Sexy Back and Broke Wrist almost came to blows outside the Parliament!


Parliament getting violent and foul these days…

House Speaker, Dr. the Hon. Kendal V.O. Major, DDS, FICOI,DICOI

Nassau, Bahamas — A scene almost developed outside the Parliament yesterday after two big-time MPs almost came to blows and had to be parted by the Pitbull.

BP could not believe what we were witnessing as the incident got heated as each second past.

The Parliament's potcake, Leslie Miller, had to step in and breakup the row.

The MP who said she is bringing sexy back into the opposition party is alleged to have told a PLP backbencher, “I hear the police looking for you and want to question you.”

The PLP MP didn’t take the comments too kindly and we are told a serious shouting match ensued outside the Parliament.

As Sexy Back and Broke Wrist drew closer to each other the Parliament’s Pitbull stood in the middle of the couple like a referee awaiting the toll of the bell.

Look what the Parliament of the Bahamas has descended to?

Sources tell us the arena is fast become no place for young Bahamians to engage in civic field trips. The language and tone of MPs has gone below the floor and the crime has festered a lack of Parliamentary decency.

From the looks of things the behaviour of some MPs is moving from worst to ‘wussa-er’.

We report yinner decide!