R. Whitney Bastian Rejected by FNM/DNA 13 Executive Members

Former active FNMs now DNA volenteers at the DNA launch three weeks ago.

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press is now DECODING the DNA in a ‘Wikileaky’ exclusive by our team.

Last night we laboured deeply over our decision to report our findings inside the Democratic National Alliance, and our editorial board have concluded that in less than three weeks since the party presented to the public, major problems and internal fights have begun.

Whitney Bastian

Already large blocks of supporters for the DNA are defecting, and from what we have gathered, independents are taking a second look into the party we have candidly described as the “FNM’s back up plan”.

Sources in the position to know tell us, former Independent South Andros candidate, R. Whitney Bastian, has been roundly rejected by the Party’s alleged FNM political assassins, Anna and Colin Degregory. The source tells us, “Anyone that would have the potential to side with the PLP in case of an impasse, will be rejected.

“Most FNMs have collected to the top make up the Party’s 13 executive members. All are in it for the money from contracts to supply services,” the source said.

Bahamas Press calls on the Party’s leadership to reveal the names of its 13 hidden executives. We ask and beg on the Party’s leadership to share the names of those the behind the Party, who appear as independents, but had some 25-years involvement in the Free National Movement.

“Those thirteen [13] persons, would never confirm to anyone who applied. They have simply rejected persons and refused to inform them,” the source said.

“People who think they may be candidates are still sitting, waiting, ask Graham Weatherford. He thought he was the candidate for Montagu right up until they called the Albury on stage at DNA Party’s Launch. We want Change, but from the way things look, the FNM still running things in the DNA.”

Bahamas Press
calls on the party’s leadership to reveal the names of  its 13 executive members, and confirm or deny whether they were all senior members of the FNM.

We will wait for a response.

Reporting from DEEP inside the DNA is ‘WIKILEAKY’ [BP].


  1. @ Totally Unprejudiced I totally agree with you. BP was left with an egg on their face after boasting Mr. McCartney’s return to the outgoing FNM. Mr Mcartney quickly dismissed those allegations and he did it publicly and I think this has pissed BP off, they were WRONG so now BP is now all out to detroy Mr McCartney and the DNA (typical NI**A mentality) BP I would have respected you if you admitted your wrong and moved on because Mr. McCartney dealt you a fatal blow in regards to him returning to the FNM! I REPORT YINNA DECIDE!

    • @Enter Your Name:

      I seem to recall BP saying that the Executive Steering Committe of The DNA (comprised of disgruntled FNM’s) were engaged in behind the scenes negotiations to retire Ingraham and return to takeover the FNM, with McCartney as the new leader.

      Frankly, I found BP’s theory entirely plausible when confronted with all the recent displays of “Vaulting Ambition” exhibited by this new generation of “Wannabe Leaders”, from the variety of newly formed parties!

  2. Great to hear that Whitney Bastian was refused, there are persons who pretend to be concern for others when they are seeking your vote, but from my up close with this character my dog has a better attitude and level of professionalism than he does, simple behaviour such as manners, a number of these political leaders lack, I have been up close with a number of our leaders and some of them s…. they are wolves in sheep clothing. Maybe they think that attitude will get them access to everywhere with their big time friends, but with christ they will not be able to give him the eye and slip by. CHANGE IS NECESSARY BUT AN EAGLE WOULD HAVE KNOWn THAT.

  3. @ Russell Johnson

    You are right on target sir. The disasterous results will not only affect the FNM but the DNA as well. After winning at the polls in 2007 the FNM appears to have a minor implosion as it did in 2002.

    The irony is that I would’ve supported McCartney if he would’ve suffered through his internal battles with the FNM’s leadership. McCartney would’ve definitely earn his stripes and would’ve attracted and even larger cross section of society.

    Truthfully, McCartney has forfeited his chance at ever becoming prime minister. The DNA and McCartney will contest the 2012 elections but due to the party’s future inability to pander to voters outside of Bamboo Town, the DNA will probaly not even be viable in 2017!!!

  4. BP…once again you are fishing for information. I think you are ABSOLUTELY wrong. Stick to the issues.

    Mr. McCartney just said on Hard Copy yesterday that the DNA is made up of PLPs, FNMs, Independents and persons who never had any affiliation with any of the parties. I am sure you know how to get in touch with Mr. McCartney…verify with him before you print garbage!!!

    Also, Mr. McCartney has severed ties with the FNM!! Stop trying to associate him with them…..this ploy won’t work. DNA all the way

  5. Lets wait this one out and see what the future brings in respect to DNA politics.I saw Bastian at the launch of the DNA but was not surprised that he got no nomination.Until the realisation comes that the majority of the DNA are really FNMs especially young persons who are just pissed at the dogmatic leadership style of Papa.Now we know why Papa called off a FNM convention,these young FNM activists were going to openly endorse Bran and oppose Papa.The young rebellion in the FNM will prove disastrous for its chances at the next Gen Elects.

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