit. Whilst the poor is being RAPED by the powerful!


  1. Well then Kim, it proves my point. They can all sell at the reduced rate 24hrs a day. They need to stop complaining about the government regulated margins as Mr. Roker has proven they can survive on them.

  2. WOW!: Peter Roker the owner of Esso Bargain City, Carmichael Road was just on ZNS news confirming that selling his gasoline at a reduced price, have proven to be very profitable for him. He have been doing this for the past 4 years.

    Media: This is proof they are keeping up to date with this website. You just recently did this story and now ZNS is at Bargain City interviewing the owner.

  3. you is a joke aye bout “Thank goodness for Bahamas Press someone is listening us. Since our fight for the government to STOP collecting its gouged prices on fuel imports, the price of gas has dropped back to its 2006 price levels.”….. clown i say … i thinkits more like the hurting people constantly calling, nagging even….visiting and speaking out on radio and ting force they hand…cause bp could run on and on all day and nothing would change ….but aye i you feel like you are the gas god and because of you we (bahamians) should be thankful well so be it i guess

  4. WOW! The Gas Stations are not the way they used to be. A lot of them have the hose, but when you get there they would tell you they do not have any water or they don’t have any air. Once upon a time, when you use to have a problem with your car and you know if you made it to the nearest Gas Station you had faith everything would be alright. Today there only a few Gas Stations that still offering these services. To avoid this disappointment it is best to keep you car service and replace all damage parts, always carry a spare tire and tools and search light.

  5. Wow: I hope you will patronize the station that has the functioning air pump and let the manager know that you are doing so because he offers that service.

  6. On another note, is anyone else fed up with the fact the 90% of the stations do not have a functioning air compressor? After getting gas the other day, I need air in my tire and had to drive to 5 different stations to find one with a working air pump!

  7. Kim, you hit on my exact point. Mr. Roker’s practice may have previously been profitable, but in the current economic climate with the gas retailers complaining about making a smaller profit and actually losing money due to increased operating cost (such as electricity), has he re-examined his bottom line because he may actually be doing his business harm now.

  8. This is nothing new, Mr. Peter Roker the owner of Esso Bargain City Station has been reducing the cost of his gasoline during the early mornings for years and he has always founded this practice to be very profitable. Mr. Roker has many other businesses that is in the same complex like a wash house, liquor store, motel and etc, ever since he started this practice he have watched his profit margin increased from items sold in his gas station and services and products offered by his other businesses. Before he started offering lower gas prices in the early mornings Bargain City use to be a Ghost Town during those hours, now his gas station, motel and wash house are busy during the early mornings. If this was not profitable for Mr. Roker, he would have discontinued this practice years ago.

  9. WOW- Between those early morning hours, there are no pump attendants on staff. One has to “self serve” so the operation only has to pay the person/s inside who work the cash register/s!!

    That’s how his cost is lowered and he can still make his full profit or maybe more because not many persons are on the road

  10. Joe Blow, all the way out Carmichael Rd.? The retailers are complaining that due to operating cost, franchise fees, and the slim profit margin, they are actually loosing money on each gallon sold. If they are loosing 5 cents a gallon for example, after 12am, he is loosing 30 cents a gallon. I am not driving from out east to Carmichael Road after 12 for the savings as I have better things to do like sleep. I am definitely not driving out there past all the other stations, through traffic in the day either.

    I don’t want you folks to get me wrong, I applaud the owner’s efforts to save his customers money and to market his business. I am just saying that there are more fiscally sound ways for him to do it.

  11. If the owner can entice a new customer by the lower night prices there is always a chance the customer will switch to his station and once in a while buy at the higher price during the day. It is called marketing. I have no idea if it will work or not.

  12. You don’t have to entice people to buy gas, when the needle hits E, you either buy gas, catch the bus or walk. The businesses you are speaking of set their own profit margin and aren’t constantly complaining that the government set margin is too small.

    People get real! If the gas dealers are always complaining that the margin is not enough, how can he undersell the margin by 25 cents and still make money? Airlines can do it because full or just a handful of passengers, the plane will be going to the destination so the fuller the better. Do you really think that many more people are waiting until 12am to go all the way out Carmichael Road to buy gas? I have never done it and nobody I know has either unless they were out in that area at that time. The reality of it is that, depending on where you travel from, you would actually spend more money (in fuel) to get there than you would actually save buying there.

    All I am saying is if he can sell gas for 3.83 and still make a profit, they all can do it 24hrs a day. Either that or the dealers are right about the margin being too small and he is hurting his business. I don’t know about you but I have already seen a number of stations close and nobody is running to take over their franchises.

    If it is feasible to make a profit at that rate, I would accept a compromise, lower the price 12 cents, 24hrs a day.

  13. WOW, cheaper prices during off times or none peak hours is a common practice used by many businesses, it is used by airlines, hotels and power companies to name a few. It does not make a difference to them that their cost are the same during those times, they are just trying to cover expenses by giving the customer an extra incentive to fly, stay in their hotel or use electricity for laundry and sorts during those hours.

  14. I will be quite honest with you, he probably is just putting himself out of business a little quicker that the others. His expenses are still the same, he will not experience greater demand than during the day all while decreasing his profit margin. This on top of rising B.E.C. cost, etc. Think about it.

  15. Yeah On Looker, but they complaining that the margin is too small and they are loosing money as it is but you are saying this retailer is willing to make it even smaller and loose more money at off peak hours when his expenses are still the same as peak hours?

    I still say, if he can afford to sell gas at $3.83 after 12am, they can all afford to do so all day.

  16. WOW, fuel is controlled by government, it is a price control item. You can sell below the price set by price control if you like, you just cannot sell above it. They have decided maybe as a sale gimmick to sell below that price during those hours and make less of a profit.

  17. Very few customers are out that time of night but as the station is open and staff have to be paid it is a gimmic to get someone in. Also if a driver is out anyway he might be enticed to go into the attached store and buy a coffee or cigarettes or indulge in some other impulse buying.

  18. Will someone explain to me how they can sell the gas 25 cents cheaper between 12am – 5:30am? They still pay the same thing to the wholesaler no matter what time they sell it, all their operating cost are still the same no matter when they sell it. If anything, the gas should be cheaper in the day when they are selling a greater volume! If they can sell it for $3.83 after 12am, they can sell it for 3.83 ALL DAY. Someone needs to explain this cause I tired of getting ripped off.

  19. it wud cost me $20 to drive der and back, any place in da middle of town or east wid dat cheap price?

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