Judge Orders WSC to pay Aqua Designs legal cost as Chairman Adrian Gibson is defeated in case against the Company


NASSAU| Look what ya get when CHURRIN are running Big Company.

Minnis you still ain’t see something wrong at WSC?

Adrian Gibson/WSC has lost the case against Aqua Design as it relates to the Reverse Osmosis Plants in the Family Islands. Now what?

PM Most Honourable Ever Hubert Minnis and Adrian “Juvenile” Gibson.

We, taxpayers, have to pay the company all the money they ask for. Legal bills will cost taxpayers almost a quarter-of-a-million dollars….WHAT A WASTE!

The Justice Wrote: Aqua, being the successful party in these proceedings is entitled to reasonable costs.

Costs are to be taxed if not agreed. Both parties have submitted their respective Bill of Costs ahead of the delivery of this Judgment. Aqua claims costs in the sum of $84,218.50 and WSC in the sum of $137,046.00.

If the parties cannot agree on costs, WSC will provide any opposing submissions to Aqua’s Bill of Costs by 27 August and Aqua will respond (if necessary) by 3 September 2021. The Court will then consider the issue on written submissions and give a short Ruling on Friday 10 September 2021at 2.30 p.m.

We report yinner decide!