John Bostwick: Membership In The Political Elite Class Certainly Has Its Privileges!


Convicted AMMO Trafficker John Bostwick jr. this week outside the courts!

John Bostwick Jr. and his trolls of Character Witnesses flooded the court to make sure he continue with lethal instruments in the bag.
John Bostwick Jr. and his trolls of Character Witnesses flooded the court to make sure he continue with lethal instruments in the bag.

By Jerry Roker
for Bahamas Press

Over the Christmas Holidays I had the pleasure of attending the office party of a friend.
At some point during the evening, talk turned to the matter involving a senior member of The Bahamas Bar Association and former FNM Senator who had been recently convicted for being found with gun ammunition in his possession without having the required permit to do so.

What was particularly instructive for me, was the comments made by several of his colleagues at The Bahamas Bar. Almost to the man/woman, they felt that the presiding Magistrate ought to have accepted the defendant’s defense that he had been set up by some unknown person(s). Well blow me down!

I have no personal knowledge of the defendant. What little I know of him, would have been gleaned from the media. On those few occasions in my circle, when his name came up, those who knew him spoke glowingly of his intellect, thoughtfulness and his love of country. Sounds great to me.

It was the thinking of some at the party, that even though he was found guilty, he ought to be given an unconditionall discharge. It is this kind of thinking in our country that has solidified my stand against the death penalty. The attitude that who you are in society ought to be part of the equation in adjudicating matters, speaks to an elite element in our society that I find frightening. They are unapologetic on this issue. Such discriminatory thinking by those who are ‘friends of the court’ can only be bait for civil unrest.

With regard to capital punishment, we don’t hang rich people; we don’t hang white people; we don’t hang women. We only hang poor young black males. My Lord, something must be wrong with that!

It is my information that because of the seriousness of the crime, more often than not, the guilty defendant is remanded until sentencing. Justice must not be only be done but it must also be seen as being done.

Fast forward to Mr. Bostwick’s sentencing. $15,000.00 or 15 months in prison. Seems reasonable to me.

I took away from the Bostwick saga, two significant things. Humility. At no time during this matter, did Mr. Bostwick display an ounce of humility. His was an air of entitlement and it was fully wrapped up in the crux of his defense, the set-up theory. Secondly, family. I was overjoyed with the active support he received from his family, in particular his parents. This ought to be a valuable lesson for all, that never mind our transgressions or that place where we find ourselves from time to time, there is no greater comfort than knowing that our family stands with us and have our back.

I certainly wish Mr. Bostwick God-speed as he moves forward with his life.