Junkanoo Leaders are reviewing several possibilities in the event a parade can indeed take place!


BP told yinner from March – This is the first year there will be NO JUNKANOO! STATEMENT FROM THE JUNKANOO CORPORATION NEW PROVIDENCE LTD.

The Junkanoo Corporation New Providence Ltd. wishes to express its deepest gratitude to all who are on the front line of the fight against the Covid-19 Pandemic. Included in this number are countless Junkanoos from across the spectrum of the Junkanoo community. We are indebted to you all, and we continue to pray for your safety.

In this perilous period of our lives, and in the history of our nation, our focus quite rightly is first and foremost on ensuring that our citizens receive what they need to survive – the basic precepts of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. In this time of massive layoffs and deep reductions in incomes, we must care for the most vulnerable in our communities.

We encourage our Junkanoo groups wherever possible, to look firstly at assisting your membership, many of whom are hurting, and desperately in need of assistance. Throughout our history, the proud heritage of Junkanoo has renewed our spirt and strengthened our resolve and determination to survive in the darkest hours. The Bahamian spirit of strength and celebration of life is manifested nowhere more clearly than in Junkanoo. Those of us who are called to be tradition bearers in this unique aspect of our lives, have a responsibility to lift the spirits of ourselves and our people in the practice of this ancient rite of pride, and strength.

We look forward to the day when social distancing is lifted, and we are once more able to pour into the streets and lift the glorious sounds of the drums, bells, whistles and horns, in praise for deliverance. Time alone will tell what the parades, if any, will look like this year. Nevertheless Covid – 19 has giving us a unique opportunity to get back to the core Spirit of Junkanoo to which my team and I are currently reviewing several possibilities in the event a parade can indeed take place.

In the meantime, we thank our sponsors – B.T.C., Kalik Beer and Rubis, and all who support individual groups, for their stellar support of our efforts over the years. We thank our members and the people of The Bahamas for their indomitable spirit in this crisis.

Let us all stay safe and pray for God’s continued guidance and protection.

Dion Miller – Chairman JCNP