Jury empaneled, opening arguments are underway and Jonathan Ash is set to take the stand on Monday in Shane Gibson case!

Former Minister for Labour and National Insurance d. Shane Gibson.

NASSAU| A jury has now been selected in the case of Shane Gibson – the former Cabinet Minister – who is being accused of collecting funds from one Jonathan ASH following hurricane Matthew.

Now, this case is interesting because the country will learn how this case came to be. Attorney General Carl Bethel confirmed to the Nassau Guardian back in September 2018 that the Minnis Government was still paying Ash money. [Just as they were Barbara Hanna].

A document outlining payments made to Ash was circulated widely on social media. The document listed invoices for payments from April 2018 to August 2018, each month totaling $30,000, VAT inclusive.

The payments for the five months total of $150,000. It would be interesting to discover if these payments are still being made to the crown’s witness and why they are being made?

The Crown has selected London-based QC James Guthrie to lead the arguments, which will begin this afternoon. Terry Archer and Destiny McKinney are assisting him. Meanwhile, Carl Bethel has left the country.

It has been alleged by Ash that Gibson obtained over $610,000 dollars in bribes in order to advance payments relative to cleanup efforts following hurricane Matthew. This is the heart of the case – but is that true? We all will soon find out.

Ash will have his day in court this coming Monday morning.

Gibson’s powerful legal team is being led by Jamaican QC Keith D. Knight, who you should remember, brought Minnis’ Government to shame as he defeated in the Crown in the Frank Smith /Barbara Hanna matter. Former Deputy AG Damian Gomez QC, Philip McKensie and Owen Wells all make up Gibson’s team.

Justice Carolita Bethel is the presiding Justice.

BP is in the court and we shall report.