Jealous police beat and accused his wife of sleeping with his boss!

Sgt. 2006 Omar Nottage

NASSAU| In another courtroom, a judge heard testimony telling how, on April 14th down in Inagua, a jealous police officer, Sgt. 2006 Omar Nottage, beat his wife blue, slamming her into the wall as they fought.

The couple is going through a violent divorce.

Sgt. Nottage accused his wife of sleeping with Police Superintendent Henderson (his boss).
Mrs Nottage denied any having any affair with Supt. Henderson and told the court that he only patronized the her customs brokerage business and went to the same church.

Sgt. Nottage told how everything changed in his marriage after the new boss was posted to the island.
Anyway, this divorce looks final and, well, if found guilty of the violent attack, Sgt. NOTTAGE will lose not just his job but all his benefits as an officer.

And who knows? Supt. Henderson could start doing more than just going to church with Mrs. NOTTAGE.
The lockdown has affected the country deeply!