Justice must not only be done – but it MUST BE SEEN TO BE DONE!!!


A letter to the Editor – Look what ammunition is doing to our people!

Live shots from the scene on Graham Drive in Yellow Elder.

Dear Mr Editor,

As the world watches a prominent politician and Attorney, charged with ammunition possession, is about to walk out of court without a full hearing.

The magistrate has served notice, after many delays, that he would take action on June 8, 2015.

Attorneys from the Attorney General’s office did not appear. Witnesses from Grand Bahama, all except one, did not appear, the stenographer did not appear.

What is this? This not swift justice.

Madame Attorney General, this is a most important case as the adage that all men are equal is on trial.

For centuries it has been believed and proven that special privileges are given to the rich and famous, the white and not the black.

Madame Attorney General, wake up, for the out come of this case has far reaching repercussions.

Thank You
Sandra Rolle