Jerome Sawyer sucking Cable coffers dry recruiting pretty boy reporters


NASSAU| Our News boss Jerome Sawyer is skating on thin ice with company executives over wasteful spending that has failed to yield positive results in the department and his manipulative tactics, which have caused staff morale to sink to rock bottom.

Sawyer, who is losing staff faster than Dr. Hubert Minnis lost voter confidence, has sunken to a whole new low by launching auditions for news positions.

Cable Bahamas bosses are silently asking who will foot the bill for new talent now that Sawyer has drained the budget dry traveling to Dubai behind the Bahamian delegation and several other exotic locales where he wanted to vacation for free under the guise of chasing down forgettable news stories.

As word quickly spread of Sawyer’s two-faced persona, hot temper and poor leadership skills, industry veterans have rebuffed efforts by the news diva to recruit them for Our News.

Sawyer tried desperately to poach EyeWitness News staff but they all turned him down. The former ZNS anchorman has now resorted to releasing an ad on social media asking followers if they have what it takes to be an Our News personality. WONDER WHAT THAT IS?!

Based on the weak, shallow, and unbalanced product Our News pushes out nightly, it doesn’t take much to join Sawyer’s news team. You could be sleeping in a Graveyard and get selected as news anchor!

While Sawyer continues to spend Cable Bahamas shareholders’ money faster than he collects young male reporters and slugs down gin at gay bars, frustrated Cable Bahamas customers are complaining about sluggish internet speeds and frequent channel blackouts. WELL WHAT IS DIS?!

But we ga report and let yinner decide!