BP reports Jamal Balty Ferguson is the twenty-second murdered victim this morning


Kemp Road could erupt following morning murder

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking news coming into our newsroom this morning reports an overnight shooting which has left another young man dead and records the twenty-second murder to take place here in the capital.

teams on the ground reported that sometime around12:44 AM this morning the incident unfolded and here’s what we know.

can tell you that at that time early this morning a male was shot multiple times about the body at the Corner Pocket Bar Abraham Street just off Kemp Road. The victim was riddled down some believe with a high-powered automatic weapon.

Our hardworking team in the area reports the victim to be Jamal Balty Ferguson. His age is still unknown unknown to us at this time.

Large crowds gathered following the incident into the wee hours of the morning as police began investigations.

This killing, it has been suggested by some, will spark a new inner-city war in the Kemp Road Area.

Blood is once again is rushing down the gullies of the Bahamas like a heavy downpour! Another soul is lost and once again a family and community grieve.

We report yinner decide!


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