Jamaican-born educator charged with ‘thiefin’ $73,500 from Ministry of Education

Aleada Elaine White, 56-years-old of Lucaya, Grand Bahama.

Freeport, Grand Bahama — Breaking news this afternoon confirms Jamaican born, Aleada Elaine White, 56-years-old of Lucaya, Grand Bahama was arraigned in Magistrate’s Court No3. before Deputy Chief Magistrate Helen Jones in Freeport on the following charges:

– Thirteen (13) counts of Forgery,
– Eleven (11) counts of Fraud by False Pretences and
– Two (2) counts of Attempted Fraud by False Pretenses.

The accused woman, who was represented by Attorney Simeon Brown for Attorney Carlson Shurland, pleaded ‘not guilty’ to the charges. She was granted bail in the amount of $50,000.00 with one surety.

White is also required to surrender her travel documents to the Court and report to Central Police Station every Monday before 6:00pm. The matter is adjourned to 2nd May, 2012 for trial in Magistrate’s Court No.1 before Magistrate Debbye Ferguson.

Sources on the ground in Grand Bahamas tell us, arraignment is in relation to a report made by officials from the Ministry of Education on behalf of the ‘Board’ of a government high school on the island of Grand Bahama on 1st October, 2011.

In that investigation It is alleged that between 29th July, 2010 and 1st September, 2011, the accused woman forged thirteen cheques and received funds totaling $73,500 [Seventy three thousand five hundred dollars from eleven cheques. Additionally, the educator also attempted to obtain $24,200 [Twenty-four thousand two hundred] from the remaining two cheques.

Look what is happening in the department of education.

We report yinner decide…


  1. I was gonna post something but yall have me laughing so much the thoughts left my mind. You all need to stop talking bout predator LOL

  2. There was evidence against Mrs. White, hence criminal charges filed. The principal was likely transferred because the level of supervision and attention to the Financial and Audit Act that was expected/demanded of her was not apparent. Sad, but to often persons have been placed in administrative post without receiving the necessary orientation. Sad, but this is only the beginning of the bloodbath among educators who have, over the many years, refused/neglected to submit financial records in a timely manner. I know for a fact that principals in Grand Bahama had been warned consistently to comply with the statutory requirement. Sad but now ‘dog eat ya lunch’.

  3. well mrs white u have to spend time in the house up fox hill before you spend time in that $73,000 house u build in jamaica on we tax payers back…….

  4. Thiein is the new administrative duty. Plenty a dem paying back government for money they have stolen… some have even been demoted… unless they friends with people in high places… then they are moved to prestigeous government schools… yeah… this is the new brand of leaders… people who dont want to make a difference in the lives of children but people who want to sit in air-conditioned offices and count money… yeah… plenty adem theifin big time!


  6. A tief is a tief, you don’t carry “innocent” people to court for no reason, there was some circumstance made available that cost her to get there.I can and anyone can say he/she is the best teacher, it only takes alot of instinct and determination to do it, so there, she is a dam crook..

  7. Mrs. White is an honest woman, who have sought to improve the quality of education in The Bahamas. It is disturbing, to see that she was paraded like a thief although everyone one who knows her know otherwise. The principal who is suppose to be the secretary to the board, was transferred, and then she is charged. I smell foul play here. It is sad because they are attacking her because she is foreign. I must admit, she is a model educator, and we should have Bahamian educators striving to work as hard as she did. Be assured, God do not sleep and do not slumber, and Mrs. White name will be cleaned and the individuals who plot evil will indeed reap what they sow.

  8. I am writing to express my support for Mrs. White. Having watched this lady devote her life to teaching and developing our nation’s youth, I am disturbed to see how quick individuals seek to ruin her character. Mrs. White made sacrifices to develop Jack Haywood School, and was always present at all the events supporting students and faculty. She is a great teacher, and she must be remembered as such. It is hope the truth will set her FREE!!

    • Sorry to say Born to teach but the evidence is too strong for her to be vindicated. I think only God can save her and oh maybe the Star Wars Crew!!

  9. So is not the principal, (the secretary to the board) responsible for making monthly reports. We could readily say there was not collusion if this was reported within the first month, but after all of this time who is to say all parties, board members included, were not involved. There is actually a reason why procedures are in place, it’s actually to protect the integrity of the innocent/uninformed/dumb among us. SAD!

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