Jon Isaacs and Anita Allen to hear the Election case this coming Thursday on March 4th


allen-jBreaking news coming into BP confirms the Election Court shall sit to determine the winner in the Elizabeth by-election next week.

BP can confirm Justices Anita Allen and Jon Isaac have been appointed to hear Election Case to begin this Thursday, 4th March, 2010.

The Court will sit to declare the winner in the Elizabeth by-election.

Bahamas Press can confirm five protest ballots will be added to the count in favour of PLP candidate Ryan Pinder.

Pinder shall be declared winner of the Elizabeth by-election when the ballots are added in the count.

Now we see why Hubert Ingraham and Dr. Duane Sands didn’t want to go to court. Perry CUT DEY BAHIND!!!!!!



  1. Altec, I agree with you. You left out one peice of this saga, Hubert Minnis, will lose his seat because of the arawak cay disaster. Persons who live out west are cussing him on their daily commute.

  2. the  judges  who are  presiding  over  this  case  are presumed  professionals  in the  bahamian  judiciary so lets  wait  on  their  decision and then  the  rightful  winner  of  the election  will be  declared.

  3. At the end of it all and after the five protest ballots are counted… Ryan Pinder will have gained 0ne (1) vote, 1500 and doc Sands will loose none… the results will then be Doc Dands 1501 and Ryan Pinder 1500… Ya’ll watch and see.. then the PLP will want to go to election court… In the election court if the PLP has the never to go… Ryan will suffer the loss of more votes and Doc Sands wll pick up votes.. In this election the people who voted and know they should not have voted were all PLP supporters… The FNM has done its work and they will keep this seat.. Trust me this one is over..

  4. I think FNM winning Elizabeth by a blow out wasnt realistic. In 2007 Elizabeth had a low voter rate and speculation was that the PLP’s was upset to see Malcom running again. I think this country needs to change- many of you think Hubert played a role in the Elizabeth case; which is very accurate but I dont see no one discussing the fact that Perry Christie played in this as well. Why didnt Perry Christe dismiss Malcom from the get go. So if you want to put blame…. Blame Hubert for being evil and wicked… If you want put blame…. Blame Perry for not being a effective leader.

  5. I agree with you Altec, but the only thing I think we part ways on, is paragraph 4, I thinkHAI wants to leave, and he needs to take PC with him, yes a blow out would have weaken the PLP, but more than that,  if there was a blow out, the PLP would have asked PC to leave as leader and weaken their resolve in him, but like you said, it did not work, and it’s not only did HAI do nothing for Lizzy, he has done nothing for the Bahamas, other than pay back the special interest for their investment in the 2007
    election……. and I think Sands has to win first to become the MOH, or at least steal the court results first.

  6. Diehard, the plot that Mr Adderley and Mr Ingraham put together has totally fallen flat. The plan was for
    1) Mr Adderley to resign and become a judge
    2) Dr Sands wins Lizzy
    3) Dr Sands wins Lizzy in a blowout.
    4) The affect of a blowout win would weaken the PLP going into a general election.
    5) Dr Sands becomes the new Min of Health

    3 of the 5 objectives of HAI has failed and the election court may deal him another loss.

    Like i have said before, this bye election was totally unnecessary and I honestly dont know what Mr Ingraham saw on the ground in Lizzy to make him believe that the FNM would win a bye election by 300 votes especially considering that in almost 3 years since he took office he hasnt done one significant thing to better the lives of people in Lizzy!

    The safe bet would have been to just let Mr Adderley cross the isle and then put him all over the airwaves dissing PC till the general election is called. that would have been more effective and much cheaper than this diabolical bye election scheme!

    But what has gotten lost in all of this is the fact that Dr Sands will be Min of Health regardless and the present Min of Health, Dr Minnis, is about to get demoted for no reason at all other than to please the very same Insurance companies who fought against national health insurance.

    There is no reason for Dr Minnis  to be demoted, none whatsoever.

    • Cheif, you are talking noning but BULL SHIT, like you onow what is going on in the FNM.. Doc Minnis is a close confident of Hubert… Get it… NOW PUT your spin somewhere else… You see wy I have to come here to ensure that the lies you all talk is put to rest…

  7. Diehard- yes he should feel bad, the way he vacated and abandon the people of Elizabeth has him in the turmoil he put himself into. ONE WORD- KARMA!

  8. well the good thing about all of this is that malcolm adderley comes out looking like a total idiot.  he gave us his mp pension due to him resigning early.  he won’t be a judge because he is being sued.  his law practice suffered. he has lost all credibility etc, etc…yes, he made a very smart decision and i wish him well while he goes swimming upstream in his sewer filled canal.

  9. Ingraham and the FNM have successfully muddied the water on this one.  This court battle is less about Ryan Pinder’s rights and more about those 5 voters rights to have their vote properly counted.  No voter should be disenfranchised because of mistakes made by Errol Bethel and the Department.  With my knowledge of this situation, the PLP will win this one, despite the fact that the date is the 4th day of the 3rd month (3+4=7).  lol…

  10. Of course, if the protest voters were eligible, Pinder would be declared the winner.  The bone of contention, however, is whether or not they were indeed eligible, which the FNM claims that 4 of them were not.  Based on the evidence, the Court will decide. 

  11. I have to agree with Objective Thought. If the 5 votes are eligible then announce Pinder the next day or better yet the night. This lifetime soap opera getting Annoying. If the people voted for Pinder then LET IT BE…..

  12. @ Objective Thought, the didn’t say that going to Election Court is “wrong”.  They have themselves taken election results to court in the past and are likely to do it again in the future.  I think that Ingraham was resolved, however, that had the FNM lost this one, they would not take it to court.  And rightly so, as the people are already suffering from election fatigue. Also, in this particular case,  this matter is before the courts as a matter of law.  Had the FNM been down by two votes with five protest ballots cast in their favour, it would necessarily go to court…so no one was wronged in this case.  I think any judge would be fair in this matter, but the Cheif Justice was wise in choosing Justices Isaacs and Allen in the interest of public perception.  I too would be satisfied with the decision of the Court.

  13.  They are RED and they are most certainly SCARED!!
    After the last general election in 2007, Leslie Miller was known to have said this same STUPIDNESS that HI, Dr. Sands and many other FNMs are saying today and that is that ‘elections are won on the ground’ (I would like for them to point to where they found that in our laws/constitution)… I don’t ascribe to  such utter NONSENSE!!! There are rules/laws that guide just about every circumstance that may occur in our country if we chose to go through the courts for retribution if we feel like we have had an injustice done to us but this one is clearly laid out in the law. If HI and other FNMs think that it is wrong to use the laws that are at our grasp then tough luck for them!! If one feels like they have been wronged then there is no use complaining about it if one plans not to do anything about it.. The PLP has chosen to use their rights because they feel as though they have been WRONGED and I say go for gold!! The court can either rule in their favor or not… With the chosen justices for the  case, I think they have proven their fairness in the past and whatever their final ruling is on this matter, I will abide by it, whether it’s in favor of the PLP or not… I am only interested in the TRUTH which FNMs seem to have a problem with.. FNMs only seem to be interested in a good story and that is that lie that PC can’t beat HI in anything!!!
    Well, it appears as though HI and the FNM are at it again.. The date that has been set to deal with this by-election matter is March 4th…. March is the 3rd month and the date is the 4th… You guessed it. That adds up to 7…. Here we go again!!!!

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