Two Mudd, Abaco residents found with some $20,630 taken from a home in Pelican Shores –


Police also posted today 77-year-old Astrid Emily Stratton missing – WAS SHE MURDERED or is she really missing?

ABACO| Police have arrested two residents of the destroyed Abaco Mudd with some $20,630 stolen out of a resident’s home.

With all the suffering all around the Abaco Islands, two Haitian nationals decided it was time to ransack and loot abandoned homes on the island.

Around 10:30 am, moving on intelligence, police went to LPIA where they found 17-year-old Fridson Augustav and 20-year-old, Jayron Jeffrey Jean, both residents of the Mudd, in possession of some $13,045. None of the suspects could explain to the police how they acquired it.

But, after the darkroom interview, both men began admitting where, when and how they removed the funds form a house in the Pelican Shores community. They offered to show the officers where the remaining funds were. When police went to their partially demolished home, they recovered the remaining $7585.

Now there was much speculation following Hurricane Dorian that persons on Abaco were being held at gunpoint by armed rebel gangs on the island. Was this one such incident? And is the owner of the property still alive? Could the victims be one of the Abaco residents who are still missing?

Police today issued a photo of a 77-year-old woman, Astrid Emily Stratton, who they claim was missing. They have not said if she was missing as a result of Hurricane Dorian or perhaps could be missing as a result of some of these heinous crimes now unfolding on Abaco. We ga soon find out.

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