Ivoine Ingraham must have bit his tongue when he used the word ‘Victimization’


Letter writer Ivoine Ingraham got his job through victimization!

Nassau, Bahamas — The great “deceiver” and all his children are all over the place screaming “Victimization” in the press these days, crying foul as they come to grips with the will of the Bahamian people.

The Viceroy Victimization Ivoine Ingraham says he was victimized.

Days after the general elections, the unkind charge of “Victimization” was first yelled by Johnlee Ferguson who told the Ingraham endorsed TV station “I am hired by the Government of the Bahamas.” He now knows he was also FIRED by that same government!

The argument brings us to Ivoine, yes, the bald head former BTVI teacher, who wrote letters this week asking the Minister of Education to sit and explain to him why he was fired from his job.

The question causes us to chuckle because it reminded us of a student who once told an English professor in her strong “jungaliss” tongue, “Miss…what da vibe is with dis D?”

As one teaching young people how to put on makeup and fix nails, one would believe the so-called “Teacher” could read between the lines and would have figured out by now why he is no longer at BTVI.

But let’s make it simple for him [whisper into the ear of Ivoine] – “psssst” – Ivoine, someone got fired so you could get the job at BTVI…you ever thought that was victimization too?

As we often say, Bahamians have short memory and Ivoine’s letter this week was a classic of that deficiency of memory loss by members of the FNM scrap gang who want their PAPA back in charge.

Just days before the general elections, the so-called “Teacher” was doing everything but sitting in a classrooms at BTVI; driving everywhere he could go with his government awarded car.

We remember him doing some ‘kinda’ show on ZNS and when he wasn’t doing that he was online, threatening to use the said “Powers of FNM Judges” to victimize and slaughter government workers at Customs and Immigration.

In an online circular, a character penning the name Ivoine Ingraham, along with one Margo Seymour, Peter Carey and others, were all plotting a witch-hunt to hunt down like Hutu militias Bahamians opposing the FNM for their Papa now Coward Clown.

Here is what the penned Ivoine Ingraham and others wrote in that communication shared in an online group:


[At this excerpt of the conversation – YesterdayIvoine Ingraham“Will our judges be able to make it appear as though the ruling is fair?

YesterdayDoc Margo Seymour
It won’t matter because we would have already won the election. We already appointed most of the judges on the courts who will side with us on every case. Remember when the courts ordered those Customs Officers back to work and papa didn’t listen to them. Who will stop papa from firing all of them when we win?

YesterdayIvoine Ingraham
all of them should be fired! Greedy and ungrateful bunch!

YesterdayPeter T. Carey
I want to look in Collie’s face after we win and hand him his letter myself.

YesterdayMatthew Thinker
You will have to stand in line for that because there are a lot of people who want to do the same. Arrogant little midget needs to be cut down to size.

YesterdayPeter T. Carey
Sad how such an intelligent young man could follow the PLP. He would thrive in the FNM. His father is one of our biggest supporters

YesterdayIan Rutherford
Concentrate on that union man! Break them down! No one cares about that crazy young man. Its the union that’s the real issue here!

YesterdayPaul Farquharson Jr.
The union is the most important factor here. Collie is just a small fry and damaging him is nothing when we can take out the bigger fish. We’ve already got him with the Maxwell Cox post, so why focus on him when you can just hit the union direct now. The PLP is not protecting them so go after them.

—END —

The sister of Lying Laing - Margo Seymour.

And so, while the Bahamian Hutus were going after and hunting down Bahamians like flies, the people were rallying around a might GOLD RUSH that was about to hit the nation like a golden conch shell striking the head of the FNM.

Perhaps Ivoine’s memory lapse is a permanent issue for him going forward. Maybe he is suffering from a political organism named Acinetobacter Baumannil that has attacked the immune system of the FNM, and has left almost its entire former Parliamentary team resigned to their early political graves, marked by a tombstone chiseled with the words: “Gone and already forgotten”!

Maybe Ivoine has greatly suffered from a political exercise called running of the bulls which has left him crushed at the skull and empty in the brain.

As one writer eloquently puts it: “They wrote their demise, willed their futures, drank the red cool aide and died a slow but painful death in the arms of Mr. NOBODY GREATER – Hubert Ingraham – Who has vanished from the Party and the Parliament like a hologram!”

Where did that Chariot of flaming fire GO?

We report yinner decide!