JUSTICE GOES WILD as FNMs and their children gets appointed in the courts!



May be an image of 3 people and text that says 'I am in control of the judiciary! ORMPETSTHECORE TOTHECORE NEWS Carl, Send this list to the Chief Justice, with supporters named for judicial appointments.'

NASSAU| Amidst the strange happenings in the Judiciary PM Hubert Minnis is placing all his henchmen in key positions on the court bench.

Several well-known FNM political generals with little or no known court room experience are being appointed as Supreme Court Judges.

And to add insult to injury, the children of rabid FNM judges are also being appointed as Magistrates. What is this? Even the Registrar of the Supreme Court is not being spared where a sitting Judge, Mrs. Ruth Bowe-Darville continues to sit and taking on new matters after she has passed the age of mandatory retirement. What is this?

Justice Darville, who turned 67 on June 3 rd 2021 is required under the constitution of The Bahamas to go home in retirement. Inquiring minds want to know how some powerful people, who are believed to be the financier the FNM for the next General Election as well as of a Coalition of mercenaries behind in a string of cases that Justice Darville seem to now attempt to take on.

As a former political operative of the FNM, Justice Darville seems as if she is being put in place to carry out some intentions which are not honourable.

The honourable Justice should rebuff these operatives and financers of the FNM, keep her name intact, and remain on the high ground as she goes into retirement.

Unless appointed to be a Justice on the Court of Appeal, Justice Darville who is believed to have at least a better judicial mind than the recently appointed Appeal Judge from the Supreme Court, she must pack her retirement bundle and carry her ass home.

Why did DECENT Chief Justice Brian Moree QC and Registrar Ms. Camille Darville-Gomez allow a totally new matter to be placed before Justice Darville? Does the FNM financiers have a hatchet job for her to perform?

Is she the “Mikey” of the bench, who will do anything? Does she does not care what people would wonder about her motivation?

Former Court of Appeal Presidents Justices Joan Sawyer and Anita Allen along with former Chief Justice Mrs. Vera Watkins and Justice Cheryl Albury set the right standard for retired judges. They took their retirement went home, took further contractual appointment with the Government, or now serve as mediators or arbitrators. DECENT-NESS!

Justice Darville is doing something that leaves us all wondering what she is up to if she allows herself to be coopted into the ears of these “FINANCIERS” men with nefarious plans and intention.

We shall watch and see.

We report yinner decide!