FNM: National Stadium is a Matter of Pride



FNM now Battle Ready...

Nassau, Bahamas — The opening of the National Stadium is a matter of pride and a benefit for all Bahamians. While PLP opposition politicians like to sit on the sidelines, denigrate every project they were incapable to produce, and engage in divisive politicking, this FNM government has completed and delivered a state-of-the-art sports facility that also creates job opportunities for Bahamians.

Our youth and athletes have now access to superior conditions to train and compete. Sports-related tourism, as well as contractors and vendors associated with the facility will benefit, as will all Bahamians. The upward trend in tourism, with an estimated increase of 11per cent arrivals for the first quarter of this year, goes to show that our efforts have been paying off for the benefit of the people and that our economy is on the mend.

As for the issue of crime, this is a social problem that affects all of us. Projects such as the stadium, channel our youth’s energy in constructive ways towards sports and contribute to a better society for all. This government will continue to enact and reinforce legislative and law enforcement measures designed to tackle criminal enterprises that cause most of our violent crime.

The FNM does not operate as a party of this segment or that segment of our society. We are entrusted by Bahamians to serve for the benefit of all Bahamians.

This is not a time for divisive statements and empty promises and we must focus as a nation on forging a path ahead and delivering on the Opportunity Society that we have been diligently creating.


  1. Because the rest of “the party” decided to “boycott” the opening; (as you said so) it makes the leader “look like a fool” and “not a real leader”? That just proves in MHO that the “rest of the party” can THINK and MAKE DECISIONS for THEMSELVES and are FREE TO DO SO without FEAR or ADMONITION. It has nothing to do with leadership or lack thereof. Just because the red party people are not free thinkers and/or maybe dictated to; means that that is politically correct. This is still a democratic country the last time i checked. At least their leader and the deputy leader attended. They cannot make anybody do anything against their will. You should have paid more attention to the “celebrations” rather than looking to see if the opposition party attended in full force.

  2. Good to see BP giving an objective report on the stadium which I feel was a night full of Bahamian pride. The present government gave credit where it was due and the event was not political at all despite us being in the middle of the political season. I was disappointed the opposition did not come out in full force but boycott the event 98%. It is clear the opposition does not have a real leader when he and his deputy attends and the rest of the party issue statements stating they decide to boycott making him look like a fool. They have no unity or real leadership in that party!

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